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Corporate Solutions At Jones Lang LaSalle 2001 A Case Solution

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2007 347 Words (3 Pages) Ranjay Gulati, Luciana Silvestri Harvard Business School : 113114
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Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) was a real-estate services company that has decided to bring about structural changes in its organizational structure. JLL decided to create a new category, Corporate Solutions (CS), by merging the three service lines of the business.

Case Analysis for Corporate Solutions At Jones Lang LaSalle 2001 A

Amidst globalization, corporate and business needs were rapidly changing, and the management of the business thought that it was important to integrate important service lines, in order to develop a more holistic and integrative approach towards account management. However, Peter Barge, the head of the newly created unit, had to focus on multiple issues as to how to go about with the recent changes in a sustainable manner. The position of CS as a profit or cost center was also yet to be ascertained.

The McKinsey 7S framework can be used to understand the possible impacts on the company of the changing market dynamics. This framework emphasizes that Strategy, Staff, Systems, Skills, Style, Structure, and Shared values are some important internal organizational dynamics that amalgamate together to produce sustainable progress for the organization (Singh, 2013).

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