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AccorHotels Digital Transformation A Response To Hospitality Disruptor Airbnb Case Solution

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Accor Hotels is a group of traditional hotels, and although it was a successful chain, the CEO Sebastien Bazin believed it was not changing fast enough to adapt to the digital transformation that was now impacting the hotel industry. The sharing economy, mainly Airbnb, was a rising threat to the traditional hotel industry, and Bazin believed that if Accor did not act fast, it would be adversely affected.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction and Problem Identification

  2. Analysis of the Situation

  3. Alternative Solutions

  4. Recommended Action Plan

Case Analysis for AccorHotels Digital Transformation A Response To Hospitality Disruptor Airbnb

2. Analysis of the Situation

With the growing popularity and revenue of Airbnb, Accor Hotels needed to act fast in order to adapt and to prevent being eaten by this rising giant. Even though other players in the industry like Hilton did not recognize the rising threat of Airbnb, or the need to move away from its traditional approaches, as it believed Airbnb was only targeting economy travelers, Accor did not make the same mistake and decided to take action before it is too late. Apart from the shared economy factor, Airbnb also had an edge on the digital platform, as it had an excellent mobile presence that described and mapped nearby attractions and services from any connected device. Although Accor had a digital presence with a fully developed website and application, the online bookings for Accor were one third via the internet and a meager 12% from its mobile application. Bazin quickly realized the need to become tech-savvy and to bring about phenomenal digital transformations if it wanted to compete in the market. Accor Hotel has taken multiple steps to ensure digital transformation; however, the question is whether these steps will be enough to keep it successful. 

3. Alternative Solutions

Accor Hotels has a number of solutions that it can employ to bring about a change in the organization. One option was for Accor Hotels to not do anything like Hilton and other similar players in the industry.

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