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Trouble In Paradise Stakeholder Conflict In The Paseo Caribe Project Case Solution

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1849 457 Words (2 Pages) Gwendolyn Toro, Julia Sagebien, Victor Quinones Ivey Publishing : 910M18
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The Paseo Caribe project has been a controversial project to start with; it has been a cause of nuisance to all the parties involved. The private sector bought a piece of land from the government in order to develop the area into a popular tourist destination. The land was adjacent to a historical landmark and many civil society groups intervened to prevent the developer from undertaking any construction in the area.

Case Analysis for Trouble In Paradise Stakeholder Conflict In The Paseo Caribe Project

The private sector which involves the real estate developer, the first bank or Puerto Rico, investors and workers and professional involved in the project got all the necessary documentation from the government through its Regulation and Permit Administration and got the plans approved by the Planning board, however, several departments in the government were against the proposed development and took a stance with civil sector NGO’s to stop the construction under the banner of several irregularities and claimed that the land was public property.

The private sector maintained that the collapse of the project would result in massive unemployment, in the island and investment, will move to other adjacent areas. The ARPE, the regulatory authority, changed its position with the new government, and as a result, the bank filed a lawsuit against them. The government was doing its best to keep the project from starting, however, due to the lack of evidence; the case went in favor of the private sector. 

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