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How To Write A Dissertation Introduction?

10 Nov 2021

Although an introduction is a section of a dissertation that appears at the start of every dissertation, it is suggested to write it at the very last to make sure you know everything about your topic. It is compulsory to start your dissertation with a strong beginning to grab your readers. In your introduction, you need to set the stage for your research. With a clear focus and direction, you can write an astonishing introduction to your dissertation.

When you are writing an introduction for your dissertation, you are supposed to provide only essential pieces of information. Remember, your introduction is not a detailed overview of your entire dissertation. Here, you will discuss some key points along with discussing the expectations of your research or project.

It is suggested to write an introduction after completing your dissertation. The reason to use this methodology is that after writing your dissertation and after conducting your research, you will become familiar with all the nitty-gritty of your topic. If you manage to cover the scope of your research in your introduction section, that will be a huge plus for you.

If we talk about the purpose of writing the introduction, you need to let your readers know why the research is crucial, what you are about to write in your dissertation, and how will you approach this topic. These are some of the questions that you need to answer while writing your introduction to your dissertation. Make sure to define every aspect of your topic, and if you think a term needs to define, you are obliged to define that term.

What Is A Dissertation Introduction?

A dissertation introduction is an opening chapter or starting point of a dissertation or a research paper. A dissertation introduction needs to cover some points like the subject, an unambiguous problem statement, and an overview of the future work.

Most of the students often skip writing a problem statement, which is absolutely unacceptable. The three parameters we have told in the definition are the basis for any introduction, and as a student, you are compelled to cover those three points in your dissertation if you want to get a higher grade or want to make an impact with your research.

Why Is It Significant To Write An Introduction?

Basically, your introduction is a sort of recap of your dissertation. If you are looking to commercialize your dissertation, your introduction can get the job done to commercialize your dissertation. It is legitimate to add only credible data in your introduction because your reader will be judging you by reading your introduction. If there is a presence of authentic data, there is a good enough chance that your introduction will stand tall among all other dissertation’s introductions.  

There is another reason to add an introduction to your dissertation, and it is to catch your reader’s attention. Most of the readers don’t read the entire dissertation because it requires a lot of time and determination to read the whole dissertation. People usually read an introduction and conclusion to get an idea of what the research is all about. 

The supervisor or scrutiny committee will read your introduction at first. If they find scientific and practical relevance of your dissertation in your introduction, they will take your dissertation seriously. The best way to check the relevance of any dissertation is to read the introduction chapter. That’s why; it can be very decisive for a student to make a mark on the basis of the introduction. The entire dissertation depends largely on the introduction chapter.

How To Write A Dissertation Introduction?

There isn’t a specific structure available that you can follow to write an introduction for your dissertation. The best thing you can do to write your dissertation is to consult with your supervisor and institute and ask them about the rules they have established for writing an introduction for a dissertation. In general, the introduction covers only 7% of your total dissertation. Keeping in mind the ratio, you can make yourself aware of how much data you need to add in your introduction.

If you want to study in detail, let us give you an idea. An introduction is about covering all the headings and subheadings of your dissertation. If you are confused about what to add and what to skip in your introduction chapter, we recommend you have a look at headings and subheadings, and you will be able to write an amazing introduction for your dissertation.

How To Write A Dissertation Introduction?

Here are some steps that you can follow to write your dissertation introduction:

Introduce the topic along with the context

When you start writing an introduction for your dissertation, the first thing you need to do is to define and introduce your topic. For example, if your dissertation topic is “Effect of coconut water on hypertension and related disorders,” you need to define what coconut water is. After the successful definition of coconut water, you need to define hypertension. Make sure to write a bit about the disorders which are related to hypertension.  

Make sure to provide a little background on your topic. Keep one thing in mind, your dissertation is a scientific form of writing and only scientifically proved data has to be in your dissertation introduction. Make sure to let the readers know why it is far-reaching to study this topic. You are also supposed to make them aware of new and relevant news about your topic. That’s the best way to introduce the topic, and that’s how you can kick off writing your dissertation introduction emphatically.  

Narrow down your focus

When you are writing a dissertation introduction, you need to narrow down your focus to answer some specific questions. For example, you need to explain what demographics or communities you are researching. Moreover, you need to explain the genera of your dissertation. If you are working on a topic, it is impossible for you to cover the entire topic. You need to state what particular areas or aspects you are studying and researching regarding your topic. Another question that needs to be answered is how and when you will do your research.

After the successful introduction of your topic and providing background, you need to narrow your focus to answer these kinds of questions, which we have written in the upper paragraph. Patience is the key to success as far as the dissertation introduction is concerned. Don’t rush at this stage because your dissertation depends upon the data of your introduction.  

