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Anxious Alastair Case Solution

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2005 1023 Words (7 Pages) James R. Detert, Christina Black Darden School of Business : UV7650
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The case revolves around three main characters; John Zhang, who is the head of Franchisee Management; Lauren Green- the CEO; and Alastair Wyatt, who is Zhang’s, right-hand man. The case discusses VirginaTax, which is an accounting and tax company. The company is successfully opening franchises and wants to expand to other states as well. The case specifically talks about the relationship between Zhang and Wyatt. Wyatt is a stellar employee who is always on top of his work and one step ahead of his boss’ needs. This constant need to become the perfect employee has left Wyatt feeling on edge, but he continues to push himself. The stellar employee image is tarnished when Zhang discovers that Wyatt has hacked into his email and is reading his emails, and as also replied to one, in which he is not addressed. This left Zhang feeling betrayed and in a dilemma, as Wyatt claimed he was only trying to be perfect at his job by gaining access to Zhang’s communication (Detert, and Black).

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Case Facts and Summary

  2. Problem Statement and Key Management Issue

  3. Issues Due to Problem

  4. Course of Action 

  5. Recommendation

Case Analysis for Anxious Alastair Case Solution

2. Problem Statement and Key Management Issue

The problem highlighted in the case study is much deeper than what it seems. The problem is not only that Wyatt indulged in an invasion of privacy and gained access to confidential emails through unlawful means but the fact that there was so much pressure on Wyatt to perform, which forced him to take this step. The chain of command is evident from the case; it follows a hierarchal structure, with Lauren Green being at the top (Diefenbach, and Sillince). The chain of command is strict and inflexible, with constant pressure to perform from the lower levels of the hierarchy (Jago, and Vroom). Another management issue that can be seen in the case is the lack of involvement by the leadership when it comes to employee health and mental concerns. Employee well-being is an integral part of employee performance, and many organizations invest in this important aspect so as to ensure a better organizational future (Wright, and Huang). The main issue that can be seen in the case is a classic example of a leader vs. supervisor. Zhang took up the role of a supervisor and not a leader as a leader’s role expands beyond checking the employee’s performance and work. A leader needs to ensure that his employees are motivated, and their issues are dealt with (Virtaharju, and Liiri).

3. Issues Due to Problem

The immense pressure and organizational anxiety that Wyatt faced caused him to indulge in an unethical and unlawful act. He was feeling more and more stressed at work to keep up with the pace of the work and uphold his performance (Baruch, and Lambert).

4. Course of Action 

There are a number of steps the management can take to encounter the problem. The first thing that needs to be done is to hold feedback and open evaluation sessions which each layer of the hierarchy and subordinates. This open communication will encourage both sides to voice any concerns they may have and rectify the situation (Banwart). Another change to be introduced is to employ charismatic leadership instead of the current top-down approach. A charismatic leader encourages more participation from employees, thus improving communication (Cicero, and Pierro). There needs to be a shift from organizational performance to employee productivity. The human relations theory given by Elton Mayo would be applied, where workers are not just cogs in a wheel, but important aspects of the organization. The well-being of the employee would take the forefront. This would result in a ripple effect and ultimately lead to greater organizational performance (Shahmohammadi).

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