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Timberjack Parts Packaged Software Selection Project Case Solution

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Timberjack Parts is a specialized manufacturer designed to compete in the international business environment for enterprise-wide software solutions. This case study mentions how Timberjack Corp. completes the task of selecting a unified software intended to integrate both sides of the Atlantic. Since the old software was causing instability in the organization, a need for new unified software was necessary. 

The process of the selection of the new software has to undergo different steps. First of all, the need for new software was taken into consideration. A request for proposal (RFP) was created, a list of vendors was taken out and amongst the list, the most ideal software vendor most suited for the company was selected. This is a long-term growth investment as even though it may be costly, it aims to bring about great benefits for the company in terms of increased customer satisfaction leading to enhanced customer loyalty.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Describe the steps taken in the software selection process at Timberjack. Compare this to a 'traditional' Systems Development Life Cycle.

  2. What type of investment is this and what leads you to believe this?

  3. What do you recommend for Timberjack and why?

Case Analysis for Timberjack Parts Packaged Software Selection Project

1. Describe the steps taken in the software selection process at Timberjack. Compare this to a 'traditional' Systems Development Life Cycle.

One of the first steps for the software selection process at Timberjack was the need recognition. The case study states that Sahlqvist and the Marsta were actively searching for new computer software in 1995 because the existing software was incapable of performing its respective functions. This proved to be troublesome for Timberjack as it adversely affected the operations of the company. As a result, the users could not depend on the data that was shown to them. In order to combat this issue regarding delays and inefficiency, it was finally time that Sahlqvist intended to install the new system. 

Next, Coopers & Lybrand prepared a strategic IS plan when MM3000 software failed to work. At this time, it was suggested that rather than relying on one software, a strong “distribution company package known as “global software strategy” would be able to serve the parts efficiently and a separate manufacturing system would effectively benefit the factory. Such an integrated system covering manufacturing, sales, dealer relationship, etc. would help in sending employees overseas. 

The third step involved the Coopers & Lybrand consulting firm presenting the new strategy to the board of directors. The service parts organizations were entrusted to select one system to run the parts business in both Atlanta and Marsta.

The fourth step involved Bahar Inc. as a software selection consultant to bid on the selection contract. Next, the RFP Process includes Utting receiving a quotation from Bahar. This means that the software consultant was selected. The bid covered different categories such as vendors, consultation, potential vendors, advice on contract, etc. It was also decided by Bahar that the fees would not exceed $100,000 CDN (75,000 USD) and this was to be divided equally among Marsta and Atlanta. 

The sixth step is the continuity of the RFP Process. This step mentions all the preliminary lists of requirements related to finance, accounting, customer service, information systems, etc. In the seventh step, RFP was finalized. The document consisting of 200 total pages mentioned guidelines for standard reports, software selection, etc., and aimed to make individuals relax. As a result, fifty hard copies were produced, and the RFP was designed in electronic form which allowed the vendors to respond as quickly as possible without any extra hassle. 

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