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Explanatory Essay – step to write and useful tips

17 May 2024

Writing Essays has been too hectic and an attention-demanding job for any student. In any student’s academic career like you, essays are the assignment allotted to you by your instructor. This overwhelming pressure of essay writing may be due to the confusion that any student faces. The main territory of confusion is understanding the Essay’s structure on how to write it.

Essay writing is mostly considered by your professors when you are in high school, college, or a research institute. There is not any single type of essay, but a lot; you can say a huge variety of it. One of these essays is the Explanatory Essay that you are commanded to write by your professors about the given topic. It’s a bit different from other ones. Let’s have a deep insight into its structure on our site.

Have you been assigned to write such an explanatory essay and facing a stressed null? Then no need to worry! Here’s on our website we will completely guide you that how to write an Explanatory Essay turning you into a comfort zone.

In this blog, we will describe to you that what is an explanatory essay? Methods and steps of writing it along with the magic tips for your essay to be an excellent one.

What is an Explanatory Essay?

First of all, before going into the definition of this essay, keep in mind that an explanatory essay is also known as an informative or expository essay. If your instructor asked to write an expository essay, then don’t go towards the distinction because both things mean the same. And you can follow the same steps and stages of writing an explanation essay for the expository essay. Now, have a look at what does it really mean?

An expository or explanatory essay is an essay that involves the explanation of your assigned or self-chosen topic. This essay type doesn’t involve the argumentative essay structure intended to convince the audience to come on your point. It simply involves the discussion of different attributes of your essay’s topic. It sounds a bit easy to explain and not arguing the things but sometimes becomes difficult to carry on with a single arrow towards the goal.

Explanatory Essay

What makes the difference?

You may have gone through many types of essays like evaluation essay, the synthesis essay, or the argumentative essay like that. In all these essay types, you provide your thesis statement and persuade your audience with differently angled evidence supporting your claim.  

But in case of the expository essay type, you don’t need to argue or debate anymore. In this type, the thing you only need is to keep the simple essay structure but on the focused route of explaining the topic and not proving your claim.

In this essay, you won’t adopt proving the positive or negative sides of the aspect but will make the things easy and understandable for your readers. Moreover, you let your readers come up with their personal conclusion on the topic you’ve explained. Summing up in a sentence, that you don’t convince the audience but let them create their own conclusion or claim.

Overall description

The explanatory or expository essay is a special form of writing that demands a corresponding and important framework of the structure. The structure should be designed and directed well to meet the requirements and expectations of your professor. You have to provide all the possible and relevant information in your essay about the given topic. Don’t forget that you must never argue a standpoint and persuade.  

Steps to follow while writing an Explanatory essay

Extra tips for Quality Enhancement 

Before writing an essay as an academic assignment, some pre-requisites are to be followed for an essay not to be less than excellent. Explanatory writing is a question of skills. Every student must gain these skills to impress his instructor. Skill is what that involves practice, but if you didn’t find enough time to practice, then the following extra tips for an outstanding essay will work for you. These writing tips include:

  1. Length of the essay
  2. The topic selection
  3. Pre-writing the known facts
  4. Deep Research about the topic
  5. Collecting information
  6. Valid sources
  7. Designing an effective outline
  8. Use of transitional words
  9. Use of anecdote, statistics, a bold fact or a prompt quotation
  10. Scope of the essay
  11. Lining up the topic sentences
  12. Revision and correction

In addition to the basic structure of the essay, these are some side to side tips that can unbelievably increase the authenticity of your expository essay if used properly. Now there will be the explanation of these points described to you below:

Length of the essay

It is a very dainty point that should be given proper attention. The length of the essay is highly graded by your instructor when it exceeds the limit. The length of the essay must be by the nature of the topic. Your essay’s length must not be too long for a person to be bored but must be comprehensive. Keep in mind that as it is your assignment so you must have to follow the directed instructions by your institute. When you are searching for a standard essay length, then five paragraphs – 3 body paragraphs, and the remaining for an introduction and conclusion each is mandatory. It is an easy and convenient structure for a simple informative essay.  

The other benefits of this structure are that it is quite obvious, simple to compose, and follow.  

The topic selection

If we talk about the allotted assignments, then the topics are given by professors, and you don’t choose yourself. Under the situation, you have to follow that way. But when it is up to you to choose the topic of your expository essay; you must keep these points in mind:

  • Choose such a topic that appeals to the mental state of your targeted audience and satisfies their taste buds
  • Pick such a topic on which a well informative and far-reaching essay could be composed
  • A topic that engages the interest not only of the people but also of you; as you would work dedicatedly only when you are completely overwhelmed by it
  • Choose the topics that are circulating ones in society like social media usage
  • The last and most important point; choose that topic on which you can write well and comprehensively and has some information already about it. In other words, a well-known niche to you can grab your evolving ideas well.

