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How to Write a Case Study Solution Assignment?

13 May 2024

Why the case study solution?

A case study allows learning by submerging readers in a real-life and applicable business situation which can be used to go about to solve the issue and develop strategists. The case presents certainties about a specific company and organization. 

Case study solutions are expected to assess and evaluate the case by concentrating on the most significant facts and realities and utilizing this data to decide the chances and issues confronting that organization. Case solutions are then solicited to recognize elective alternatives and solutions to manage the issues they identified initially.

Analyzing the case study solution

Case study analysis and assessments must not only abridge the case. It ought to distinguish key issues and problems, plot and survey elective solutions, and make proper determinations. The case study analysis can be separated into different steps of: 

  1. Identify the most significant facts encompassing the case.
  2. Identify the key issue or issues.
  3. Specify alternative solutions.
  4. Evaluate each action plan.
  5. Recommend the best strategy.

Introduction- reading the case study solution to gather facts

The initial step to an effective case analysis in an academic assignment is to peruse the case, cautiously and with an eye for detail – more than once. At the point when reading a case, the solution must be developed from the point of view of the case protagonist. The case must read through the circumstance and distinguish the issue they are to deal with. The subsequent stage is to play out the important examination—inspecting the causes and thinking about elective courses of action to be able to reach the best solution and recommendation for the case problem.

To capitalize on cases maximally, case solutions are expected to be developed after reading and considering the case.

Focusing on the important data

Before developing case solutions, the case is expected to be read a few times to get comfortable with the data it contains. The focus should be on the data in any going with exhibits, tables, or figures. Many case situations, as, all things considered, present a lot of nitty gritty data. 

A portion of these realities is more pertinent than others for the purposes of identifying the real problem and working towards solving it. Case solutions will also be expected to work through statistical data points for the situation and assess their validity. At the same time, the case solutions must also ensure that articulations, decisions, or choices made by people are addressed in the analysis. 

During reading, it is suggested and encouraged to underline and after that rundown the most significant statistical data points that would enable them to characterize the focal issue or issue. In the event that key realities and numbers are not accessible, suppositions may be made. Yet these suspicions should be sensible given the circumstance. The "accuracy" of the decisions may rely upon the presumptions made.

Write a Case Study Solution Assignment

Identifying the problem

Utilize the facts and realities given by the case to recognize the key issues or issues confronting the organization in consideration. Numerous cases present various issues or issues. Case solutions are expected to distinguish the most significant and separate them from increasingly minor issues. Express the serious issue or challenge confronting the organization. 

The capacity to portray the issue or challenge in a couple of sentences must be present. Similarly, case solutions ought to also have the capacity to clarify how this issue influences the methodology or execution of the association. 

It should also be clarified and explained during the course of the case solution as to why the issue happened. Does the issue or challenge confronting the organization originate from an evolving domain, new chances, a declining piece of the overall industry, or wasteful inside or outside business forms? 

Development of alternatives

The case solution should run down the strategies the organization can take to take care of its concern or address the difficulty it faces. For data framework-related issues, do these choices require another data framework or the change of a current framework? Are new advancements, business forms, hierarchical structures, or board conduct required? What changes to authoritative procedures would be required by every option? What board arrangement would be required to execute every option? 

The case solutions should keep in mind, that there is a distinction between what an organization "ought to do" and what that organization really "can do". A few arrangements are excessively costly or operationally hard to actualize, and students ought to dodge arrangements that are past the organization’s resources and assets. Case solutions should also recognize the requirements that will restrain the different solutions and possibilities of overcoming the issue. The case solution should ensure that every option executable takes into account the constraints of the organization.

Evaluate each course of action

Assessment of every solution and probable course of action utilizing the realities and issues recognized before, given the conditions and data accessible, should be conducted. Case solutions and analysis are expected to recognize the pros and cons of every option. The case solutions should question "what might be the possible result of this strategy? Expression of the threats just as the opportunities and advantages related with each strategy must be presented. Is the proposal achievable from a specialized, operational, and money related angle?” Case solutions should make certain to express any suppositions on which they have based their choice.

Write a Case Study Solution Assignment

Choosing the best solution 

The case solution should express the decision for the best strategy and give a point-by-point clarification of why they made this choice. The solution may likewise need to clarify why different choices were not chosen. The last proposal should stream coherently from the remainder of the case examination and assessment, and ought to unmistakably indicate what suspicions were utilized to shape the final decision. There is frequently no single "right" answer, and every alternative is probably going to have risks as well as strengths attached. 

Learning from the case study solution

Like whatever else, the learning advantages of case study analysis are reliant on the measure of exertion that is put into the analysis and assessment. Figuring out how to think critically and see broader horizons are significant exercises to be learned from a case analysis. Likewise, figuring out how business exercises (not simply marketing tactics and strategies) can be deliberately coordinated to accomplish focused outcomes is a definitive goal of the case study method!

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