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Aetna and the Transformation of Health Care Case Solution

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Being one of the largest healthcare companies and insurance providers, AETNA profits massively from its healthcare segment and commercial medical plans. The healthcare company must pursue its ambitions of transforming healthcare with the use of digital platforms despite the heavy investment required to sustain the project. AETNA aims at transforming healthcare by emphasizing well care (encouraging people to live healthier lives) over sick care (dealing with symptoms of sickness) through digital platforms, in the pursuit of raising life expectancy and improving the health of its members (AETNA, 2021).

Case Analysis for Aetna and the Transformation of Health Care Case Solution

CEO Mark Bertolini believed that by transforming healthcare into a more accessible, affordable, and preventive system, AETNA would not only be able to improve the health of its members, but also improve its revenue generation. Hence, the company took an unusual standpoint on the issue of health, reinstating the importance of taking preventive measures to avoid illness unlike many of its competitors in the health care industry. AETNA’s vision is significantly aligned with this organizational goal, as the corporation realizes the necessity of providing personalized care to its patients, derived from relevant patient data to ensure optimal results. According to the firm’s objectives, real-time access must be provided to patients with adequate resources to help them understand clinical and administrative decisions. To facilitate this aim, the company intends to shift its patient to digital platforms such as apps on their phones through which they can access care for their major health needs. AETNA follows a more consumer-oriented model than its industry counterparts that commonly follow fee for service payment structures, as shown by its community programs such as the AETNA Care Community Program.

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