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Argumentative Research Paper Topics

10 Nov 2021


Like a name gives identity to anything, just like that, essays are identified by their topics and titles. Starting is regarded as the most difficult part of the text, but selecting a topic even precedes it. This task takes a lot of time, and sometimes the power of imagination doesn’t help.

Creating a research topic is either done by scratch which is based on interests, goal or purpose of research, the aim of the study and brainstorming or it is done by the help of inspirations which can be taken from various sources which include topic lists, real-life experiences, news or headlines, published papers, etc.

Interesting topics demand hard work, and time is produced. One needs to put the right amount of effort, and the right set of skills to create interesting topics that stimulate the inquisitiveness of the readers in order to make them go through the paper.

Inspiration from interests

One might be confused while selecting a topic to write on. When this situation arises, never hesitate to look into your interests. Writing a creative essay requires an interesting topic that can only be produced by getting inspiration from your personal interests.

If one has the opportunity to write an essay of their own choice, it further provides a chance to make our essay unique, and one should never lose it. Make a list of your interests; this way, you can create an essay topic easily, after making a list cut short your interests into short topics. Having the list right in front of your eyes will make all the ideas and interests visible.

Now looking at the list, you should examine different topics and ideas which you have enlisted. At the end, choose one preferable aspect of the enlisted ideas and interests.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Data for the main body

Just like a topic, the main body also holds the same amount of importance. Once you have shortlisted a few topics for your research paper, you need to check for the appropriate information regarding your topic.

Sometimes a sufficient amount of information is not available, which leads the author tor a dead end. That is why we at CaseProfessors suggest you always check for a sufficient amount of information. One can check online and as well as offline from various books and research papers.

Types of research questions

There are three main types of research questions that are present in a research paper writing topic. These types are mentioned below:

  • Descriptive

Descriptive type of research questions mainly focusses on the description of the phenomenon, events, subjects, and various characteristics. These are used to reveal various details and aspects which are interesting and important.

  • Casual

The casual questions focus on the direct and indirect relationship of various factors. These are used to find out what happens to one variable by changing the other.

  • Comparative

Comparative questions are more concerned about the comparisons of different factors present in the research.  

Features of a good research paper topic

The following features characterize a good research topic:

  • Specific & solid

The research purpose and the expected results should be clear, specific, and firm.

  • Original

Always keep it original. Create it by yourself; it should define its unique nature about the research which has not been conducted before.

  • High significance

It should sound impactful for the community and for society. It should be professional, defining its significance.

  • Relevance

The topic should always be relevant to the research to make it reflect the main theme of the research.

  • Trending

A trending topic is always an interesting topic as it touches the new trends and latest unexplored potential of various researches.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Search for a good argumentative essay topic

A good argumentative topic has its own features, which makes it stand-out. There is a set method which used to search and create good argumentative topics, a few of those are mentioned below:

  • Different samples and examples are available online for the students and all those individuals who are interested in writing an argumentative essay.
  • One should always consider his/her own problems and obstacles which they have faced along their way to the present state.
  • You need to start your search by considering a specific quality and then filling it up with your experience.
  • You need to build your argumentative topic on the base of interesting topics rather than the same old topics and outdated information.
  • Surprises and unexpected topics should always be given weightage.

Searching for a good argumentative essay topic is a task that requires patience. Students often find it hard to figure out where do they need to start their search. One can start his/her search by picking up a quality which can be active, smart, lazy, intelligent or curious, etc. and then defining it with the help of real-life examples, this can also include your own real-life experiences.

You should try looking at the surprising or unexpected topic. Brainstorm a bit and try to remember different incidents that have happened to you, this will inspire you to build an interesting argumentative topic.

Building an argumentative essay topic

The readers are always attracted to an interesting topic. It is observed in various argumentative essay examples that the topics should be chosen, which are related to the interest of the writer; this, in turn, makes it easy for the writer to put down his/her thoughts and becomes attractive for the reader as well.

People are always keen to know unique traits about you, tell them about a specific characteristic of yours, which might seem to be odd to you but makes you different from others. It can be having a great sense of humor while working on something on a serious project.

One needs to build an argumentative research topic around an interesting subject, or the readers will get bored and might lose their interest in your essay. You need to make it catchy.  

While making it unique, do not forget to conduct small research before creating your topic, either it is online or from a book. You should get inspiration by going through the ideas of various other authors and researchers. This will also help you to improve your style of writing and your expression.

You can also look into the problems that you have had; your problems can provide you with an exciting story to write.

Examples of a few argumentative essay topics

It is always better to consult some examples as they can help us in providing a better understanding of the argumentative research topics. The topics which we will discuss are from different subject backgrounds; these are essay topics for college students.

