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How To Write Alternatives And Decision Criteria For A Case Study Solution?

19 Nov 2021

This is not a renowned section of a case study, but alternatives and decision criteria can completely change the outlook of your whole research. Here you will get all kinds of information that is required to write an error-free case study. Do you want to study alternatives and decision criteria? Let’s get all the details right now!

Do you know the purpose of the alternatives and decision criteria section?

This is a million-dollar question. Almost all the students ask for an answer to this question. We have defined the purpose of alternatives and decision criteria in the following section;

  • Make sure to present all the possible solutions. Present as many answers as possible to solve a puzzle, and these solutions will take give you an ultimate quick fix to address the research question.
  • Systematically apply the decision criteria to analyze which solution out of all is the best and can get the job done effectively.

Important information about Alternatives!

There is a specific type of alternative that is of great importance. You need to know what “mutually exclusive” alternatives are to write your case study in a way the instructor wants you to write.  

Mutually Exclusive Alternative

If one alternative is good enough to rule out some of the other alternatives, that alternative will be known as a mutually exclusive alternative. This type of alternative is used in a situation to prevent the implementation of multiple alternatives. It is very much sufficient as far as the cost and time of an organization are concerned.

Things to do before generating alternatives!

Some certain things need to be done before writing very informative alternatives. The followings are required;  

  • Correct and precise identification of the problem.
  • Critical criteria must be specified.

What criteria can be used for judging the appropriateness of alternatives?

Criteria are given below;

  • Cost: Cost is a factor that plays an important part. Keep into consideration this parameter to run a smooth case study.
  • Authenticity: Make sure that the whole alternative you are selecting is credible and authentic or not. This will prevent the onset of future problems.
  • Balance and dependability: Will alternative work in unfortunate circumstances? Search for this answer while choosing alternatives.
  • Safeguard: Try to go for a conclusion that will work even if some of its components fail.
  • Flexibility and resilience: If the alternative is good enough to accomplish more than one goal, go for it.
  • Riskiness: Never use an alternative that involves high risk. A high risked alternative can destroy the whole case study.
  • Communicability: An alternative that is easy to understand will be preferred in the case study. This is a characteristic that is highly recommendable.
  • Durability: Make sure that the alternative you are selecting will succeed in multiple situations.
  • Merit: Prefer an alternative that ticks all the boxes. Don’t assume anything. It’ll ruin your whole work.
  • Compatibility: Screen an alternative that is easy by following norms and procedures.
Write Alternatives And Decision Criteria For A Case Study Solution

All you need to know about decision criteria

It can be defined as the much-needed requirements that the recommendations are necessary to solve a dilemma.  

What has to be in this section?

This section is particular when it comes to data and information. Only the relevant and authentic data can be placed here. It includes the following information;

  • Mutually exclusive alternatives can be placed in this section.
  • Decision criteria should consist of;
  • Analysis of many decisions to select the most pre-eminent one which can give desired results.
  • Make a sort of competition among your decision criteria in order to be sure about the success rate of your decision criteria.
  • You may not require analysis and competition in all organizations but, make a habit of running this case study section in this format; it will ease you and give you elite kind of results.

Want Some Tips? You’re welcome

You are a valid learner, and we promise to give unique and credible information to let you know all the ins and outs of this section. If you are looking for tips and tricks, you can read the information below;

  • Your instructor may give you so many alternatives to study. The decision is all yours as you can search for other alternatives. Search for alternatives that are perfect according to your research and include them in this section.
  • Make sure to include recommendations along with alternatives; your recommendations can merge with your alternatives to give first-rate results.
  • Cross-check that the alternatives you have listed are mutually exclusive or not. If they are not mutually exclusive, make them mutually exclusive.
  • Add criteria that can prove to be helpful for the evaluation of your alternative solutions.
  • Use the techniques of importance and weighing to select the outstanding decision criteria that can give workable alternatives.
  • Persuasively explain all the recommendations.
  • Keep one thing in mind, never assume anything. Assumption can lead to false information. If you assume something, you may damage your whole study.

You have got the information. What are you looking for? Let’s get the ball rolling! Contact us for any further assistance. CaseProfessors brings you instant solutions to all your academic writing related issues. 

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