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Waterloo Regional Police Services Reassessing The CIMS Project Case Solution

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Waterloo Regional Police Services (WRPS) faced a dilemma, where it was facing issues with its vendors, and it faced the need to update its integrated information system. The Common Information Management System (CIMS) has been in place in the organization, and the system was working effectively, in order to deal with the different operational aspects of the policing. The unified platform for information sharing was important to develop an effective liaison between these police agencies. Since its installation in 1997, several changes have occurred in the practicing of policing and record management if details. CIMS has hugely assisted the police in achieving their various important work objectives. On the other, a huge investment has been made in this particular system. Although changes have taken place that should be implemented in different operational aspects, CIMS can incorporate them, and so WRPS should continue to benefit from this system. WRPS, however, can further improve its coordination with the vendors, so that necessary changes can be introduced in the system, for the purpose of getting effective results.

Case Analysis for Waterloo Regional Police Services Reassessing The CIMS Project Case Solution

Police agencies are heavily making use of technology in their daily work operations in order to make them more responsive to the changing dynamics of policing. Most of the agencies in the developed countries are making use of customized software solutions to effectively deal and coordinate with different stakeholders who are involved in the challenging task of policing. WRPS should use the same software as used by other agencies, as the policing dynamics of different areas vary, and only after taking into account that distinction, can the police perform in an effective manner. Customization seems to be an appropriate option to cater effectively to the current scenario. Nonetheless, vendor relationships should be made more productive in order to maintain a smooth working relationship between the two parties.

2. ITG has had a long experience working with WRPS, and this is also considered as a legacy of great coordination and cooperation between two different entities. However, a number of different players have emerged in the market for police software solutions. Moreover, it was difficult to coordinate with ITG, for that reason they had to implement certain changes in the software, within a specified time limit, in order to meet their different objectives, ITG was not coming up to the desired requirements of WRPS with regards to it.

WRPS has introduced complex changes to the software that were difficult to be fulfilled with the available budget allocated for the purpose of investing in this project. Furthermore, certain aspects of the services performed by ITG were becoming labor-intensive and costly for WRPS, and so a need explore other players in the market was created, for the overall betterment of the organization of policing. On the other hand, there were certain advantages of retaining ITG, after incorporating certain changes in the current service offering of the company. A primary advantage was the effective understanding that was developed between two entities over the period of time; this has played an important role in terms of sustaining their relationship for such a long time period.

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