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How To Write A Dissertation Conclusion?

10 Nov 2021

No matter what sort of paper you are asked to write in your college or university, you have to write a conclusion chapter at the end of your assignment or dissertation. Whether you are writing an essay, an article, or a dissertation, you are supposed to write your conclusion section at the very last of your task. Writing a conclusion is essential because most of the readers only read the conclusion of a dissertation to get an idea about the whole dissertation.

The purpose of writing a dissertation conclusion at the very last is to make your audience understand the summary of your entire dissertation. Better will be the conclusion, astonishing will be the impact of your dissertation because your readers will be able to find the purpose and relevance of your writing.

Writing a dissertation conclusion is considered as one of the hectic most tasks because you need to come up with relevant and necessary pieces of information. You need to re-read your dissertation to make a decision about what sort of information has to be there in your conclusion. Once you are done with the main body of your dissertation, you must go for drawing conclusions out of your research. You need to make a decision whether you should add a table of content or not (it may depend on the instructions of your supervisor). If you have some instructions from your university about writing a dissertation conclusion, you should follow those set of rules. If you don’t have guidelines, you can seek guidance from this guide.

How To Write A Dissertation Conclusion?

If you are done with the main body of your dissertation, and you are looking for some kind of assistance to write your conclusion chapter for your dissertation, you can use this guide to get help in terms of dissertation conclusion. In this guide, you will get to know how to write your dissertation, what are the tips you can follow to make your dissertation conclusion look flawless, and what are the things to avoid while writing your dissertation conclusion.

Main goals of writing a dissertation conclusion

Before writing a dissertation conclusion, it is mandatory to know the purpose of writing a dissertation conclusion. No matter for which discipline you are writing your dissertation conclusion, you need to focus on certain goals to deliver your message to your audience. As far as the conclusion for a dissertation is concerned, it should always:

  • Give a general overview of the important contributions of your work

A conclusion is all about a flawless overview of your dissertation. Apart from your readers, you need to satisfy the scrutiny committee to get the desired grade. You need to present your contributions in your respective field in the best possible way to your committee to convince them your study is significant. The best way to make that happen is by displaying your contributions in the form of a bullet.  

  • Summarize your previous chapters

You need to summarize the previous chapters of your dissertation in an efficient way. If you want your research work to be published in a reliable and renowned journal, you have to come up with an executive summary of your previous chapters of the dissertation to qualify for publication. Not all the readers have enough time or the stamina to read the entire dissertation, which is why they tend to focus on the conclusion chapter. This is the reason your conclusion should be a comprehensive overview of your dissertation.  

  • Recommendations

Recommendations are one of the crucial most paragraphs of your dissertation conclusion. There has to be a paragraph in your conclusion regarding the practical implications of your dissertation. The findings you have found as a result of your dissertation has to be understandable to your general audience. Your recommendation will be appreciated if they prove to be flexible and authentic. Your recommendations have to be the extract of your dissertation findings. For example, you can let your readers know about some of the highly-specific recommendations, along with the steps that can be followed to achieve perfection.  

  • Future work

A dissertation conclusion isn’t all about the present work which you have done. In your dissertation conclusion, you need to come up with future work that needs to be done. At the end of your research, you definitely find some unanswered questions. In fact, it is compulsory for a Ph.D. student to write about future goals and future work in order to get full marks in a dissertation conclusion. A dissertation that encourages others to work on the same topic is one of the best kinds of a dissertation.

How to write an attractive dissertation conclusion?

Most probably, you are done with your dissertation introduction, review of the literature, and all other chapters at this point. You need to appreciate yourself because you have done an amazing job by writing all those chapters of a dissertation perfectly. But you must not take your conclusion section of your dissertation for granted. It is an important chapter of a dissertation as anything else. It is right that the first impression is the last impression, but the last impression lasts for a longer period of time. Your readers will read your conclusion at the very last, which is why it has to be error-free.  

In your dissertation conclusion, you need to write a summary of some of the key points of your dissertation. You need to explain why your topic is important to study and how your conclusion is significant on the basis of your research. Here in this section of our guide, you will get to know how to write an attractive dissertation conclusion. Let’s study in detail:

  • Restate your thesis

Do you remember your thesis statement? The statement you have written at the start of your thesis, you need to restate that statement again in your conclusion chapter. We don’t mean to just copy that statement and paste it in your conclusion. You need to change the wording, and this time you need to come up with a better one. Here we are talking about a modified thesis statement to make it more charming for the readers. In order to avoid repetition, you should change the structure of your thesis statement.  

Make sure not to write phrases like “This paper has tried to show.” You need to satisfy your reader by all means, which is why you need to write everything authentically to prove your point. After writing your modified thesis statement, you need to let your readers know how you planned this research and what are your potential outcomes of the research. Do not use references here and discuss all the points which are already in your dissertation.  

  • Review the key points of your dissertation

After restating your thesis statement, you need to provide a sort of summary of some of the salient points of your thesis. For doing this, read your main body carefully to know exactly what your dissertation or research is all about. When you are reading the main body of your dissertation, it is recommended to write some momentous points separately. The points you have written separately can be explained briefly in your dissertation conclusion. Keep one thing in your mind, when you are writing a dissertation conclusion, you need to write that in your own words. A conclusion must not be presented in the same wording which you have used in the main body.  

Your conclusion must have some of the recommendations for your readers. Either there has to be a recommendation or relevant questions that further the thesis. You can reference your introduction in your conclusion section. You have already written the thesis statement in your conclusion. Now look for some of the keywords, ideas, or phrases that can be useful in your dissertation conclusion. To make sure your dissertation conclusion gets much appreciation, you are required to make a connection between your dissertation introduction and the dissertation conclusion.

