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Tough Mudder Scaling Dynamics After Early Traction Case Solution

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Tough Mudders is a new company which offers endurance events such as mud runs to individuals who seek healthy ways of testing fitness, stamina, grit and endurance. The company was introduced with a local business model, operation and customer service which later expanded to foreign places owing to popularity and presence of target market. However, in the recent years, the company had identified a dip in sales because of which it formulated a number of strategic objectives such as extending product line into apparel, television and media, gyms and merger. This assignment will evaluate the company under the influence of various business management theories and best suited recommendations.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction

  2. Theory of Competitive Dynamics

  3. Theory of Leadership

  4. Theory of Performance and Appraisal Assessment 

  5. Theory of Organizational Development and Change

  6. Conclusion and Recommendations

Case Analysis for Tough Mudder Scaling Dynamics After Early Traction Case Solution

2. Theory of Competitive Dynamics

Tough Mudders operate in a unique product and services offering which is not often replicated too easily which is why the competitive dynamics of the company are diverse. The company has targeted individuals who like to exhibit power, stamina and fitness levels in friendly obstacle courses who may be professional athletes or part time workers seeking leisure. The company has carved a competitive advantage by restructuring mud runs in a way to attract larger population each time and to stay ahead of market competition (Kissick & Foster, 2018). The company has utilized its assets and technologies to capture market trends and consumer preferences through extensive research and development programs so that industry insights can be used to customize offerings as per needs and likes. However, this has undoubtfully created massive costs because of which solutions are needed to use valuable resources in the most optimal method. 

Tough Mudders has created a number of unique selling points which differentiates the brand and has also rewarded it to be amongst the first few movers into this segment. Tough Mudders is associated with tough yet friendly traits and defines individual exhibiting endurance in a social experience. The company is widely popular on social media because of which it has generated large fan following within a short time. The brand message implies experiences which individuals can enjoy without the element of competition and rankings. The bands and costumes worn resonates with the participants and have become the vital brand elements. The company is progressing towards a number of strategic changes which need to be aligned with the current offering so that the message is not lost. In addition to this, to retain competitive advantages at every new location, the events must be transferable and customized to the local needs of each location to retain uniqueness and relevance. 

3. Theory of Leadership

Tough Mudders need to implement a culture of innovation, creativity, empowerment and flexibility to allow the employees to buy in the organizational changes planned by the company. The company needs to adopt certain methods of leadership styles which will steer the workers towards common goal (Lee, Rhee, Yoon, & Dedhahanov, 2016). These circumstances call for participative form of leadership where the employees and their needs are given special consideration in voicing opinions and objecting to processes. This will give them a feeling of belonging and inclusivity thus boosting their morale to unite against common goals and deliver excellent results. This approach is coupled with incentive-based system can also spur productivity in employees with a vision to gain personal rewards (Li, Liu, & Luo, 2018). 

Employees often consider their manager and mentors to be inspiring which is why transformational leadership can be efficient way to changing visions and driving organizational changes in Tough Mudders. The transformational managers unite teams and capture the best out of each through HR tactics. This way opportunities and challenges are met unanimously and the company experiences waves of innovation and integrity. In addition to this, hiring the right personnel is essential to Tough Mudders which is why the company must look for individuals who possess the same level of spark, determination, power and stamina to move forwards. Fresh graduates have a likelihood of bringing in unique, sophisticated ideas and ability to adapt to changes easily (N., S., & N., 2015). The job descriptions and job specifications must be tailored to identify individuals who come with wealth of expertise and solution-driven innovation capabilities. It is also important to highlight the increasing use of technology which must be incorporated in head hunting workers who are savvy enough to drive competition and objectivity in the company (Hoch, Bommer, & Dulebohn, 2016).  

4. Theory of Performance and Appraisal Assessment 

Measuring employee performance is the key to align human resources with the larger objectives of Tough Mudders. The workers at Tough Mudders need to demonstrate values of effectiveness, efficiency and thorough urge for learning and development to ensure the company remains ahead if competition. The company HR must establish Key Performance indicators and other employees’ performance measurement tools across the departments so that feedback, improvement and motivation remains a part of the brand image which later may translate into satisfied customer service and professionalism (Velmurugan & Rajan, 2018).

The company must recruit different ways of incentivizing individuals based on the job roles such as sales support staff, customer services staff, social media managers and operational staff. Each job role must be assigned targets with repeated communication over feedback and a performance-based compensation to keep the motivation high. Due to the nature of offerings of Tough Mudders, innovation is a vital ingredient to be sought for in the workers (Russell & Brannan, 2016). The company can only dwell upon creative and innovative minds which can think out of the box to provide solutions to the company. In addition to this, a free culture will be conducive to openness, collaboration and productivity in employees. The employees must be granted monetary and well as non-monetary benefits so that they have a firm reason to believe in the goals and objectives of the workplace (Lee, Rhee, Yoon, & Dedhahanov, 2016).

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