Pre-writing the known facts

Choose a topic that is pre-known to you. Next to the topic selection, comes the point of securing already know information and evolving thoughts through your pen on to paper. Pre-writing the known facts before the thorough writing of an essay is essential. It is near possible that you may lose a few of them.

After writing the facts on the paper, save them in your drawer and withdraw it before just starting your essay writing. It will also help you to draw out a potent outline structure.  

Deep Research about the topic

Once you’ve selected your topic and write down all the known facts about it then it’s next to gather more information and supporting facts in the context of your thesis statement. For that purpose, you have to search for your topic on the internet. You may also search for it in a library groping the book of your interest.  

While searching your topic, you must gather an adequate amount of the supporting events, quotes, and statistics as well. These things will help you not only to elucidate your points about the claim but also emphasize them. Don’t add such things in your essay that are irrelevant to the topic.  

Collecting information

Extract the valid information from the researched stuff. The information about the topic must be comprehensive, illustrative, and well-supporting the thesis statement. Following characteristics of the collected information must be fulfilled:

The collected information for an informative essay must be:

  • Accurate
  • Complete
  • Unique
  • Consistent
  • Evidence-based
  • Unbiased or impartial
  • Credible and trusted

Valid Sources

Always select valid and authentic platforms as information sources.

It is important to be considered as if any question arises about the authenticity of your mentioned stuff, and there will be the availability of references.

A single more tip that can enhance quality is to mention the references of the sources from which the information was taken. But it is not necessary. Furthermore, if you are adding a quote or a saying in your evidence, then you can add the name of the writer below on one side. If mentioning any event, you can add one or two lines at the beginning about its occurrence and relevancy.

Designing an effective outline

At this step, you begin to move towards the thorough writing of the essay. But here you gather the essence and the pillars for the essay processing or development. Designing and formatting a potent outline is very important for a quality essay.

Explanatory Essay

It is the next step to gathering information and the research procedure. A well-defined outline structure ensures the success and the effectiveness of the writing. In this section, you have to draw either the framework or brief essay structure in the following way:

1) An introduction

That involves the thesis statement or the whole script for the essay. But when outlining, just put the key points in the introduction block. There’s only a single paragraph in the case of any essay regarding the introduction.  

2) Body paragraphs

These body paragraphs involve the sub-themes supporting the central idea. As you are writing the expository essay, so you won’t argue at all in anybody paragraph. When you are writing the body paragraphs, the number of these may vary. You can also exceed the standard of 3 body paragraphs for any essay. But keep in mind must not be less than 3. In the outline framework, the body paragraphs will also contain bold facts or key points.      

3) The conclusion

The conclusion paragraph is usually the last paragraph of the essay. It is the summarization of all facts and figures described in the whole essay. It also must contain the thesis statement but rephrased and brief.  

Benefits of designing an outline

  • An outline structure keeps you on the way you want to go.
  • It also saves and protects the important points you want to elaborate on in your paper.
  • It helps you to keep in lane and well-directed towards the essay’s management.

Use of transitional words

Effective use of transitional words makes the shape of your essay. It helps you not to jump from one point to another that can create a gap and spoils the essay's beauty. Moreover, these words take you smoothly from one aspect to the other. Some of these transitional words are  

  • However,
  • Finally,
  • Therefore,
  • As a result,
  • Similarly,
  • On the other hand, and many others like that. You can use the phrase of your choice to create suitable links between the mentioned information.

Use of anecdote, statistics, a bold fact, or a prompt quotation

Use of anecdote, statistics, bold fact, or a quotation is important to use in the introduction to catch the writer’s eye. These terms refer to:

  • An anecdote is any short story about a real event that is described in a few sentences.
  • Statistics involves the facts and figures about any event or a term.
  • While a bold fact may involve the universally accepted idea or it may also involve the universal truth.
  • A quotation can be the saying of a philosopher or a writer who has written in the context of your topic.

These are mostly used at the beginning of the introduction. To create an impressive introduction, use these parameters in the introduction paragraph.

Explanatory Essay

Scope of the essay

It is not essential to use but sometimes used in the introduction. There are such situations in which you have to give a scope of the essay. The scope of the essay means the confinement of the essay topic or focus. When you give a scope of your thesis statement, it means that you are omitting the explanation of a specific, confined aspect.  

