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How Does Word Count Affect Essay Quality?

17 May 2024

Word count and essay quality!

When it comes to writing an essay, word count is one of the most frequently asked questions. All types of essays have one thing in common called "scope."

Do you know about the first thing a professor considers while checking an essay?

It is word count!

If you write above a certain word count, your mentor will not be impressed. Instead, he will simply disregard the additional words. 

What does this mean?

Suppose you are asked to write an essay of 1000 words, and you have crafted a copy of 1400 words. Your professor will not read the exceeding 400 words. 

On the contrary, if you end up with 700 words. Rest assured, he will deduct your marks. How bad it is!

Remember, word count directly impacts an essay's quality. In the above-mentioned situation, you can see that your essay's quality will be impacted if you exceed the word count. Likewise, writing quality will again be lowered if you write

below that limit. 

Word count can give anxiety sweats to students who are used to producing content within their own structure and flow. 

Sticking to a specific word count enables you to write within all the crucial parameters of the paper. In this way, you write concisely and cover all the significant points that your mentor demands. 

If you are one of those students who struggle to do controlled writing, sticking to the word count is the ideal option. How to stick to a particular word count and maintain your essay's quality?

This is where an online word counter helps you to write. 

Online word counter

Benefitting from this online word counter enables you to boost your writing productivity. 

It is extremely useful when it comes to writing an academic essay or research paper. This online tool enables you to easily measure your paper's length within the blink of an eye.

How to use this standard word counter?

Simply copy-paste the text into the input section. Also, you can write the content from scratch in the text bar.

It automatically computes the total number of characters, words, letters, sentences, and even word density. How cool it is!

It will change the results if you change the text. 


This word count online tool is developed with premium features. Following are the salient features of this tool:

• Super-fast results 

This tool does not have any captcha; therefore, it instantly showcases your written copy's total number of words. 

• Auto-save option

Suppose you have copy-pasted or written your essay in the input area and went to a café with your friends. Then, you revisit the tool and find your text in its original situation. 

What else is better than that?

With this word counter's auto-save feature, you do not need to copy the text and then save it in the word file. Instead, its auto-save option stores your original document. How amazing it is!

• Free grammar checker 

This tool has a grammar checker option that lets you remove all the typos, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes from your essay. You do not need to purchase any particular grammar checker. 


Instead, you can make your essay free from all the writing flaws with this killer feature. In this way, the quality of your paper is maintained to the exact writing standards. 

• Clear text

Suppose you want to clear the text and write on a new topic. You can simply perform this job with just a single click. Just tap on the "Clear Text."

All your text will be erased with a single click!

• Change case

It also includes the formatting options. You do not need to retype the text. Instead, its "Change Case" feature allows you to change the text case hassle-free. 

You can lay stress on quotations by changing the text case. Moreover, you can also apply the following cases to your text:

  • Title case

  • Upper case

  • Lower case

  • Sentence case

• User-friendly interface

This word counter tool has a user-friendly interface that helps you use it easily. 

Why do professionals use word counter, and you should too?

Using this word counter is essential because it assists you in piquing your readers' interest with the exact words. This tool aids you in staying on the target with your essay without wasting your time guessing how much you have written.

Expert writers use this magical tool to:

• Make content human-friendly

You know that your mentor wants to read the paper, including variations in style and length. This tool helps you free your writing from grammatical flaws and robotic language.

In this way, you can make your copy easy to scan and digest. You have a free grammar checker in hand; hence, say goodbye to all your proofreading and editing worries.

• Nail down their assignments 

As a student, you receive a bulk of assignments in every course. From the very beginning to the end, you need to ensure that you nail your academic papers. 

It can be challenging to write a few paragraphs of the specified length. Using a word counter tool enables you to keep track of assignments' word count. 

Become a seasoned writer

If you want to become a pro writer, consider writing in a more disciplined manner. Almost all experienced writers use a word count tool for self-editing.

Becoming a disciplined writer demands you to keep varying your sentences and paragraphs. 

Final thoughts

Now you understand how word count impacts an essay's quality. Accordingly, leveraging an online word counter would be a real breeze. This tool helps you write an essay or any other copy to make it more concise and sweet for the


So what are you waiting for?

Give this word count tool a try and enjoy the perks.

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