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How To Write A Research Report?

10 Nov 2021

If you are in your college life or university life, you need to write at least one research paper before you graduate. It is very tricky and challenging to write a research paper or a research report if you have haven’t done it before. Are you looking for e help with “how to write a research report?” We are here to help you, 24/7.

In this guide, we will make sure to cover every bit of thing which is related to the research report. We will not only tell you how to write a research report, but we’ll be guiding you with all the nitty-gritty you need in order to write the research report.

Here, we are going to explain a process you can follow to write your research report to get the desired grade. It is a challenging task to do, but we are here to enable you to make it happen efficiently.

What is the process of writing a research report?  

By following our process, you will be able to write an astonishing research report for your college or university. The steps are;

  1. Get familiar with the task
  2. Choose a topic
  3. Do your (much needed) research
  4. Organize your research
  5. Form a thesis
  6. Make an outline
  7. Write your report/paper
  8. Edit your content
  9. Edit your grammar
  10. Proofread and submit your research report

These are ten steps you need to follow to write one heck of a research report. Let’s study all these processes in detail to get to know what is required to write a research report accurately.

Everything On How To Write A Research Report?

Get familiar with the task

Make sure what the teacher or the professor is asking you to write in your assignment. It sounds very straightforward and obvious, but it is critical to get to know what they want from you. Most of the students neglect this step, which leads to a low grade. Those students have worked hard, but they didn’t pay close attention to this step.

If the instructor has provided some essential instructions, make sure to read those instructions, again and again, to get familiar with what you’re going to do. Take your time to understand the assignment, and if you’re facing any difficulty as far as understating the assignment is concerned, ask your professor. Start writing your research report when you’re sure about the task.

Choose a topic

Once you understand what the assignment or task is, the next thing you need t do is to select a suitable topic. This step can be daunting for you, but make sure to stay focused. It is always suggested to pick a topic you’re passionate about. Don’t look to choose a perfect topic. Sometimes, a controversial topic can get the job done because of its awkward nature.  

If the teacher has assigned you a topic, it is well and good. If you have to select on your own, make sure to select such a topic which can fit in the guidelines. If you choose a topic based on your feasibility and it won’t fit in your guidance, it’ll be laborious for you to write an absurd and fanciful research report. 

There has to be a balance between likeness and appropriateness. If you don’t like a topic but think the topic can get the job done, go for such a topic. Consider this assignment an opportunity to learn something new and something out of the box. 

Do your (much needed) research

After the selection of a topic, things will become smooth and easy for you as a writer. Once the topic has been finalized, plan your research according to the nature of your topic. To do reliable research, keep the following three points in mind;

  • Skim
  • Find authentic sources
  • Don’t neglect any piece of information

As far as skimming is concerned, you don’t have to read the whole paper thoroughly. And even if you want to read each and everything, you can’t. Make yourself comfortable by understanding the key points to get to know about the topic. Skimming can make your research successful because it will not make you feel bored.

The next thing you need to do is to find some authentic and genuine sources. It is a world of internet, and you can discover sheds of information on a click. Don’t add information by consulting only one source. Try to add data by asking more than one source to make sure the data is dependable. You can use keywords to search for and academic database. You can use Wikipedia as a starting point, but you cannot rely on Wikipedia as you need to consult other sites to place your data.

Last but certainly not least, never ignore any pieces of information. Try to dig deeper as far as gathering data is concerned. Every point is pivotal for you. Make sure to cover the point of view of all the schools of thought. This can only become possible if you read multiple articles without avoiding important data.

Organize your research

At this point, you have gathered deciding information. The next step is to organize the information to make it more appealing. Research organization depends on the person as well as on the topic of the research report. Some find it convenient to bookmark a certain website to organize their research, and on the other hand, some find it beneficial to keep a printed copy of the required information. Once you succeed in organizing your research, your research report will run smoothly.

Form a thesis

Now, you have understood what the instructor has asked, you have selected the topic, and you’ve done the research. It is time to form a thesis to back your research report. Even if you are in favor of a topic or you are against it, it is legitimate to make your thesis statement. Your research report will revolve around your thesis statement.

