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Biblio Credit Union Social Inequality And The Living Wage Case Solution

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The BCU's pay scale is being analyzed by Sandra Meloche to account for any misjudgment on the pay scale. The move was brought about by the report of rising social inequalities due to pay scales being lower than the living wage. While BCU pays above minimum wage, there is a difference between minimum and living wages (Niven, 2017).

Case Analysis for Biblio Credit Union Social Inequality And The Living Wage

Sandra can analyze the 5% salaries that are on the borderline of poverty based on their individual needs such as the number of dependents and costs of living. By calculating these differences based on individual needs, it will be easier to convince management of the need for such an increase. Sandra can also consider doing a management wide presentation stating the facts and figures of the social inequalities and how they impact BCU's growth and employee morale. Basing a decision on this will ensure that management is on-boarded (Lester, 2011). One of the larger challenges Sandra will face is the demand to increase wages for all: Sandra can monetize the amount saved by the 5% she has highlighted and put them in context of basic necessity expenses such as medical, educational and recreational to allow a better understanding of why a living wage is important.

Ms. Meloche can also consider pitching the living wage as a form of CSR for the BCU and ensuring that all stakeholders are on board these changes which will allow BCU to be viewed in a more positive light than before: a company that cares for it employees will care for society. Sandra can also promise to consider all employees salaries based on their expenses and promise to hold an open door policy for any employee who considers the need to share their struggle to feed their families: by helping spouses and children find work to increase the base incomes of such households (Linneker & Wills, 2016).

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