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How To Write Cause And Effect Essay?

10 Nov 2021

As far as the literal world is concerned, a cause and effect essay is required to write by the authors who study cause and effect relationships. This essay is a bit difficult to write as compared to some of the other essays as it needs impeccable writing skills and cognitive reasoning.

What is a cause and effect essay?

A cause and effect essay are academic papers that read the situation and explores the causes. This essay also deals with the effects and the results. For example, if the issue or topic of study is global warming. You are supposed to study the cause of global warming (ozone layer depletion, industrialization or destruction of plants) along with the effects of global warming (increased sea levels, melting of ice caps, etc.)


There are two possible ways of writing cause and effect essays. You can write your cause and effect essay by using a block structure or by using a chain structure. As far as the block structure is concerned, you are supposed to list all the causes first and then your effects. For a chain structure, you have to write the effect immediately after writing the cause.  

Both of these structures have their own pros and cons. The block structure is easy to execute, while the chain structure is cleaner and more authentic.

What has to be the pattern of cause and effect essay?

There are some certain patterns and structures that need to be followed to write one heck of a cause and effect essay in your academic assignment. In this guide, we will let you know how to manage your cause and effect essay. Shall we start? Here is the roadmap;

Make a list of (possible) topics

It is a healthy approach to make a list of all possible topics to select the best one. If you have already assigned a topic by your teacher, you don’t have to follow this step. If the teacher hasn’t assigned a particular topic, you have to look for some options to make sure which one can prove to be successful.  

When you’re supposed to pick a topic on your own, it requires attention, care, and commitment. Make sure not to pre-edit the topics when you are making your list. Write whatever comes to your mind. 

Pick the most suitable topic

Good. You have made your list. Here is the time of selection. We suggest you select a topic you’re aware of already. A topic you’re not aware of can be difficult to handle because you have to write both the causes and effects of a particular topic.  

Choose something you’re interested in. You have to research your topic until your last to extract data that can help you write a different cause and effect essay. Don’t select a topic that is close to your heart but challenging to study. You have to choose a topic you can do justice with as far as the proper research is concerned.


After choosing your topic, plan your ways of writing your cause and effect essay. You may find so many angles to write your cause and effect essay, but you to tick an angle that can prove suitable for drawing the cause and effect relationship.

It is not an easy decision about which angle will prove to be a success. For this purpose, brainstorm keeping in mind the following exercises;

  • Make a certain list. Place cause at one end and effects at the other end
  • Write down all the possible causes of your topic
  • Write down all the possible effects of your topic

With the help of these exercises, you will be able to choose authentic and reliable ones out of all. Select a list that is looking more familiar and easier to execute.

Do your (much needed) research

Even if you have selected the right and appropriate topic and you have the right angles to write your cause and effect relationship, poor research can never make your essay a big story.  

Do your research from some sound sources on which you can rely easily. The more you do your research; the more will be the chances of your success. While conduction your research, read your topic again and again. This will enable you to plan your research in smooth ways. You will be able to cover all the nitty-gritty of a topic with the help of your research.  

A lot depends on your research. The overall impact of your cause and effect essay is dependent on your research. With the help of your research, you will be able to write a very knowledgeable and engaging thesis.

Make your thesis statement

It is compulsory for you to write your thesis statement in your essay. It will be the thesis statement your cause and effect essay will revolve around. Your thesis statement should answer your question. 

Your thesis statement should make your audience knowledgeable. Obviously, it’s your research, but the readers must feel how important it is to study the selected topic. With an astounding thesis statement, you can grab your audience.

Write an outline

The outline of your cause and effect essay depends largely on the instructions of your teacher. An essay having no outline cannot be written in an engaging fashion. The outline can act as a springboard as far as your research for cause and effect essay is concerned. Usually, cause and effect essay consist of five paragraphs, and the outline of such an essay will be;

  • Introduction

This will be the first impression you make on your readers. As we all know, that first impression is the last impression. An introduction will act as the key to success as far as the whole cause and effect essay is concerned.

In your introduction section, make sure to introduce the topic effectively. An introduction is a section where you should explain your topic. You can ask the question to your readers, or you can state a quotation in your introduction to grab the attention of your audience.