For Example, if you have to explain the impacts of a specific drug, you give scope that you won’t go towards its composition.  

Lining up the topic sentences

Topic sentences are the first sentences written at the beginning of the body paragraphs. These sentences must be navigating towards the main thesis statement. For an explanatory essay, in these sentences, you just have to give the supporting facts and interpreting them through further evidence. In each separate body paragraph, you revolve around its specific topic sentence through different statements.

Revision and correction

It is the last step in which you check the credibility and confirm the final form of the essay. You have to revise your essay and do the corrections where needed.

These were a few tips to improve your essay quality. We always provide you the best as our site and writers care about your grades in the way as you do.

Major steps in writing an Explanatory Essay

The major and the damn basic steps for writing the explanatory essay are few. But these are more important to structure a well-managed essay as it makes the foundation. Here, we will provide you this crucial base for sanding your essay on hard feet and strong foundation. The steps are below with the sequential numbers that what to do before and what after. The extra tips would be summarized in these:

Basic 6 steps process

1. Pre-writing step

In this step, you have to make the outline structure along writing all the collected and know information into one big solution. The outline can be a flowchart, a brief essay summary, or a framework. The information in the outline structure must be organized in a logical and impressive sequence.  

Furthermore, while making the outline, you brainstorm to collect more evolving and impressive ideas relevant to your topic. Mainly, you work on the outline to come up with an impressive, unbiased, and a rational thesis statement.  

2. Making the thesis statement

Once you’ve made your thesis statement, you have to write further the introduction. As you are writing your thesis statement for an expository essay, so it must not be argumentative, debating, or biased. For a possible thesis statement, it must be very clear and irrefutable without containing your persuading personal opinion. A good thesis statement is usually covered in a 5 paragraph essay structure with strong management.  

3. The Introduction

It is the very first paragraph of your essay that you must align in a well and impressive way. As it is the first paragraph to be read by the readers or your professors, it must be dominating and far-reaching. The main part of your introduction is your thesis statement, usually described in the last paragraph. Sometimes, it is also managed by giving a suitable scope at the very last of the introduction. You must have known about the scope of what it is? As we’ve described earlier.

Your thesis statement is what is controlling the whole essay's appearance and direction. So be careful about the validity, uniqueness, and richness of your thesis statement. Some other points that can make your introduction more appealing are to start your introduction with a sudden impression. Such a sudden impression can be created by;

  • Bold fact
  • An anecdote
  • A quotation or a saying
  • Statistical figures
  • Or asking a question

The introductory paragraph must be eye-catching and engaging the reader’s interest to leave a deep impression.  

4. Body paragraphs

The standard writing style of the essay involves writing three body paragraphs for this section. These body paragraphs are very important to cover the whole thesis statement and a considerable part of your essay.  

Body paragraphs are usually meant to support the main claim of the essay by providing evidence and relevant information. For that purpose, in every paragraph, you have to give a main supporting claim in the topic sentence of each. Each body paragraph is structured as follow:

1. Topic sentence; containing the main supporting claim to the central idea of the essay

2. Evidence; supporting the topic sentence

3. The conclusion; concluding the body paragraph all components into a one or two sentences at the last of it  

Each body paragraph should contain information from different sources. Be careful not to make the body paragraphs on sorting the information sources. The information described in them must be comprehensive and relevant to your topic sentence.  

5. The conclusion

It is the last paragraph of the essay that contains the conclusion as a whole. It usually contains a summary of all main themes in the essay. The one thing that is to be re-introduced in it is the main claim or thesis statement. It is mandatory to write it in the concluding paragraph but in other words than the introductory thesis claim.    

6. Proof-reading the essay

In the end, this step is very important to do to ensure the authenticity and validity of your essay. In it, you may revise your essay again and again to find any structural flaws, grammatical errors, or punctuation mistakes. It is damn possible to make such mistakes when you are focusing more on the compilation of information rather than the authenticity in a hurry. In final words, it gives you a chance to make your essay better than before. 

Explanatory Essay

Wrapping up

So, to put in a nutshell, an Explanatory Essay is the descriptive form of essay writing that doesn’t involve arguing or persuading. Other than the assignment writing, it is also very important to do in other fields. That’s why we have provided you all the possible information and guidance about its structure to help you cope with all the difficulties you face. Like ever, CaseProfessors is working for you to provide the best and understandable.

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