How To Write A Dissertation Conclusion?

  • Explain the relevancy of your work

It is your duty not to leave any loose ends in your dissertation conclusion. You need to come up with a sense of resolution. When you write about the sense of resolution, you will be able to wrap up your arguments in ana extensive fashion. After reading your dissertation conclusion, your readers must feel that your thesis is relevant to the field, and your research has successfully explained your thesis statement.  

  • A take-home message for your audience

As far as the ending of your conclusion is concerned, you need to end it on a high. End your dissertation conclusion with a question, a warning, or a call to action. If you think your work can encourage others to do the same work in a different fashion, end your dissertation conclusion accordingly. If you think a warning or a wake-up call can do the job, make sure to write according to the situation. Give your readers a way to use your pieces of information in the best possible way.

Tips for writing an engaging dissertation conclusion

It is a tricky task to write the conclusion section for your dissertation. Writing a dissertation conclusion can be very decisive because this will be the last thing your readers will go through. You need to make a mark, and you need to prove your point on the basis of your dissertation conclusion because your audience will remember only the things you state in your conclusion. A conclusion has to be scientifically sound and linguistically optimized. Here are some of the useful tips for our readers so they can make them able to write a stunning dissertation conclusion.  

Answer your research question

As far as your research question is concerned, it is paramount to answer that question. Your readers will only read your dissertation if they find your research question attractive. If your conclusion doesn’t answer your research question, it will be of no use. You need to explain the peripheral problem statement too in your concluding paragraph. Answering your research question will give your readers a sense of satisfaction, and they will surely trust your research. In simple words, answering a research question guarantees the truthfulness of your dissertation.  

Confirmation of hypothesis

It is legitimate to either confirm your hypothesis or reject your hypothesis. Whether you are accepting a hypothesis or rejecting it, you need to write your final statement in your dissertation conclusion. Some students think it is compulsory to accept the hypothesis they have created at the start of their dissertation,, which is a wring concept. You can reject your hypothesis or accept it on the basis of your final results. A conclusion without a final statement about a hypothesis will be considered incomplete.  

Relevant pieces of information

When you are writing a dissertation conclusion, you cannot add new pieces of information in it. Consider your dissertation conclusion as a mind-blogger for your readers. A conclusion is like a summary of your entire project, and you need to summarize the data you have put in your dissertation. If you add any new piece of information, it will be considered as a technical error of your dissertation conclusion. A dissertation with errors and mistakes in the conclusion section cannot satisfy the readers and well as the supervisor. If you want to include something in your conclusion section, make sure to add it to your main body and then add that data to your conclusion.  

No examples

It is a rule of dissertation writing that there must be no example in your dissertation conclusion. If you want to give examples, you have the main body to give as many examples as you want. It is very amateurish to add something new or an example at the last of your dissertation. A dissertation conclusion having some examples in it will be discarded. Moreover, it will not leave a good impression on your readers.  

Don’t use the first person

A dissertation conclusion is basically a concluding the facts you have found earlier in your research. When you are concluding your facts, you must not use the first person for writing the dissertation conclusion. A conclusion is more of a concluding statement of facts and figures, a sort of summary of your research findings. If you try to include personal opinion, it will be a drawback for your dissertation conclusion. This is the reason you are not supposed to write the first-person opinion in your dissertation conclusion.  

Write a conclusion, not results

There is a significant difference between a conclusion and the results. Students often get confused about the conclusions and the results. Make sure not to copy anything from your results section of the dissertation. When you are writing results for your dissertation, you are only supposed to write what you have found. On the other hand, when you are writing a dissertation conclusion, you must use your findings to close down your research problem statement. This is a gigantic difference between the conclusions and the results, and you need to be aware of the difference before writing your dissertation conclusion.  

Length of the conclusion

This is a ticklish topic which we will answer at this point. As far as the length of a dissertation conclusion is concerned, there is not a certain limit. The nature of your topic will determine the length of your dissertation conclusion. If we talk about the topic that is strictly numerical or require a lot of analytical methods, you don’t need to make it too lengthy. This is why you need to analyze your topic perfectly in order to be sure about the appropriate length of your dissertation conclusion.  

These are some of the tips that you can follow in order to write your dissertation conclusion. After reading those tips, you will be able to write your dissertation conclusion in the best possible way. Use these tips to write informative and distinguish kind of dissertation conclusion. 

Pitfalls to avoid when writing a dissertation conclusion

When we talk about a dissertation conclusion, there are some pitfalls that should be avoided to write a mesmerizing dissertation conclusion. There are basically three main pitfalls, and these are stated below:

How To Write A Dissertation Conclusion?

Protracted and Rambling Conclusion

Avoid writing a protracted and rambling conclusion for your dissertation. When you add unnecessary data in your dissertation conclusion and write the same points again and again, it is termed as a protracted and rambling conclusion. It is suggested to write a to-the-point conclusion to make it more appealing.  

Short conclusion

As we have explained earlier, it is not a healthy technique to write a protracted and rambling conclusion, but you should avoid a short conclusion too. If your dissertation conclusion is too short, it will leave some of the important most points which will be a setback for any dissertation conclusion. You need to make sure you have added relevant and necessary pieces of information in your dissertation conclusion. Neither it should be long nor short, and it has to be precise. Make sure to add all valid and significant points in your dissertation conclusion.  

Improbable conclusion

When you are writing a dissertation conclusion, there has to be solid and sounds concluding remarks. If you are writing a dissertation conclusion for the Ph.D. level, you need to write only substantial claims. If you write too many unsubstantiated claims, you will not only waste your time, but you will lose the credibility of your entire dissertation. The best way to write a dissertation conclusion is to stay humble and avoid putting illogical data in your last section of the dissertation.

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