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Important And Crucial Steps To Writing A Dissertation

19 Nov 2021

There comes the point in the life of every student when he/she needs to improve scientific status by writing a dissertation. Conducting scientific research is not an easy task. It can be very troublesome for a student to write a dissertation because it requires so many skills along with the finding of relevant and scientific data. Many students don’t write their thesis on their own not because they are not capable of doing that but because they don’t have the tricks to manage a dissertation properly. If you really want to write a dissertation, you need to know about the steps of writing a dissertation. 

We have written this blog to let students know about the steps they need to understand before writing their dissertations. Here are some of the useful steps to write a dissertation.

Important And Crucial Steps To Writing A Dissertation

Dissertation writing guide (in steps)

You need to perform some integral steps when you are writing your dissertation. Follow these steps to make your dissertation a big thing:

Step 1 – Do your research

No dissertation will get appreciation without having enough of the research. This is the first thing you need to do to write your dissertation. Make sure to gather as many pieces of information as possible and try to include scientific facts in your dissertation to make it more appealing and genuine. With the help of your research, you can analyze the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your topic. For research purposes, you are supposed to read many journals and articles. When you manage to read journals, books, and articles related to your topic, you will be able to know all the nitty-gritty regarding your topic.  

After research, you need to work on the introduction of the results of your dissertation. These are not mandatory or obligatory, but these can play a crucial role in confirming your discoveries. Your written paper of dissertation will determine how much research you have conducted and what sort of results you have obtained during your research. Nobody will care about the knowledge you have in your mind. Everybody will be judging you on the basis of your dissertation, including your dissertation council.  

Planning can do the job for you as far as dissertation writing is concerned. Plan your dissertation not to get confused at the end of your thesis. You need to start drafting your abstracts if you want to get a higher grade in your dissertation.  

Step 2 – Writing

When you are done with your research, you need to write your dissertation. If you want to make a mark on your supervisor as well as on your reader, make sure to justify the relevance of your topic. It is not suggested to include theatrical text in your dissertation, but a scientific text will be more appropriate because the dissertation is scientific writing. When you have answered all the possible questions, you need to present your arguments. Presenting the arguments can be very critical as far as the success of a dissertation is concerned. If your university or institution has some specific set of rules, you need to follow those rules to keep in mind the set of rules as a standard structure. Usually, the structure of a thesis looks like the following one:

Research Proposal

This has to be at the start of your dissertation. Your entire dissertation will revolve around your research proposal. You have to spend some reasonable time on your research proposal so that it has t be error-free. Students take their research proposal for granted that resulted in failure as far as their dissertations are concerned.  


In this section of your thesis, you need to introduce your topic in the best possible way. If there are some terminologies that need to de described, make sure to define those terms for your readers. For example, if your topic is “effect of coconut water on hypertension,” you need to define what does hypertension means and what coconut water is. An introduction with some topic related questions left in the minds of the readers can make your introduction look like a poor one.  

Literature Review

This has to be purely scientific. In this section, you need to explain the previous work of scientists on your topic. There is no point in adding theoretical data in your literature review. Make sure to add that sort of work which is elated to your topic. There is no bounding that a work of the last five years or ten years can only be added. You are free to add as previous work as you want.  


You can term methodology as the core of your dissertation. Your entire dissertation and the results of your dissertation will be based on your methodology. Make sure to discuss your methodology with your supervisor or any other senior to get to know whether your dissertation is moving in the right direction or not. You can seek guidance from previous papers and journals, but you have to create your methodology on your own to make sure your dissertation gets appreciation.  

Results and Discussion

If this segment of your dissertation is going in your favor, it can guarantee the success of your dissertation. You need to run so many experiments keeping in mind the nature of your topic. When you run experiments successfully, you need to compare the results with some journals to know whether your research is giving significant results or non-significant results. At the end of your dissertation, your results have to be significant to prove the credibility of your data.  


It is right that the first impression is the last impression, but the last impression lasts for a longer period of time. When you are writing a conclusion for your dissertation, there is no way you can add additional data in this section. Here, you need to conclude what you have written above. Students try to state something new in their conclusions, which are entirely wrong. In your conclusion section, write what you have concluded and what are future challenges that we may face. Make sure to let your reader know whether your results are significant or non-significant.  