To write your thesis statement, make sure to answer a simple question “what is your paper about?” You must definitively answer this question. Students often get low grades because they answer this particular question poorly. An answer with an authoritative style can get you to your likely rank.

Make an outline

To keep your research report on track, it is fundamental to make an outline for your research report. If you have instructions from your teacher, make sure to follow those instructions. If you haven’t given an outline by your teacher, we can help you with the outline for a research report.

An outline for a research report is about structuring your report. If you are a school student or you are in your college days, a research report having 3-5 paragraphs can do the job for you. But if you have two main points in your thesis, 3-5 paragraphs may not be enough to cover the content of your research report. In that case, 5-7 paragraphs can do the job for you.

When you are making your outline, make sure to explain and communicate what this research report is all about. Select such organized structures that are suitable for your research report. As far as the outline is concerned, it is legitimate to add an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph. What goes between these paragraphs varies reports to report or assignment to assignment. 

Write your report

Now is the time to write your report. You might be thinking it would be easier to write the report if you have started earlier, but trust us, the work you’ve done so far is as needed as the report writing. This work will help you write a strong and clear research report. 

When you are writing your report, don’t try to be a perfectionist. Don’t look for tailor-made words and grammatical structures for your report. These are the tasks to be done in the editing phase. We know you’ve done the research, and you can seek guidance from the research, but don’t write exactly what’s present on a website. Try to write from your memory that what you have studied and learned from your research.

When you write from your own memory and from your own ideas, there will be no issue of plagiarism. Plagiarism is something that can destroy the whole research report. If you want to write the quote of somebody, use quotation marks and inverted commas. If you want to write in your own wording, make sure to rephrase the content. It is your ethical duty to give credit to the one whose data you have shared.

Everything On How To Write A Research Report?

Edit your content

Congratulations! You have done most of the work. You must be pleased with the job you have done so far, but the job is just half done. Remember, we told you not to worry about being a perfectionist? Here is the time to make your content as perfect as you can.  

Editing of content means you have to look for structure, organization, wording, and length of your report. It is right, you have written the paper but make sure the content is well organized or not. If it is looking okay, that’ll be astounding. If you think there is a chance of improvement, never skip that part and edit your research report.

Make sure that you have used the right and appropriate words. If something is bothering you as far as the wording of your research report is concerned, make sure to remove such words or change them accordingly. There has to be a specific limit to a research paper. When you’re done with writing your research report, make sure to check whether the report is okay or it is too short or long.

Student often wastes so much time with correcting the font and line spacing. If you want to make your research report concise, make sure to remove the content that is unnecessary, according to you. If you think the research report is short, just add valuable points. Never think that increasing font size can do the job for you. It’s a scam!

Edit your grammar

In the upper section, you have edited the structure and organization of your report. In this section, you are supposed to look for any grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes. Editing the grammar is kind of editing the content. Take your time. Don’t rush at all. Let the report read by a professional to let you know about the errors of your report. Always take criticism positively because this criticism can make your research report a milestone.

Proofread and submit your research report

We know the nine above-mentioned steps require a lot of courage, stamina, and dedication to execute them flawlessly. If you are tried at that point, give yourself a bit of rest.

We suggest you take the print of your research report and read it as many times as possible. It is possible that the eyes skip the mistakes when you are reading on your laptop. Once you get the hard copy of your report, there will be no chances of negligence. If you have a reasonable time left in your tank, give your report to someone who can look into your report as an expert.

When you are proofreading your research report, make sure to follow all the instructions given by your professor. Make yourself prepare for all sorts of circumstances. What if the internet goes down before submitting it at the final second? What if you face an issue and unable to attend the class? That’s why you prefer to submit your report before the allowed time.

This is an analytical process that can make you write your research report tremendously. If you are looking for “how to write a research report?” this guide has everything that is necessary to enable you to write it. We know the task is not an easy one, but you can make it happen for you with a bit of care and using the right strategies. Read this blog before writing your research report to make yourself sure about all the nitty-gritty of a research report. Make yourself attentive and start writing. We got you covered. Let’s do it RIGHT NOW!

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