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The Vanca Reworking Digital Marketing Strategy Case Solution

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The Vanca case basically demonstrates the problem of establishing a marketing strategy in the digital era in a market segment which is not only competitive but also highly disintegrated.

This case typically develops a significant problem of average businesses in aggressive market segments which leads to lack of brand recognition. Thus, the limited means of such companies demand for stable decisions on marketing techniques; these decisions should consist of profound consideration involving consumer behavior to company’s finances; yet the companies do not have the required analytical abilities within them. Therefore, they get occupied observing the standards of the marketing campaigns rather than analyzing them. As a result, they are put in an unfavorable position as compared to the superior players in the marketing sector, which establishes substantial analytical resources in their organization. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction and problem identification

  2. Analysis

  3. Alternative solutions

  4. Recommendations

Case Analysis for The Vanca Reworking Digital Marketing Strategy Case Solution

Overcoming the challenge is not impossible, as it will be demonstrated in further analysis. However, there is a need to understand the significant problem by top managers, specifically the founders and owners of the companies, who come up with the final decisions in businesses of small and medium nature. Keeping in mind that such businesses require awareness of the necessity of operating a strategic plan that is more essential than marketing campaigns and makes them effective at the end.

2. Analysis

According to global executive survey done by Harvard Business Review & Brightline Initiative – Only 20% of the strategic targets set by organizations are realized. Rest 80% of the strategic targets are not achieved because of incomprehensive planning, limited resource allocation, and poor execution (Pro, 2019).

Considering that a profound analysis must be the first step towards successful marketing campaign, the four elements of SWOT analysis are applied. SWOT Analysis stands for – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that Vanca faces internally as well as the macro environment that it functions in. Strengths and Weaknesses are often limited to company’s internal - reserves, skills and restraints.

i. Strengths

The first element of the analysis includes the Strengths which are the means and resources that influence to construct a sustainable competitive gain in the marketplace. Strengths come from progressive traits of five key resources. The factors that must be highlighted include the fine quality of the product that is admired by the consumers; the popular designs that are produced which are able to gather a large number of potential buyers of the products. The latter however helps in the growth in the sales sector and increases consumer base. Not only this but also helps as a marketing technique proving itself as a resource to the trending fashion. Vanca also has strong relationships with the existing consumers which has enabled Vanca build diverse revenue resource. Finally, the shop to shop model has proven itself to be really successful in order to attract sales of slow moving products

ii. Weakness

Moving on to the second element i.e. Weaknesses limit the ability of the firm to build a bearable competitive benefit. The first on the list is the low recall of the brand which is derived from the second weakness i.e. limited use of search engine optimization which is mandatory when It comes to e-retail marketing in the current age. Referencing to the case where the brand did not appear in the top searches of Google even after existing for five years. The fact that Vanca had such limited presence on the digital front when it came to marketing it’s products leads to lack of awareness amongst consumers. One main reason for this must be the smaller marketing budge as compared to other big-scale e-retail businesses. One of the weaknesses that was noticed through the case was that Vanca is not able to manage the inventory and cash cycle efficiently which leaves room for improvement in inventory management.

iii. Opportunities

The third element leads to Opportunities which are macro environment features that Vanca can influence either to unite current market position or use them for additional growth. The opportunities for Vanca are vast as there is continuous expansion of the online and e-commerce markets. This growing market means that Vanca has the ability to establish and grow its website and to gain traction from customers which can then translate into increased sales and eventually profitability. The growing e-commerce market also means that more and more people are preferring to shop online as opposed to from brick and mortar stores. This presents an opportunity for the company, due to the shift in the shopping trends of the market. Secondly, the company has an opportunity in digital marketing and avenues related to digital marketing such as search engine optimization, along with social media marketing via different platforms. These platforms include Facebook, YouTube as well as Instagram. Search engine optimisation will allow the company to enhance its position on the search engine and would be made available when customers make related searches. This will help gain traction for the company on the company website and related social media platforms. This will ultimately improve the brand’s presence in the e-commerce market. Another point must be added i.e. the access to International Talent in Global Market, One of the trials that Vanca is going through right now is controlled access to high level talent market because of limited budget. Extension into international market can help Vanca to get involved in the international talent market.

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