Step 3 – Defense

If you have conducted very sound research and you have written an astonishing dissertation, if you don’t manage to defend what you have done, all of your efforts will be no more than a waste. This is the reason we always encourage the students to learn when they are writing their dissertations. According to a report, only 20-40% of students successfully defend their thesis while the majority of the students fail to defend their own topic effectively. Nowadays, universities have applied a new rule, and according to that rule, the professors from another institute will come to your defense. This rule is applied to remove the brassiness, which is why students have to be commanding as far as their thesis is concerned.  

One external professor (from another university) and one internal professor (from the same faculty) made the decision whether the study and thesis of a student are worthy or not. There may be three participants who will be there in your defense, and you have to defend your thesis in front of all three members. This is only possible if you have conducted sound research. If you think your supervisor will help you during your defense, never think in this aspect as there will be a pure judgment. On the basis of your defense, a decision will be made whether you are eligible for a scientific degree or not.

Important And Crucial Steps To Writing A Dissertation

Some tips for writing your dissertation

Writing a dissertation is not an easy task, but we have made it a lot easier for you. You need to read this guide thoroughly, and the tips which we are about to let you know will help you so much. Here are some useful tips for writing a dissertation:

Read some abstracts

When you are writing your dissertation, make sure to read some of the abstracts of your field. Reading some abstracts will give you an idea of how you can approach your dissertation. It is mandatory to read the abstracts because you will not only get an idea about writing a dissertation, but it will increase your knowledge as well.  

Use deductive method

Always use the deductive method when you are drawing conclusions or drawing results. Make sure each of your paragraphs will cover a single piece of information. It is suggested to write your dissertation in a manner that it will move from partial to general,

Follow the standards

This point may sound very ordinary but laziness in terms of your dissertation will make your dissertation look like a failure. There are some specific standards that you need to follow when you write a dissertation for you. Your marking will be done according to those standards, and if you manage to follow those standards, you will surely get your desired grade.  

Pay close attention to a review of the literature

When you are writing your review of literature, it is legitimate for you to consult as many previous papers, journals, and libraries as possible. If you are searching the internet sources and you are not getting data for you, make sure to go through your university record. Most of the libraries have their online catalog from where you can search according to your topic and feasibility.  

Get permission if you are working on a foreign language

This is something you need to understand if you are working on a foreign language. If you intend to write your dissertation in a foreign language, you need to take permission from your faculty or respective department.  

Add scientific data

As we all know, a dissertation is a scientific form of writing, and there must be scientific data in a dissertation. Students try to add theoretical data to complete their dissertation, but the inclusion of theoretical data will decrease the overall integrity of your dissertation. When you are writing your review of literature for your dissertation, only include the work of credible scientists to back your research proposal.  

Organize your work

After the selection of your topic, you need to manage your dissertation. You need to do multiple tasks while writing your dissertation, which is why your work has to be organized enough so that you can learn out of your dissertation. If you can make a structure of all the chapters of your dissertation, writing will become so easy for you. You can find an example of a perfect dissertation from your library or from an internet source. You need to set it as a template for your own dissertation.  

Make an outline

When you are writing a dissertation for your Ph.D. or for your master’s degree, make an outline, and plan your dissertation according to that outline. When you manage to make an outline at the start of your dissertation, you will be able to cover each and every point efficiently. For example, if your outline requires you to write the introduction of your dissertation, you will be able to gather data only relevant for your introduction. This is why an outline can do the job for you in terms of writing your dissertation.  

Remain in touch with your supervisor

As a student of the university, you should have been assigned a supervisor by your institute. You need to remain in contact with your supervisor throughout your dissertation assignment writing process. He/she will let you know about all the necessary instructions, and you will be able to seek guidance. In your defense, your supervisor will be there, which is why you need to have a strong bond with him/her.

We have written this guide to answer all of your questions regarding the steps to writing your dissertation. Before initiating your dissertation, you can have a look at this guide to write your dissertation flawlessly. In case you are still confused, you have the luxury of hiring our dissertation writing services for you. We are here to make students comfortable and tension-free.

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