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How to Begin and End Your Essay?

19 Nov 2021

Have you ever written an essay? Writing the body for an essay is not as difficult as writing the introduction and conclusion for an essay. When you start writing your essay, there are lots of things you need to take care of. You need to engage the audience from the very start to make sure they read your essay. Starting an essay and ending it on a high note is undoubtedly the most challenging tasks when writing an essay. You may need to think for hours and hours to even get the ball rolling for your essay. What will be the suitable scene to start an essay? How to make it engaging for the audience? Where to end it, so it won’t lose its shape? These are some of the questions we need to answer before even think about starting or ending an essay. 

As far as the beginning of an essay is concerned, it has to be emotional and dramatic (keeping in mind the nature of your topic). You can either catch the attention of your audience by letting them read a compelling and psychic story, or you need to add a bit of drama in it to make it more interesting. The case is more of the same when we are talking about ending an essay. It is the most challenging thing and the most difficult one to take care of while ending your essay. 

All of us must have read the essay writing staring from a sobbing mother outside the classroom of her child, and then boom. In the next line, we read about the same mother who is still sobbing, but this is the last day of his child’s school. Why it has to be like that? Why every time we have to read this again and again? Because the audience likes it. Nobody loves reading a boring essay, because it is not like a movie. You can catch the attention of your target people with the help of an average movie, but not in the case of essays. You need to be spot-on with both the beginning and the ending. Are you ready to learn about how to begin and end your essay? Let’s do it!

Why The Beginning And The Ending?

Consider the beginning and the ending of your essay as your first and the last school day. Both these days are always memorable to all the students because they are of great importance. What’s in between these days are also important, but the first and the last days are always special to the students. The same is the case with an essay. Your first paragraph, as well as the last paragraph of your essay will decide the fate of your essay. Either you can make it by writing a fabulous start and the end, or you can break it by writing in poorly. The choice is all yours. Here’s how you can begin and end your essay successfully. 

The beginning

We all know, the first impression is the last. This is true. As far as the beginning of an essay is concerned, you just have a couple of seconds to grab your reader’s attention. We can say it is the first 2-3 lines that decide the destiny of your essay. All you have to do is find a suitable “hook” relative to your topic. Once you find the hook, you can make your essay stand-out. Your readers will only be going to read your essay if they find your beginning interesting. Otherwise, there is no way they will proceed. That’s crucial to the beginning of an essay is. 

Make one thing very clear, the readers and not penniless. This is a modern world, and with the help of a single click, you can find as many essays or any pieces of information as you want. Nobody is going to stick to a boring or laborious essay, so creativity is the key to success. You can begin with an interesting quote, or with a provoking thought. There has to be the “WOW” factor in your beginning in order to make sure the readers will stay in your essay. Do you have any idea how to stop your readers from going to the next inn? Here are some of the exemplary essay hooks you can use to begin your essay: 

Use the introduction that reveals or uncovers the author

Your purpose in writing an introduction for your essay is to make the author vulnerable. By reading the beginning of your essay, the reader must feel like he’s getting into the head of the writer. It’s a game of feelings and emotion, and you have to be a great player to play the game. Whatever is in your head, try to give it a shape that can serve as a hook for your target people. Your hook will be the guarantee of your essay’s success. 

Use the introduction that pervades humor

Knowing your audience is as necessary as writing your essay. If your audience loves reading funny and hilarious things, and you write something very touchy content, what will happen? Have you thought about it? In order to connect with the readers, you need to first know the readers and their likes, dislikes, etc. As a writer, you need to get into the heads of your readers to get to know about their needs and desires. Here are some useful tips that you can follow in order to begin your essay in the best possible way. 

Use the introduction to ask a relevant question

The best thing about asking the question in an essay is that you can make your readers beg for more. This is all you want in order to make your essay successful and worthy of reading for your audience. You have to find or spark the curiosity of your audience, and you will be well on your way to achieve glory. If you manage to spark their oddity, they will surely read till the end of your essay. You can only make that happen by asking a relevant question, which is why it is of great importance to study your audience before you start writing your essay. If the question isn’t of their interest, they’ll feel hoodwinked or swindled. 

