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Amisha Guptas First Year at Work Case Solution

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The case study analyses the experiences of Gupta throughout his first year of work. She joined the company named Xciting, and her actions are under study throughout the year. The case study discusses how her expectations were exaggerated and how she acted in the response. Gupta’s life turned from unorganized to highly organized with projects, new people and new places for work. Before joining, she was expecting that she would get long-term friends who would be with her throughout his work journey. Also, she was expecting the growth culture and work environment to be dynamic. On the contrary, the case study tells that the projects were scrapped. Her friends were allocated to other places and domains, which made her feel lonely and isolated.  The study also revealed how the culture of Xciting was isolating, individualistic and competitive, making it difficult for Gupta to adjust. All these experience, according to the study, made Gupta rethink about her career, personal goals and her social life.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. How would you summarize the experiences and actions of Gupta?

  2. What are the possible areas of mismatched expectations between Gupta and Xciting?

  3. What would be your direct action if you were Gupta: would you continue to stay at Xciting or would you leave? What could be your potential action plan?

  4. What improvements could be made to Xciting's socialization practices?

  5. What are some of the socialization and newcomer onboarding practices in various other industries?

Case Study Questions Answers

1. How would you summarize the experiences and actions of Gupta?

Gupta as an engineer, was very excited to join the corporate world and start a new chapter of her life. She joined the tech start-up named Xciting as a trainee engineer to go through entire rigorous professional and personal training for career growth. She had very high expectations from the company as she imagined a dynamic work environment and an outlet of opportunities for her professional development. However, Gupta's experiences of work-life were mismatched with her idealistic expectations. She felt so many unexpected difficulties in the company's culture. The company offered limited opportunities for professional and personal growth according to her expectations, and the lack of communication brought disappointment. 

Due to all of these issues, she got frustrated and started questioning her current status at the company. Ranging from accepting the job to being allocated to a certain stream of work, she felt the entire process was very unpleasant. Additionally, the change in locations also was annoying for Gupta, since she wanted her friends to be around her. The company disappointed her because the trainees were allocated to different places based on exams and their aptitudes. Gupta thought the employees would be helpful and friendly at Xciting. To her surprise, this was also not true. The greatest setback for Gupta was the comments about her personality that instructors passed during the training period. She considered herself to be a strategic person, but the personality coach told her that she acted bossy sometimes. All of these experiences were unexpected for Gupta. 

2. What are the possible areas of mismatched expectations between Gupta and Xciting?

Gupta's thoughts were very idealistic when she joined the start-up. The mismatch between her expectations and what Xciting offered created dissatisfaction in her life. Some of the key areas of mismatch expectations include; job responsibilities, company culture, professional growth and personal feedback. 

Before joining Xciting, Gupta thought that she would be given different tasks that would help her professionally. She expected dynamic work culture to explore her potential and build a solid career trajectory. On the contrary, the job responsibilities of Gupta disappointed her a lot. The work turned out to be mundane and repetitive, rather than challenging and diverse. The projects she got to work on didn't match her expectations and professional goals. Another setback was the changing nature of the job. Some projects got terminated earlier, and the new job responsibilities changed according to the project's needs. Gupta considered the shift from one stream to another harmful to her career goals.

The 'company's culture' was also unlike what Gupta expected. She expected a supportive and nurturing environment, but people at Xciting were unpredictable. They were very competitive as well as individualistic. To Gupta's surprise, she found difficult people at work. One colleague tried to take advantage of Gupta by backing off and putting all the burden of work on her. Her perception of work was also challenged by the manager when she answered loudly that she expects fun with work.

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