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How to Write a Flawless Essay on Management and Leadership?

19 Nov 2021

Writing essays on management requires detailed research and careful analysis. Even if you are confident enough that you know everything about the subject, you will come across some technicalities that will functionally change the nature and core of your work.

Why do the students struggle in management essay writing?

The students cram theoretical knowledge in most of the subjects, but management is a skill that is developed practically. This is the reason why most of the students struggle in writing essays on management and leadership. They fail to determine the expectations that the reader of their essay has.

Characteristics of an ideal management essay

An ideal management essay:

  • Focuses on an existing theory
  • Introduces a new concept
  • Includes examples to support the premise of a new idea

What type of topic should you choose for your management essay?

When you are assigned a management essay, you need to choose the topic that will define and demonstrate the existing theories or will introduce a new idea in the field of management. The use of real-life examples will make your assignment better. There are a variety of topics in the management field. Here are some of the most famous topics you can choose to write a management essay.

  • Organizational structure
  • Planning
  • Coordinating
  • Providing compensation
  • Motivating personnel and staff

Management essay writing is a daunting task used to assess the performance of the students. The professors assign the management essay to the students to determine whether they are familiar with the practical skills within their university course or not. Therefore, writing a management essay is a difficult task for students who are used to mere cramming theoretical knowledge and simple questions. Proper understanding of the subject and critical thinking are very significant for writing essays on management and leadership.

Which credible sources should I choose for writing a management and leadership essay?  

You should not compromise on the quality of the sources you choose for writing a management essay. The first and foremost thing you need to remember is that Wikipedia is not an authentic source for collecting data. You should not blindly rely on blog posts because they are mostly written for entertainment purposes. Therefore, both of these domains are not perfectly appropriate or sufficient in the academic field.

management and leadership essay

Now, you might stick with the question: where do I look for the sources then? The magazine, Huffington Post is good for writing essays on management and leadership. Previous academic publications can also help you in collecting credible data.  

Finally, you can use the search engine, Google Scholar- which is one of the most credible platforms for management papers.

Scholarly tips in writing the structure of essays on management


After selecting a topic, you need to establish the structure of your essay. Most academic essays have a standardized format: an introduction, body of the paper, and conclusion.

1. An effective introduction

Writing an introduction in the management essay is a difficult task for students who are used to theoretical and bookish knowledge. As management and leadership are practical skills, therefore, only the bookish stuff wouldn't suffice at all. It would be best if you exhibit critical thinking at the very beginning of your essay to highlight the practical understanding of the question you are writing about.

Start with a hook statement to captivate the reader. After that, write three to four sentences on the problem you plan to discuss. Finally, you have to write the main argument of your essay (thesis statement). You should state the contention and supporting arguments in the introductory portion.

Elements of an introduction

● Writing some background information

● Summarizing the scope of your discussion

● Stating an argument

● Outlining the structure of the essay

Purpose of introduction

The primary purpose of writing an introduction in your management essay is to give a basic idea to the reader of what your essay will cover.  

2. Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs lie between an introduction and a conclusion. In fact, they are the building chains of an essay because they represent the logical factors within the whole argument. Strong body paragraphs explain, prove, and support your management paper’s thesis statement.

You have to stick to one logical argument in each paragraph at a time. It will seriously disrupt the flow of your management essay if you jump from one idea to another. Here are some of the best ways to write incredible body paragraphs.

● Start with a topic sentence

● Explain your topic sentence

● Introduce your evidence

● Unzip and explain your evidence

● Write a conclusion sentence

● Start with a topic sentence

Mostly, a topic sentence appears at the beginning of a body paragraph. It is very important in an essay because it sets a connection between your thesis statement and paragraph. Before inserting a topic sentence, ask yourself what you are going to write in your paragraph. A topic sentence strengthens the coherence of your management and leadership paper.

While writing a topic sentence, you should have to show that it contributes to the development of your arguments.

● Explain your topic sentence

Now, you have to check whether your topic sentence requires further explanation or not. If it requires some explanation, write two sentences to explain your topic sentence.

● Introduce your evidence

Management papers require the students to integrate shreds of evidence for supporting the claims of their essay as a whole. It would be best if you integrate the evidence smoothly in your essay so that it enables your reader to move from your words to the evidence you provided without a logical jolt.

While writing quotes, you have to keep two things in mind.

✔ All identify the source

✔ Summarize it to provide the context

Now insert your supporting evidence in the form of quotes, personal examples, statistics and facts.

● Unzip and explain your evidence

You need to explain what the quote means and why it is significant to your argument. You should keep one thing in mind that the author should agree with the way you encapsulate the quotation. You can give an opinion based explanation of 2-3 sentences to support your arguments.

Finally, it is time to write a concluding sentence or sentences to state how your paragraph leads to the development of your argument.

● Write a convincing conclusion

It is the last paragraph of your essay. You should set a goal of tying together your paper’s main points in a concise, logical and inspiring manner. The conciseness is very important because the conclusion should not turn into a body paragraph. 

The conclusion not only brings closure to the essay, but leaves a door open for more. It would be best if you use some inspiring words to arouse the reader’s curiosity.

Best steps to conclude your management essay

● Paraphrase your thesis statement

● Review all the supporting ideas carefully

● Write all the arguments precisely by paraphrasing how you proved the thesis.

● Link back to your essay’s hook statement and relate it to your closing statement.

● Sum up all the above to expand your conclusion.

Do not forget to proofread your essay!

If you want to get an excellent grade in your essay, you have to proofread your paper thoroughly. Here are some impeccable tips that will get you off to the perfect result. 

i. Take a break 

It is essential to take a break before proofreading your essay because you need to be mentally focused. When you start proofreading your paper after some break, you will see your work from a new perspective and the mistakes become more visible to you.

ii. Keep yourself apart from all the distractions

Cut out all the distractions when you have finished your break. Put your mobile phone on mute and turn off the stereo so that you can concentrate well on your essay.

iii. Read the document aloud

It would be best if you read your essay aloud because vocalizing the words will enable you to see and hear the flaws. Furthermore, this technique will assist you in detecting all the missing commas and problems with the flow.

iv. Use online grammar and spell checkers

When you have written the first draft of your essay, you have to run it through grammar and spell checker. It will help you to identify punctuation and grammar mistakes.

However, do not rely on automated software for proofreading. The robotic system in the online grammar checker software cannot sometimes understand the contextual meaning of the text.

v. Find a friend for proofreading

It is very hard to proofread your document. Make a pact with one of your friends to swap papers and proofread each other’s documents. This idea is very helpful in making your paper flawless.

vi. Check the format of the paper

After proofreading your document, you have to format your paper immediately before publication.

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