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The Hong Kong Jockey Club Repositioning a Not for Profit Powerhouse Case Solution

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1129 649 Words (3 Pages) Shirley Chan, Ali Farhoomand, Amir Hoosain University of Hong Kong : HKU724
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The Hong Kong jockey club is a bureaucratic and managerial powerhouse of Hong Kong as this 121-year-old institution has undergone several changes over the years and has still managed to maintain its pride and glory in the form of a sport for the elite and the commons where gambling is legalized and it still functions as a not-for-profit institution. The Hong Kong Jockey Club has funded many major charity endeavors over the years and has gained widespread recognition worldwide for its stables, veterinary clinic, and jockey training institute. With the widespread use of the internet and mobile phones, the Jockey Club saw a new era of management under the leadership of Lawrence Wong, combating the threats of legalized gambling on other sports such as European football and also illegal and online gambling and betting. The club has been asked to host the 2008 Olympics, and the changes that will need to be made and will inadvertently occur can pose as both, a threat and an opportunity for the club.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Background Analysis

  2. Problem Statement

  3. Alternatives

  4. Criteria

  5. Recommendations

Case Analysis for The Hong Kong Jockey Club Repositioning a Not for Profit Powerhouse

2. Problem Statement

With the changing dynamics of the business arena and specifically of the nature of the horse racing business for the new generation, the impact of the measures taken by Wong and his team have is unknown. The club can improve its image by hosting the Olympics or not have a business at all in the three years’ time when the Olympics start.

3. Alternatives

The club has already lost its monopoly for legalized gambling and furthermore is faced with this new breed of competition for the first time in its history from illegal betting and gambling sites, offshore gambling and legalized gambling for sports, Wong, and his board has a few options available. The first alternative is to abolish the turnover based duty system like UK and Singapore and introduce the gross profit tax which will allow the club to offer higher margins for betting and can directly cater to the threat of the online gambling sites. These sites have a low-cost structure and avoid duties and taxed and thus offer higher payouts so the club can offer the same. Also betting on sports has been legalized, and the younger generation is more interested in sports than horse racing. Marketing to the younger generation is a necessity, and the changing of the structure of the club is required accordingly. Another alternative for further growth is to market and cater not just to the local population but also to market the club’s brand globally in an aggressive fashion. The club has three years to revamp itself in order to capitalize on the widespread recognition that can be gained from hosting the Olympics.

4. Criteria

The criterion for selection between the alternatives presented is primarily the probability of their implementation and outcome within the given time frame. The club is already negotiating with the government to change the law so the pace needs to be stepped up, and the club's influence used to amend the law quickly.

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