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VertiSoft Inc.: Raising the Bar Case Solution

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Much of Vertisoft’s success is attributable to its excellent customer service and the technical support team at the call center in Moncton, Canada. Recently, Brian Jenkins, a manager launched a metric system to gauge employee performance. The results of the metrics were surprising and concerning for Jenkins because some employees who were top performers failed to score high according to the metrics.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Problem Identification

  2. Analysis

  3. Strategic Alternatives

  4. Recommended Action Plan

Case Analysis for VertiSoft Inc.: Raising the Bar

2. Analysis

The three metric systems were based on Time to Assist to Completion (Call Duration), Time to Refer and Customer Satisfaction. The data for July to September revealed some concerning results for some employees who had been associated with the organization since the start of the Moncton call center or were high performers. Although the time was taken to deal with a call was dropping and customer satisfaction levels increasing, the service technicians were referring calls much faster to the Dallas office rather than attempting to handle the call themselves. Moreover, many employees who had been scoring low on these metrics were not improving over time. Employees who were not expected to be scoring low were doing so, and the company had to take some action to correct this or address the issue. The bottom performers were also progressively scoring lower, and their customer satisfaction levels were also declining.

3. Strategic Alternatives

Based on the results certain action has to be taken by Jenkins. The following three strategic alternatives are available for Jenkins to choose from to improve employee performance or deal with low scorers.

• Link the Metrics to Performance Appraisal

Before the metrics were rolled out it was agreed that no relationship was to be drawn between these metrics and performance appraisal or pay. As suggested by Sunita Prakesh, the head of human resources, it would be feasible to make these metrics a factor in the appraisals that are conducted on a semi-annual basis.

  • The pros would be that employees would work harder to score higher so that the appraisals are not affected, and their chances for increments or promotions aren’t jeopardized.

  • Those employees who have been performing well in the past without these metrics and have scored low would be de-motivated and feel undermined.

• Display Results Publicly

The other alternative for Jenkins is to display the results publicly so that all employees can know where they stand. This would also highlight top performers and low scorers amongst others.

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