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How To Write An Essay?

10 Nov 2021

Do you consider writing an essay difficult? An essay is something you need to write for sure during your educational life. Whether you are in school, college, or university, you are supposed to write an essay as it is one of the primary most requirements of educational days. Usually, teachers throw the topic with outing elaborating properly about the techniques to write a very sound essay. In some cases, you need to write essays during your professional life. The term essay can be defined as “the piece of writing that has all the necessary information regarding one particular topic” Here, we will explain all the possible and suitable ways that how to write an essay. Here is a thing you need to remember when start writing an essay;

Pick a topic

There are two possibilities. Either you will be given a topic for essay writing by the instructor, or the decision is yours to select a topic. Make sure to pick a topic on which the data is available. The wording of your topic has to be very clear so that the reader can understand it properly. It is suitable for you to select a topic you’re aware about. To pick your topic, first, you have to brainstorm in a very calm sort of environment. After that, you need to narrow the focus to choose a very interesting topic.


Without proper brainstorming, you cannot write an essay at all. Brainstorm till your last and then come up with something sensational for your readers. During brainstorming, do the followings;

  • Write every bit of information that comes to your mind during brainstorming. Make sure to narrow your topic as much as you can.
  • Mind napping and clustering are the strategies that can be used to write very fine content regarding your easy. To do mind napping, write the topic in the middle of the paper and draw bubbles all around to write your ideas.

Now you have a list of possible topics, and you are ready to get the ball rolling. Select the best amongst all that can answer your questions. It is compulsory to choose a topic that is neither narrow nor broad. The topic is the first thing your reader will look for, and if your topic fails to make a mark, nobody will read you easy. Now you can sense how important it is to brainstorm to write one heck of an essay.

Research your topic

A topic has been decided until this step and now comes one of the important most tasks which are, research about the topic. Always use libraries for genuine information because, in libraries, you always look for books, and books are the most credible sources of information. The trends are changing, and now you have tons of online websites to gather your information. Before writing something, make sure the data is authentic or not. False information can demolish your essay.

Try to keep the research systematic so it will be easy for you to refer back. Very structured research can make the citation process a lot easier for you. Citing your sources is one very tough task, and by doing mechanical research, you can make it convenient for you.

Develop a thesis statement

Your thesis statement will be a symbol of your whole essay. The question “how to write an essay?” can be answered very briefly with the help of the thesis statement. Make a very organized and engaging thesis statement and state in a sentence what the essay is all about. You can also use your thesis statement as a key assertion to write your essay. An essay usually revolves around a thesis statement. All the main points must be linked to your thesis statement and this will enhance the level of the truthfulness of your essay. 
A thesis statement must be broad but refrain from making it boring. It is absolutely fine to cover all the nitty-gritty but keep it tempting as well, so your whole essay cannot lose interest.

Create an outline

Before starting to write your essay, make an outline that work for you in all sorts of circumstances. First, write the topic in the middle of paper and draw branches to cover all the aspects of your topic.  
Here is another technique to write the outline of an essay. Divide your whole essay into segments like introduction, main body and conclusion. To write an essay of five paragraphs, make sure to write three basic ideas in introduction section along with a very appealing conclusion.

Write the essay outline

To answer the question that how to write an essay, you need to write certain things in the outline section which are;

  • Introduction

Introduction section has to be very to the point. Explain your reader what you are going to say regarding the selected topic. Write your introduction in a way to present your message in simple words. You can grab the attention of your readers in this introduction section.

  • List of material

After the introduction, comes the list of material. For example, to make cookies, you need to have certain elements. This section is required in such types of essays that are about making a thing.

  • Action

To create your outline, you have to describe the actions which are needed to solve a puzzle. The actions are actually the kind of solutions, and that’s what matters the most.

  • Conclusion

In this section of the essay, you need to summarize each and everything with the utmost care. Let your reader know about the results as well to make them understand your essay. The success of an essay depends upon the readers how much you can satisfy them.

How to write an essay?