Show the relevance of your research

In order to show the relevance of your research, you need to explain your rationale for conducting your research. You should also write about the relevance of your research to existing work, along with some future insights as well. You need to decide whether your dissertation has social or practical relevance. Once you get that answer, you need to write an introduction accordingly.  

When you are showing the relevance of your research, you can give a brief overview of the literature. You can cite the sources of literature to show the current state of your topic. A brief explanation of the literature will make your research more relevant and credible. If you want to conduct surveys to get in-depth knowledge, you can do that as well.

In order to make your relevance clear, explain how your dissertation:

Helps solve a problem

You can tell the world how your research and work can help to solve the current problem. If you think your research is good enough to bring a positive change in this society, make sure to write about it. If your research manages to solve the problem, it will be considered as meaningful.  

Address a gap in the literature

When you are conducting research, you can get to know about the gaps in the literature. Nothing in this world is perfect. If you think there are some loopholes and gaps in the literature, make sure to write about them. It is absolutely okay to cover the gap in the literature, and this can make your research lot more relevant and a lot more paramount.  

Builds on existing research

You can build on existing research as well to prove the relevance of your research. Try your level best with your own research and try to compare your research with some existing researches. This will enable you to draw a connection that will lead you to prove the relevance of your research.  

Bring uniqueness

If you have conducted sound research, you must have found some new aspects related to your topic. Bring your creativity into play and write how you have found some new aspects. Don’t look from any journal or from previous research. If you have managed to understand a topic in a different way, it will make your research relevant.  

Write about your aims and objectives

When you are writing an introduction for your dissertation, you need to write about the aims and objectives of your research. When we talk about aims, it has to be what you tried to find out. State your aim first and then write about the objectives. Your aim must be what to find, and your objective will be how to find out.  

Aims of your research are more like a research question. Whereas the objectives are more specific and on the basis of your objectives, you tell your readers how you find the answers you were looking for during your research.  

Overview of your dissertation structure

To end your introduction section, make sure to write about the overall structure of your dissertation. You need to summarize each chapter of your dissertation in a way that can be easy to understand for all the readers. Remember we have told you to look for headings and subheadings of your dissertation; this is where that technique will come into play.  

It is recommended not to add too much data while you are summarizing. Try to cover the content of every chapter in a few sentences. Summarizing your dissertation depends greatly on the structure of your dissertation. If you have conducted a very complicated study and it is impossible for you to sum up in a few sentences, you can make a paragraph for elaborating a complete chapter of your dissertation.

Useful tips for writing a stunning dissertation introduction

Writing a dissertation introduction isn’t a child’s play. You need to be aware of so many tips and tricks if you want to write an absurd and fanciful dissertation introduction. Here we have some tips for you that you can follow to write a mesmerizing dissertation introduction. Some of the tips are given below:

Start with the eye-catching sentence

As we all know, the first impression is the last impression. Your first sentences or your first statement has to be very engaging, so your readers can think about reading your dissertation introduction. The opening statement must be easily understandable. Don’t put any jargon word or a complex word in your opening sentence.  

Don’t make it too much extensive

Don’t drag your introduction. We have explained earlier that your introduction will be 7% of your total dissertation. If you try to drag your introduction to put more data in your dissertation introduction, it will reduce the brevity of your research. A reader reads an introduction to getting an idea about the theme and nature of a dissertation. Keep one thing in mind; your introduction is like a “preface” of the novel. Keep it as short as you can without losing interest.  

Add credible data

A dissertation is a scientific form of writing, which is why any piece of information that is not credible ad reliable cannot be there in a dissertation. When you are writing an introduction for your dissertation, add only scientifically proved and credible data. Make sure to state facts in their original form. When you are writing a dissertation, you are obliged to write everything in its original and authentic form. You cannot change the meaning of a sentence according to your feasibility.  

Avoid verbosity

If there is verbosity in your introduction, most of the reader won’t read your dissertation, even your introduction. The language you are using must be easy to understand. If there are some difficult terms in your topic, make sure to explain them and define them entirely. A dissertation introduction is like a doorway to a dissertation, which is why you must not allow verbosity to spoil the show for you. Keep your language as simple as possible to make it easy for the readers to pass that door to enter your dissertation.  

Don’t discuss

just introduce: In an instruction, you cannot discuss any outcome. Your introduction must look like an introduction and not as a descriptive paragraph. In your introduction section, you are supposed to introduce the overall idea of your dissertation. If you try to explain your dissertation in your introduction, it will lose interest for sure.  

Give your 100%

If you think you can write your introduction in a couple of hours, we suggest you rethink this. An introduction will take a lot of time and commitment at the same time to make it appealing and engaging. You cannot write your dissertation in a night or in a couple of hours, even after conducting your research on your own. Make sure to give yourself enough time to write it impeccably.

How To Write A Dissertation Introduction?

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