Do College graduates make more money?  

This topic clearly highlights the main theme of the essay. We can see that it reflects the importance of education for earning a living, but it also raises an argument regarding the significance of education while making money. We can clearly observe how catchy it is. It sounds more like a tagline than a random topic.

What makes it more interesting is the way it portrays itself. This topic is about education and employment, but while taking a first look at it, it makes you think about making money, which obviously stimulates a reader to give it a look. It is short and smart at the same time.

Should more films about environmental issues be produced?

Some topics raise questions regarding major concerns in a cunning way. This topic raises voice for the environmental issues, but it sounds more like a taunting statement that directly asks the audience about the seriousness of the environmental problems.

Topics like these are more attractive compared to the other topics as they are bold and make the readers curious. This essay will argue about the significance of environmental issues and how serious we are about it. It will talk about the role of the films being made on the environment and how have they helped in shaping the views of the people regarding environmental losses.

This is a very interesting essay topic for college students, which helps build an argument over the waste of resources and the production of unaffecting and unresponsive films on the environment.

Is it necessary to forbid using animals for entertainment?

Humorous essay topics for college students hold a unique position because of the fun element in them. Writers, as well as readers, find these essays really interesting. This topic is clearly entertaining, as is the genre of this essay.

Indeed, the theme of the essay goes along its topic, and this makes it an effective topic. This topic talks about the animals but also hints on their use in the entertainment industry. It raises an issue of deep concern but also gives a humorous touch to the argument.

Topics like these are unique in their own self, which is why the readers are always attracted to them. Just reading the title makes you stick to the essay because of the curiosity and interest it stimulates.

What world would be like wars?

Topics which stimulate imagination helps the reader to indulge in the essay. These topics are formulated by keeping the target audience in mind. It makes the reader read the essay until the end just to check if the ending relates to the imagination of the reader, which was implanted into the mind of the reader by the topic of the essay.

Such topics make the reader stick to the literature, and it eventually develops the interest of the reader. This topic, which argues about a world without wars, clearly makes us want to imagine a peaceful world. It also makes us question how would that be possible and how it would like to be there in a world without wars.

How will self-driving cars change the way people live?

Topics that are related to science and technology naturally have a sense of attraction as they talk about new things and advancement in the field of science and as well as in society. One can make the topic more interesting by putting in the keywords which are focused on the theme of the essay.

Self-driving cars are being developed by various organizations and researchers all around the globe, and arguing about their impact on the lives of people makes it strong as a topic. Impacts and factors increase the efficiency of the topic; it defines the theme of discussion, which is being carried out in the essay.

Can business be started without money?

Doesn’t it make you inquisitive to know that business could be started without money? Obviously, it does. This is how the writers put in a position where you cannot take your eyes and your mind off a specific topic or an essay.

A statement that seems unreal will always grab your attention; it makes you dig into the essay, makes you find out the end result. It makes the essay a mystery for the reader. That is why it is suggested to keep a mystery in your topic so the reader may be tempted to explore it through your essay.

The theme behind this topic is about starting a business with minimal investment. It builds an argument on the grounds of taking the initiative and small start-ups. It will motivate the mass audience to engage in healthy business activities.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

What is the most effective military strategy of all time?

Historical topics with a blend of strategic discussion make it grab your attention like no other topic. This is another catchy and smart topic which grabs the reader's attention to keep him indulged in the topic and to provide him/her with a good reason to go through the essay.

This is an effective way to convert a boring topic into a smart and tempting read. Readers will be tempted to know about the military strategies of all times, and with this, they will be able to go through history.

Subjects like history can also be made fascinating by creating a brilliant argumentative topic for the essays of college students.

Why do authors use metaphors and similes?

A topic related to literature can also be modified in a beautiful way to make the readers stay. A random argument between similes and metaphors is converted into a curious discussion that will help the reader in finding out the reason behind the use of these grammatical tools.  

Having the right set of tools can even convert a random theme into a fun-filled, interesting, and mystery filled essay. The balance should always be maintained, and the element of surprise does the rest.


Every element of an essay is equally important, whether it be the title, introduction, main body, or conclusion. A writer needs to maintain balance in his/her approach towards the write-up. Indeed, the topic holds immense importance because it is that specific component of an essay, which leads the very first impression on the reader.

Argumentative research papers tempt and stimulate the reader by its topic. Putting in the right ingredients like an element of surprise, some unexpected statement, the key idea, a touch of mystery, and the right words will do the job. Don’t forget to follow our tips and set of methods for formulating your desired essay and research paper topic.

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