  • Supporting Paragraph 1

In your first paragraph, make sure to provide the evidence according to the data you are putting in the first paragraph. This paragraph will set the tone for your cause and effect essay. Make sure to cover one point along with evidence to support that point. Do not try to cover more than one aspect of your topic in a single paragraph.  

  • Supporting paragraph 2

The format of this paragraph must be the same as the first paragraph. Cover the second aspect of your topic in this paragraph and state your pieces of evidence accordingly. Both these paragraphs are essential to prove your point. Your shreds of evidence in your supporting paragraph will let the reader know about the truthfulness of your research and the importance of your essay.

  • Antithesis paragraph

In this segment of your essay, you have to give respect to the opposing’s opinion. Do not disrespect the other side because you’re supporting a certain point. Make sure to give their opinion the respect and then state why your point is more valid. This paragraph is also critical to make sure the readers think you’re on the right side.  

  • Conclusion

The end of a cause and effect essay is as important and decisive as the start of an essay. In this paragraph, you need to sum up all the points to satisfy your readers. You can restate the thesis statement in this section of your cause and effect essay, but make sure to restate with a different style. 

Don’t forget that this is the conclusion, neither introduction nor supporting paragraphs. In this regard, you have to be very careful about what pieces of information have to be in your conclusion section. By reading your essay, your readers have obtained all the necessary knowledge. Don’t make a mistake of rewriting a point you have explained earlier. If you want to do it, make sure to write in a different way.

How To Write Cause And Effect Essay?

Make your first draft

We encourage students to make their draft after writing their cause and effect essay to look for any type of mistake. It is essential to use all the keywords that are required for your essay. This draft can make you think about how you have approached your essay. Once you analyzed what is correct and what is wrong in your cause and effect essay, your essay will be all ready to be a big thing.

Edit your essay

Students think that writing an essay is good enough, and they don’t need to edit it to read it again. This is an error of judgment that can harm you so much in terms of your cause and effect essay. To edit your essay, keep the following things in mind;

  • Make sure to read your essay loudly, and it is suggested to have someone who can listen to you while you are reading your essay.
  • We suggest you to hand-over the essay to an English expert who can point out the mistakes of your essay.
  • You can use the software of proofreading to make sure there is no issue in your essay as far as spellings, and grammatical structure is concerned.

Some helpful tips

We have some tips and tricks which you can use to make sure your cause and effect essay runs successfully. You need to follow the below-mentioned tips;

  • Use easy and simple words

It is easy to read and understand simple language and words. If you use difficult structures, it’ll be tough for the readers to absorb the pieces of information about your essay. Using of unambiguous words are suggested to keep your readers attentive and to make sure they must not lose the interest.

  • Write a very attractive thesis statement

The thesis statement is considered as the core of the heart of a cause and effect essay. Your thesis statement should tell the reader what you really think about a certain and what side you are on. An essay with a boring thesis statement doesn’t get much appreciation from the readers.  

  • Be precise

You have to be sure about what you are writing and don’t overstuff the data with pieces of information that are not required or which is essential to be in your essay. Cover only one point in a paragraph and state the other point in a separate paragraph. You have to remain very much focused on your objective as far as your topic of the essay is concerned.

  • Place your arguments in Order

The important most thing in an essay is the argument. The argument which is strongest of the lot has to be at last. The go and bang theory do not apply to cause and effect essay. Keep a connection in your arguments and arrange them properly in your paragraphs. 

  • Use transition words

Your essay should go with the flow. The transition words can increase the overall beauty of your writing style, which is very it is required to use some transition words. Transition words are otherwise, such as anyhow, whatever, and many more. To fascinate your readers, use these transition words in your sentences.

  • Cite your sources

It is the rule of writing to cite the sources. If you have taken data from somewhere, you need to cite the sources from where the data was obtained. Not because of obligation, but you must cite a source to increase the plausibility of your essay.

Here in this blog, we have told you how to write cause and effect essay. We have not only explained the method, but we have also briefly explained the tips and tricks which can improve the overall status of your essay. If you have an assignment pending on the topic “how to write cause and effect essay?” read this guide and start writing cause and effect essay right now. CaseProfessors know you can do it. Make it happen.

Happy writing!

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