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Evaluation Essay – the need of the modern world

02 Aug 2021

Have you ever written this type of essay before? Do you know how to write one for your college or your university life? If you are looking for a guide on how to write an evaluation essay, this is the blog you should read. An evaluation essay is a bit different from an ordinary essay because it requires lots of skills to write it flawlessly. Just reasonable writing techniques cannot get the job done, and you have to be astonishing at your research in order to write an evaluation essay. Making a thesis statement is necessary to even start working on an evaluation essay. Your entire evaluation essay will revolve around the thesis statement.

This blog will serve as a guide to those who are looking for some sort of assistance regarding evaluation essay writing. Here, we will introduce you to the term evaluation essay, the difference between the review and evaluation essay, and the steps you can use in order to write an amazing evaluation essay. Shall we start?

Introduction of an Evaluation Essay

An evaluation essay is a critical way of writing your point of view or statement about your chosen subject. Its main purpose or function is to elaborate an enriched overview of the quality of a particular subject, service, business, or any other thing like that. An evaluation essay may be containing an opinion about anything you are going to write, but you have to make this opinion a thesis statement with supporting arguments so that your readers don’t perceive your evaluation essay in the way of opinionated review. A good evaluation essay must be unbiased, real, and reasonable.  

Review and an Evaluation Essay; what’s the difference?

You must have listened about the controversy between a review and evaluation essay writing. Some people or writers come up with the idea that writing a review and the evaluation essay is the same thing. But in reality, an evaluation essay is something more than the review. A review is usually just commentary or your response on any subject such as a book, movie, or a play without any specific argument or a debate. Moreover, you can also say that review on anything doesn’t involve your personal experience, or it is only a brief description of any chosen subject. But the Evaluation essay sums up and provides your audience with your personal assessment and detailed pieces of evidence defending your thesis statement.

Summary of the steps of writing an evaluation essay

For an appreciable evaluation essay, you must pay heed from the very first step of writing it e.g., the very first step in writing an evaluation essay is the selection of the topic. You must have listened that the strong base makes the strength of the building. So, be very picky in choosing the topic for your evaluation essay, relying on some considerable standards that will be discussed later in this blog. 

Like choosing a topic or subject, there are some other very important steps that anybody, while writing an evaluation essay, must understand and follow. Like,

  • Having sufficient criteria supporting your thesis statement or the main theme of your essay.
  • Having comprehensive examples along with the pieces of evidence or arguments that will have the upgraded potential in convincing your targeted audience or your readers.
  • While writing an evaluation essay, keep in mind that your audience is your main strength, and their votes will make your statement or point of view, worthy or valuable.
  • At the end of an evaluation essay, you must conclude the things swiping all the points into a paragraph and restating your main theme.

In this blog, having a topic of how to write an evaluation essay, you will find appreciable and comprehensive detailed information on the crucial steps of writing it and some key-points that must be considered.     

Crucial Steps while writing an Evaluation Essay

Before going towards the writing steps to follow, you must know some related terms regarding an evaluation essay, or you can say that these are the core elements of an argumentative or evaluation essay on which a sample of essays can be graded or leveled. There are three main key elements that include:

  • Criteria
  • Judgment
  • Evidence

1. Criteria or criterion

A criterion is a term that is related to a standard or some principles upon which a subject is judged or evaluated. In other words, in the case of an evaluation essay, it may involve the comparison. For example, consider that you are judging the service of a restaurant. Before judging the services, you must set a standard. That standard may be any other high or better quality restaurant other than your targeted one. The standards may also involve your own choices or personal preferences. So, before criticizing any subject either positively or negatively, you must have to set the criteria or standards. Without any valuable criteria or standard, your evaluation essay would lack the quality and may be of little use. 

2. Judgment

Judgment is your own thesis statement or your observation that you are going to support in your evaluation essay. It is done on the basis of the criteria you have set. Basing on the previous example of the restaurant, you may judge the services of a restaurant and give your thesis statement that they were either down or up-graded. You may also grade them as poor, good, or excellent supporting with your personal arguments. 

3. Evidence

Evidence is the argument or the example that you use to support your thesis theme or judgment. More the pieces of evidence supporting your thesis statement, the more will be the reader’s credibility or inclination towards your point of view. There must be a sufficient number of pieces of evidence supporting your own thesis statement. 

valuation Essay – the need of the modern world

Note: These three things make the strength of an Evaluation Essay. The quality of these three may judge the overall quality of your evaluation essay. Keep in mind again that a good evaluation essay happens only when you are able to give a comprehensive and descriptive statement and succeeds in engaging the interest of the readers. 

Six Steps for writing a good Evaluation essay

For writing an evaluation essay, you should follow the following steps:

1. Choose a well-directed and comprehensive topic

We have also discussed this point very earlier in this blog that it is the start of the essay, and you must be careful about that. For a good evaluation essay, the topic that you choose;

  • It must be comprehensive so that you can find as much as pieces of evidence supporting your main argument.
  • Shouldn’t be very broad lest you may not reach the target analysis or your main thesis statement
  • Must be confined or well-directed so that you may not astray while collecting the pieces of evidence
  • Prefer the topic that you have researched and studied much to write about it
  • Prefer the topic you are already familiar with

2. Writing a thesis statement

A thesis statement is the soul of your essay that if you lack the quality while writing this point in your essay, your whole essay will go weak quality-wise. In it, you have to state the criteria upon which you are judging and making your thesis statement. In criteria, you will judge the subject and write about the value of it. Your thesis statement must be to the point. 

3. Set the criteria upon which you are going to evaluate

You must set more than 3 or 5 criteria to make your thesis statement or essay more appealing and interesting. It will vary depending on what you are going to evaluate. For example, the benchmarks for evaluating a movie will be different than the benchmarks for a clothing brand evaluation. 

4. Find the supporting pieces of evidence

You can’t go with just your personal opinion while writing an evaluation essay. You must have to support your criteria and thesis statement with credible, argumentative, and reasonable pieces of evidence to win the reliability of the audience. 

5. Make a draft of your essay

First, write your essay on a rough paper and make a draft of it. Once you have written down your essay, it will be more convenient for you to restructure and shape it.  

6. Revise and Rewrite

After making the first draft of your essay, you must re-read it to extract the weak points and making it up to an upper level. Revise it, find the mistakes, and after re-shaping, rewrite it to just get it down in the final form.

valuation Essay – the need of the modern world

It can be concluded that an evaluation essay is something more than a review by having more evidenced and comprehensive discussions. For a beginner, this blog must help at the very first sight of his/her in a definitive manner on how to write an evaluation essay with simple six basic steps and three key elements of criteria, judgment, and pieces of evidence.   

CaseProfessors have tried our level best to make your familiar with the term evaluation essay and how to write one. If you have nobody to assist you to write this essay for your academic life or for your job, here is a guide for you. You can read this, and at the end of reading this blog, you will be able to amaze you by writing an evaluation essay on your own. Pick your pen and paper, set your table, and get the ball rolling. We have got you covered.

Happy writing!

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