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Arconic Inc Versus Elliott Management Corp A Battle For Control

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Elliot Management’s position is more of an intense and active investor, as it took a lot of interest in the corporate affairs of its investees. However, it can be seen in the case that Elliot’s activist approach is positive for the corporation, as the company strives towards value creation for both parties. The arguments put forth by Elliot are relevant, and uncover the questionable governance practices undertaken by Arconic’s board.

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It is important to highlight that Elliot would represent an unbiased opinion towards the corporation’s governance, and is rightfully highlighting factors such as the incompetency of Kleinfeld in various areas of business performance. Elliot also pointed out Arconic’s poor TSR record, highlighting that the financial performance of the company was weak. Therefore, Elliot paints a true picture of the company’s internal affairs, its weak financial position, and low market value. 

2. Arconic’s position in this scenario is questionable, its corporate governance reforms were not up to the mark, and the board misrepresented numbers to show growth in business performance. The arguments that they made were attempts to hide their internal incompetence with regard to corporate governance.

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