Useful tips on how to begin your essay

Here are some useful tips that you can follow in order to begin your essay in the best possible way.

1. State your thesis properly

Writing a thesis statement is necessary in order to initiate your essay. The whole essay revolves around the thesis statement, which is why you have to be certain about the selection of your thesis statement. The success of any essay depends largely on the authenticity of a thesis statement. So, when you begin your essay, write the thesis with the utmost care. 

2. Ask a related question

It is mandatory to ask a question keeping in mind the nature of your topic and the kind of your audience. By asking a question, you can trigger them to learn more. A related question can also make them read your entire essay (that is the purpose of writing an essay). 

3. Write a cool fact about the subject

It is another useful technique to increase the quality of your essay on the basis of your beginning. Writing an interesting and cool fact about your topic can increase the attentiveness of your readers. Some don’t like reading a question at the beginning. For such people, use this method to grab them. 

4. Begin with a joke or a riddle

This may sound a bit awkward, but this is one of the fortunate and victorious most methods in order to begin an essay. Nobody likes reading a boring start or beginning. Starting with a joke or riddle can make you look like a different writer than the normal and ordinary ones.

The Beginning And End Of An Essay

The ending

The first impression is the last impression. Yeah, it is right. But do you know that the last impression usually lasts for long? That’s why the ending of your essay is as important as the beginning of your essay. As an essay writer, you want to make a mark on your reader as far as both the beginning and the closing are concerned. There has to be no loose end in your essay, and that can be avoided by writing a phenomenal ending for your essay. Most of the time, students consider writing the ending of an essay as afterthoughts, which is absolutely false. Would you like to satisfy your readers with the help of your ending? Let’s try this out!

End with an astonishing statement

Anything that has been written in the essay introduction or in the body of an essay must not be there in your ending section. This is where you leave your impression on your readers. Avoid writing anything that is radical. End your essay on a point where the audience can stand up and clap for what you have done. Your last words or last paragraph has to be compelling, so the audience can appreciate the work you have done. 

End according to your beginning

Your beginning and the ending of your essay have to be on the same page. There is no way you can write something at the beginning of your essay that can’t be proved at the end of your essay. Relatability is the key to success as far as the beginning, and the ending of an essay is concerned. It is legitimate not to write an interchangeable beginning and ending for an essay. At the end of your essay, try to give your concluding remarks keeping in mind your starting remarks. 

End with a summary

This is the section to do the magic. Make your intentions very clear while writing the summary for your essay. You can consider this section of your essay as a speech. Do you know how to end a speech on a high? It is simple. Just tell your audience what you have for them without any manipulation. To end your essay, a summary can give the message and knowledge to your target audience, which is required to make an essay successful.

The Beginning And End Of An Essay

Useful tips on how to end your essay

Here are some useful tips that you can follow in order to begin your essay in the best possible way.

1. Relate your closing statement to the opening one

Your beginning and the ending of the essay has to be the same. Try to relate your beginning with the ending in order to increase the truthfulness and credibility of your essay. A reader who is interested in your essay would love to read how you can relate your opening remarks with the ending remarks. 

2. Prove your thesis

Did you remember the thesis of your essay? The one you’ve written at the start of your essay? Here, you need to prove the thesis with the help of your concluding remarks. An essay with a thesis proved is all preferred over the other essays. Proving the thesis ate the end of an essay can make your essay look like an inordinate one. 

3. Review the supporting ideas

At the end of your essay, you must review the supporting ideas to make sure the readers get your point. Your supporting ideas must back your thesis statement, so you can tick all the boxes of a noteworthy essay. Giving supporting ideas to prove your point in an essay can bring you a lot of readers.

In this blog, we have tried our level best to give you everything you need to know about how to begin and end your essay. It is not one of them, but the most difficult paragraphs out of any essay. As simple as that, begin your essay with a hook that can get the job done. And end your essay without having any loose end.

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