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How To Write Conclusion For A Research Paper?

21 May 2024

It is said that the first impression is the last impression, but the last impression lasts for a longer period of time. A conclusion writing can be very decisive for a research paper because readers will most probably read your conclusion to analyze what sort of research you are doing. A research paper is the most important part of a student’s educational career, so it should be written in a proper way. It is an assignment that can be in any form, and it is based on all the original analysis of the particular topic.

In the life of every student comes the point when he/she is supposed to write a research paper. A conclusion is like a summary of your entire research. On the basis of your research, you will let your reader know about your research and scientific work. Rather than reading the whole research paper, readers prefer to read the conclusion to get to know what research is all about.

Definition Of A Research Paper Conclusion

In order to define a research paper conclusion, you need to state how much effort and work you have put to make your research paper successful. A conclusion is a summary of your thesis statement as well as the summary of your most relevant evidence. The final results you have obtained at the end of your research proposal must be summarized efficiently to make your research proposal conclusion engaging.

If you are looking for a very precise definition of a research proposal conclusion, here is one for you. A research proposal conclusion is a short analysis of your entire research proposal. The findings of your research must be summarized properly to make your research proposal conclusion attractive.

How To Write An Astonishing Research Paper Conclusion?

When you are supposed to write a research paper, one of the significant most questions to answer is how to write a research paper conclusion. When a supervisor asks you to write a conclusion for your research paper, you can seek guidance from a website or from your seniors. If you try to hit a website, there may be some data that is not feasible for your type of research paper.  

At our website, you will not only be able to get to pieces of information on the research paper conclusion, but we will let you know the ways you can use to write your research paper conclusion. Here are some ways of writing a flawless research paper conclusion:

How To Write Conclusion For A Research Paper?

Include brief but informative pieces of information

Conclusion means to sum up everything. When you are writing a conclusion for a research paper, the best technique you can use is not adding too many words in your conclusion section. Most of the people look to read the conclusion of a research paper, and it has to be on-point. It must be a brief outline rather than a detailed version of your research paper. There should not be too many points because a lot of points can create doubts in the mind of your readers.  

If you have a template you can follow to write your research paper conclusion, make sure to follow that template. If you are not sure about the structure, try to seek guidance from your professor. The language of a research paper conclusion must be unambiguous and easily understandable. Your conclusion will be read by a lot of individuals, which is why you need to know your audience as well before writing your research paper conclusion.  

Recall what you have written

In order to grab the attention of your readers, make sure to recall all the details you have added in your research paper. Ending a research paper on a high is very crucial as far as the success of a research paper is concerned. You must not add any new facts or new shreds of evidence in a research paper conclusion because a conclusion is a summary of your research paper. If you write something which has not been written in your research paper, it will make your conclusion look laborious and poor.  

A researcher knows all the nitty-gritty of a research paper. You need to decide which piece of information is critical enough to be in your research paper conclusion. If your readers manage to extract what your research paper is about by reading your conclusion section, it will be a huge plus for your research paper. Don’t rush at this part because the last thing you need to do to make your research paper appealing is writing its conclusion section precisely. 

Your contributions

You need to connect your conclusion with your introduction if you want to get full marks in your research paper. If you have asked a question at the beginning of your introduction, you are bound to answer that question in your conclusion paragraph. It is legitimate to use a scientific method that can answer all sorts of questions related to your topic.  

To conclude your research paper, you must let the readers know how your research has contributed to improving your field of study. Nobody is going to care about your research if they don’t find your role and contributions in your research. The moment they think your work is precious for the field and it is making the field better, your research paper will become a big thing.  

Untouched questions

This is a debatable point. If you think you can answer the question which isn’t answered in your research paper, you can answer those in your conclusion. But it is not a compulsion to answer such questions at the very last. If there are some questions that need further investigation, make sure to investigate to make that job a lot easier for other researchers or scientists.  

At the end of your research paper, give other scientists an idea of how it can be dealt with in the best possible way. Make sure to mention opportunities for future research. When we talk about science, there is nothing we can achieve entirely. There is always a space for betterment and improvement, and you need to tell your readers that there are some areas that require investigation.  

Empirical use

If you think your findings can prove to be helpful for society, make sure to state them. It is also compulsory to let the people know whether you have obtained significant results or non-significant results. As a researcher, you need to write whether the topic needs further investigation or not. When you are at the very last of your conclusion paragraph, it is your duty to make sure the problem or issue you are working on has been answered effectively or not.  

It is a good technique to leave some questions unanswered to raise curiosity. Those questions which you will leave unanswered can give space to some other researchers to conduct their research to write their research papers. The question or issue which is of your concern must be dealt with entirely. It is about the other relevant question that can be left unanswered.  

Make sure to state deficiencies

Nothing in this world is perfect, and you need to apply this rule in your research paper as well. Your research must have some deficiencies, and it is a healthy approach to write those deficiencies at the last of your research paper conclusion.  

If your methods have failed in some regards, there is nothing to be ashamed about it. People can read your work, and they can make their techniques execute in better learning from your mistakes. In some institutes, it is a rule to write about the deficiencies of research.  


This is a step most of the students ignore when they write any sort of academic task. Proofreading of work is as essential as doing that work. When you are done writing your research paper, make sure to proofread it more than once to be sure about it. If you find a mistake during proofreading, you need to remove that mistake.  

You can ask your supervisor to read it before publication. If you have a friend who is good at proofreading or who is good at finding mistakes, make sure to give your research paper to that friend. Plagiarism can destroy an entire research paper, which is why you need to be very careful about the occurrence of plagiarism in your research paper. Only submit your research paper when you feel sure about it.

How To Write Conclusion For A Research Paper?

Some Key Recommendations To Write Research Paper Conclusion

Academic writing is one of the difficult forms of writing, which is why you need to look for recommendations. If you are working on a research paper and you are stuck in the conclusion section, here are some very decisive recommendations for you. After reading our recommendations, you will be able to write a fantastic research paper conclusion:

Make sure to answer the basic question of your topic. It is necessary to provide proofs in your research paper conclusions, but those proofs need to be related to your topic.  

Make sure to provide counter-arguments. Counter-arguments are required to make your readers sure that the work is authentic and credible.

Make sure to rephrase your topic statement. In order to rephrase, tell your reader what this paper is all about? What are the interpretations or results? What are the supporting pieces of evidence? Answering these questions will make your research paper conclusion astounding.  

Make sure to point out implication along with the effects which are related to your topic.

Use Of Transition Words For A Research Paper Conclusion

If you are looking for guidance on how to write a research paper conclusion in your academic assignment, we suggest you use transition words in your conclusion paragraph to make it enchanting. Transition words can link your ideas in the best possible way. By the use of transition words, your research paper conclusion will be able to connect to the purpose of writing. To conclude your research paper conclusion, you need to use the following transition words:

To summarize

If you are looking to summarize certain pieces of information, you can use, in short, to sum up, ultimately, in brief, to conclude, all in all, and etc. These are feasible words to summarize your opinion.  

To oppose

If you want to oppose an opinion, you can use, despite, however, nevertheless, in spite, and etc. These are some of the words that can get you the job done while opposing an opinion.  

To add data

If you want to add some data in your conclusion, you can use, moreover, in addition, similarly, and etc.  

There are great chances that you will feel bored and tedious while writing your research paper conclusion. You can sue these transition words to keep your research paper on track. It is suggested to use those transition words in the last paragraph of your research paper. Whether you are summarizing, opposing, or adding some data, these words can be used to enhance the beauty of your research paper conclusion.

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