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How To Write A Thesis Statement For A Paper?

10 Nov 2021

We know students get bored after writing so many things and doing so many tasks. Every assignment or presentation has its structure and methodology. There is a certain set of rules of formatting that you need to follow while writing every assignment. Moreover, the professors always look for perfection, which is why students don’t get many marks. When you need to get data on your own, and you need to make it look authentic and appealing in the same way, it can be very challenging for the students. If you are looking for a professional to write your thesis statement or looking to hire a website for thesis writing services, there is no one better than us as we’ll let you know all the nitty-gritty you need to know to write a thesis effectively.

What does a thesis statement mean? That’s the question we’re receiving on a daily basis, and let us tell you in detail. A thesis statement is a sentence that comes at the end of the first paragraph of a research paper (in some rare cases, you may need to write your thesis statement in a different paragraph like in the second paragraph). After reading your thesis statement, the readers must get an idea of what this paper is all about. Your thesis statement must not exceed two sentences. The reason you should not exceed two paragraphs is to keep your reader interested in your research paper. Your thesis statement must be disputable to let your reader reflect and discuss the main topic.

What Is A Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement:

  • Must let the reader know how you will write the interpretation of the topic you’re studying.
  • Should serve as a road map for your research paper, or in other words, must tell the reader what he/she can expect from this paper.
  • Must directly answer a certain question you’ve asked. Basically, a thesis is an interpretation of your topic, not the topic or subject itself.
  • May open a dispute to make it more appealing.
  • Has to be a statement at the start of your paper (usually at the end of your first paragraph) in which you need to give your healthy arguments to your readers. Once you do that, the rest of your paper will be easy for you as you need to provide pieces of evidence to support your thesis.

If you have the instruction regarding the formation of your thesis statement, you need to keep in mind the instruction form your professor from your university. At the start of your draft, make sure to covey the position in a thesis statement. It is obligatory for you as a research paper writer to include a thesis statement in your research paper.  

If you are in any sort of doubt regarding your thesis statement, make sure to consult with your supervisor. Your success rate is greatly depending on the nature of your thesis statement, which is why you should not take it for granted. There are particular cases where you need to make a thesis statement. If you are supposed to compare and contrast, interpret, demonstrate, or need to analyze, you have to make a thesis statement.

How To Write A Thesis Statement For A Paper?

How Do I Know If My Thesis Statement Is Strong?

If you have a good enough amount of time left in your tank, the best way to get to know about the strength of your thesis is to let your instructor read your thesis statement. Even if you are running short of time, you can evaluate your thesis statement on your own. When you are done with your thesis statement, ask yourself the following:

Do I answer the question

This is something you need to be sure about. After writing your thesis statement, make sure to re-read your thesis statement. If you think the thesis statement is efficiently answering the question, you can carry on with the same thesis statement.  

Is it debatable

Your thesis statement has to be argumentative rather than a summary. Whether you are on the opposing side or on the other side, you need to provide a reasonable amount of shreds of evidence to support your thesis. Students often try to prove something in the form of a summary, which isn’t the right approach.  

Is my thesis statement specific and to the point?

When a professor looks for your thesis statement, the thing he analyzes the most is the specificity of your thesis statement. Those thesis statements which are vogue in nature don’t tick most of the boxes in terms of strong arguments. Make sure to come up with an unequivocal thesis statement. Try to cover a single topic and remain focused on that topic.  

Does my thesis have what it takes to pass, “so what?” test?

When the reader reads your content, the thing he’ll be looking for is the answer of this question “so what?” you need to clarify this question to make a good relationship with your audience.  

Does my thesis have what it takes to pass “how and why?” test? “How” and “why” are two questions that are of prime importance while writing your thesis statement. If your reader asks the question like how and why after reading your thesis statement, you need to work on your thesis. Questions like these give the impression that your thesis lacks authenticity.  

Is my thesis statement easily understandable?

You need to pay close attention to whether your thesis and the body of your thesis is going smoothly if you think they’re not, make sure to change at least one of them. There is no issue in changing your thesis statement after figuring out what is required to make your research paper a big thing.

What Are The Best Things You Need To Do To Make Your Thesis Statement Satisfying? 

If you want to make your thesis statement a big story, you need to read the following things. Do the following things to get highest grade in your thesis.  

