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BellSouth Enterprises The Cellular Billing Project Case Solution

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BellSouth Enterprises and Telesciences have entered in a strategic alliance and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Thus their relationship is different than a traditional client – vendor relationship, this way both the partners will have mutual benefits.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. How would you advice Bill Brewer?

  2. How would you advice Telesciences?

Case Analysis for BellSouth Enterprises The Cellular Billing Project

But there are certain issues that need to be addressed: first of all BellSouth Enterprises have a manager truly and completely dedicated to the project, the management changes may adversely affect the project. Secondly, there was a difference of opinion regarding the ownership of Problem Definition (PD). The issue can be resolved according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the MOU.

Brewer is worried about the schedule slippage as it has made commitments with the New Zealand Government. It has to get the software ready on the given deadline to commence operations in New Zealand. Brewer also has this thing in mind that the software will have much less functionality than planned if completed in the given deadline. 

1. How would you advice Bill Brewer?

In my opinion, Brewer should communicate this issue with Telesciences' representatives and derive a solution based on mutual understanding of both the parties.

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