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Jeanette Clough at Mount Auburn Hospital Case Solution

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The case study focuses on the turnaround of the healthcare organization, namely, Mount Auburn Hospital under the leadership of Jeanette Clough. Within a decade, the visionary CEO was able to turn the loss-making entity to a profit-making organization, which shifted its focus towards expansion. In devising a solution for the case study, the aspect of change management will be given special focus with regards to the possible steps that can be taken by her in the near future.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Introduction

  2. Background

  3. Challenge

  4. Change Management

  5. Conclusion

Case Analysis for Jeanette Clough at Mount Auburn Hospital

2. Background

Mount Auburn hospital was facing financial losses worth $10 million. The organization was facing a difficult time in controlling different expenses facing the organization. This was apart from the challenge in front of the organization in adapting to the modern upgrading and modernization requirements of the evolving healthcare organization. The organization already faced management issues particularly concerning the relationship between important stakeholders like management and physicians. The Mount Auburn hospital had in the past gone through the phase of the merger, when it got affiliated with the Care Group organization in 1996. This helped the hospital in benefiting from an extensive healthcare unit. It was after the appointment of Clough that better collaboration developed between various internal stakeholders of the hospital. Not only did Clough took initiative to control the burgeoning operational costs of the hospital, but made efforts to expand the revenue base of the hospital.

3. Challenge

Clough managed to develop a collaborative atmosphere in the organization. There was a physician group in the hospital that also donated a sum of money for the developments taken in the hospital. It was quite important for the organization to spend on expanding the building and technology infrastructure of the hospital. Apart from this Clough also made great efforts to develop a cordial relationship with the physician. This has played a pivotal role in improving the financial performance of the hospital, and developing a positive and productive workplace atmosphere. The expansion, however, required a great level of consideration for the local neighborhood that was not comfortable with the expansionary plans of the hospital.

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