Write the essay

Till this point, you have done the work, and now it is the time to write the essay to show the world what you are capable of. Write your essay according to your outline. Your outline will enable you to write a very competent and cohesive essay. To write your essay, here are some things to be kept in mind;

  • At any stage, look for revisions. Make sure that the essay is consistent or not as far as information and knowledge are concerned. A structured essay is preferred over non-structured one.
  • It is very much your responsibility to back your thesis statement with facts and figures. Provide such information that can add quality in your essay, and relevant data must be entered because an essay with irrelevant data doesn’t get the desired grades. It is your decision to write the number of paragraphs, but each paragraph should have its own topic of interest. While writing an article, keep one thing in mind that the information of one paragraph must not be intermingled with another paragraph. Keep information limited.
  • While writing an essay, try to make the essay go with the flow. As you move down your essay, try to write the paramount words. Transition words will act as a glue to connect the paragraphs together, and this is the thing needed to write a very spell bounding essay.
  • You are the best critique for your essay. Carefully read the full introduction and conclusion. Try to put you in the position of your reader to analyze what the reader will get after reading this whole essay. This will help you to judge the authenticity of your essay.

The introduction is a segment that can act as a hook for the whole essay. Your introduction will be the line, your reader will look for, and it will determine that the reader will read your essay or not.

What to write in body paragraphs?

Students often think that body paragraphs are the section to explain the whole essay in an elaborative style. Make sure to present the desired information in a certain paragraph. Each paragraph must carry a basic theme or idea that must be concluded within that paragraph. The paragraph starts with an introductory sentence and moves along with facts and examples. That’s the key thing to keep in mind while writing body paragraphs.

What to write in the concluding paragraph?

The concluding paragraph is as crucial as the introductory paragraph. The conclusion provides an opportunity to sum-up your whole essay. Sometimes, the reader only reads the concluding paragraph to get an idea of what has been said in the whole essay. Make this paragraph short, as it must not exceed 4-5 sentences. Do not make a common error in presenting new ideas and information in conclusion. Summarize the whole essay to make it more interesting and to the point. This paragraph allows you to restate the thesis statement.  

Edit the first draft

Before considering the essay is done, you need to edit the first draft to avoid any sort of inconvenience. Ensure that all the points have been written or not to make sure you leave nothing behind. You must check the overall structure of your essay, and if you find any sort of issue, make it perfect at the moment.  

Read again and again and delete the section which you feel unnecessary. You need to improve the overall presentation of your essay by introducing new vocabulary terms. Another good way of making things happen in a smooth fashion is to hand-over the draft to one of the professionals to make sure there is no problem whatsoever as far as essay write-up is concerned. Once you feel satisfied with what you have done, give yourself a green-signal.

Proofread your essay

You are a human being, not a machine, which is why it is important to proofread your essay to identify the errors and grammatical mistakes. Your essay is done, but the job is just half-done at this stage. What do you need to do here?

  • Revise your essay. A critical analysis is required at this stage to make your essay impeccable and error-free.
  • Check for grammatical mistakes. The grammatical structure has to be spot-on because this determines the sense of your essay. An essay with grammatical errors is considered very poor.
  • Punctuation is something you have to be very certain about. Place full stops and comma where it is needed. Punctuation marks increase the beauty of a write-up, and in essay writing, it is highly recommended to be careful about punctuation.
  • Spelling mistakes are considered no less than a crime. After writing your essay, read it with great responsibility. Your essay is a piece of paper; a lot of people will read and evaluate. So, there is no option of spelling mistakes in an essay; otherwise, your essay will not get desired attention.
  • It is not correct to depend on the spell-checkers to identify the mistakes. In rare cases, you misspell a word, and the word which is misspelled has a meaning as well, which won’t be identified by the spell-checkers.
  • Students often make a very large number of mistakes regarding quotation marks. It is obligatory to cite the sources in a clear manner. Quotation marks will improve the quality of your essay, and rightly placed quotation marks can attract the readers as well.
  • You need to understand the difference between summarizing, quoting, and paraphrasing. Quoting is something that is reserved for a similar sort of text. Paraphrasing is rewriting of large paragraphs in your own words in a way that the concept remains the same. In summarizing, you take the main points of someone’s else text and place it in your own text.
How to write an essay?

The effort pays off

So much goes into the writing of a sound essay. Fortunately, you have this blog, and your efforts will pay off if you seek guidance from this write-up. The worst you can do is copy-paste something to make your essay termed as plagiarized. Do not do this as it is a crime of write up. Try to write in your own words, and the thing you write with effort and research will make an impact on the reader for sure.

You have learned all the necessary tips and tricks on how to write an essay. Write your essay according to the instructions mentioned above, and your essay will be considered unique for sure. By following these strategies, you cannot only get the desired grade, but you can make a mark on your readers, and you can make them a fan of your writing style. We have played our part now; the rest is up to you. CaseProfessors wish you good-luck regarding your essay write-up, and we’re hoping for the best. You have got the information; you have learned the tactics. What are you waiting for? Go and astonish the world!

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