Define the nature of your paper

Whatever your topic is, make sure to define the kind of your topic to catch the respective audience. There are so many types of papers, which are analytical papers, argumentative papers, expository papers, and many others like that. You have to specify the genera of your topic. Your thesis statement has to be in accordance with the nature of your paper. At first, you need to cover your issue and evaluate it entirely. Secondly, the premise has to be very explanatory in nature. Last but certainly not least, your premise must have the words to convince your targeted audience.  

Start with a question

When you are done with defining the nature of your paper, the next thing you need to do is to write your thesis itself. The best way to write a thesis is to start it with a fascinating question. Now arises the issue, what sort of question has to be at the start of your thesis? Your question has to be very simple and easy to understand to all the readers. You need to give an understandable answer as well to make your thesis look credible and genuine. If you have no idea whatsoever regarding the making of a thesis statement, the best approach is to start with a provoking question.  

Analyze your thesis statement

There is a general rule you need to follow while making your thesis statement, and its that the thesis has to be assertive in nature. Your thesis statement has to answer your question, and it must be debatable as well. If you manage to tick all the boxes in terms of a thesis statement, your thesis statement will get a good chance to convince our readers as well as your professor. After writing your thesis statement, you need to check whether the statement you have written is correct or not.  

Address one issue at a time and make sure to explain it in detail

A thesis statement has to be very specific in order to be more engaging. A thesis statement needs to cover one issue at a time. You need to let the readers know all the possible details of a certain topic. If you are unable to find a direct relationship between the main claim and the core of your paper, you need to revise your thesis. If you go along with the same thesis statement, you won’t get much appreciation, and your research will be considered as unauthentic.  

You have to be spot on with the selection of your words. Use the words which are suitable for your statement. A suitable word could be “because”. Make sure to use firm and definitive language in your thesis. Here, we have started a very good example of a thesis statement, which is, “Victor Hugo significantly changed French literature by touching upon political and social issues in his works.”

How To Write A Thesis Statement For A Paper?

Approach your topic in the best possible way

One of the problems of dissertation writing is that multiple students have explained the topic in the past. The work you are going to do has been in the journals and media, which is why you need to make your work stand-out. The only way to make your dissertation a success story is by implementing a unique approach. Try to explain your topic in a way that hasn’t been discussed in the past by any scientist or a student. We know it isn’t an easy job to write your sound thesis statement, but it can be done with a bit of creativity and imagination.

Write a thesis statement which is possible to prove

Although the premise is usually written at the start of your paper, it can be at the end of your research. We suggest you write your thesis at the very end after writing your paper. The reason we are recommending this is that after writing your paper, you’ll understand every bit of your topic. When you know all the nitty-gritty of your topic, it won’t be an issue for you to formulate your thesis statement. The main claim has to be backed with the help of some very critical evidence. If your paper doesn’t have any pieces of evidence, it doesn’t matter how authentically you have written, and your dissertation will be considered as wrong.  

When you are formulating your thesis statement, don’t hesitate to ask for the bits of help from your mates and to those who have formulated thesis statements in the past. Your moto has to be to get success in your research paper and do whatever you need to do. Look for all the possible sources and select the best out of all.

How To Find Your Point To Write Your Thesis Statement?

If you are looking to develop a perfect thesis statement, you need to have a very circumspection sort of the point of view. Keep one thing in mind, and you are not doing a thing which will matter you; your thesis statement will be read by so many people, which is why you have to be spot-on. When you are formulating your thesis statement or when you are writing a research paper, ask yourself, “will the readers read it?”  

Your thesis statement must have two very exciting parts. First, they must feel excited about what is coming to them. Second, it must serve as a point of reference for your whole paper.  

Think of your thesis statement as a loving mother who always his children to keep them away from any sort of harm or danger. Consider yourself a mother and the readers as your children. You are bound to give them authentic and credible information. It is not a very hectic job, although it needs attention and commitment. Once you read this guide, the thesis statement writing will be a child’s play for you.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help

If you have found this blog very useful, thank us later and start writing your thesis statement. Well, as a matter of fact, it is always easier to tell how to do something rather than making it happen. Whenever you need help in terms of thesis writing, thesis statement writing, you are then welcome to land on our website and read those guides. In case you find something out of the box, don’t hesitate to drop a message. If you want the help of our professional writers, we are always here for your assistance. Contact us 24/7.

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