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How To Write Persuasive Essay?

10 Nov 2021

Before starting to learn about “how to write a persuasive essay?” it is very crucial to understand what is meant by the term “Persuasive essay.”

What Is A Persuasive Essay?

It is a type of essay in which you are supposed to choose a position and you need to present reasonable facts to support your topic. You decide to go for the favor of a topic or to go against a topic. There has to be facts and reasoning to back your decision. It is recommended to select a topic on which you can present your arguments efficiently. The polemical topic is preferred over any other type of topic.

If you want to write one heck of a persuasive essay, you need to write an astonishing introduction. The body paragraphs have to be spot-on, as far as the facts are concerned. The thesis statement of a persuasive essay must back by some significant pieces of evidence. In the conclusion section, try to add some questions as well as suggestions. This is how you can write a persuasive essay that can stand-out.

In this guide, we will explain the process of writing a persuasive essay step by step. Pay your full attention, and we will make sure at the end of this essay, you will be good enough to write your persuasive essay on your own. The steps are listed and explained below;

Choose your topic

As we have told you earlier, the topic has to be polemical. The reason you should go for a polemical topic that it is easy to argue on this sort of topic. Either you want to go in the favor or against a particular topic, you will be able to convince your audience because of your selection of topics. The most important decision is choosing the positive side of a topic. To make sure you choose the right side, you need to have a reasonable piece of information regarding the pros and cons of a topic.
A persuasive essay may deal with emotions as well, so you are suggested to keep in mind the emotional factor as well. The emotional factor can act as a co-factor, as far as the readers are concerned. In this regard, don’t rush at all while selecting your topic. 

Consider your audience

A thing that is persuasive to one may not be persuasive for the other. While writing your persuasive essay, always pay attention to your audience. What sort of topic and which side you will select depends a lot on the audience. For making the right decision, look for a topic, keeping in mind the targeted community. If you are writing your essay as an assignment, the teacher will be your reader. If you are writing as a professional writer, this is no less important than any other step of writing a persuasive essay.

Do your research

Without sound research, you cannot be able to write an engaging persuasive essay of your assignment. This is the world of technology, so doing research won’t have to be an issue. Do a very deep kind of research because it is the research that will give you an idea about the nature of your topic. Read all the relevant data and make sure to give importance to every point. Take as many points as you can through your research and then narrow your research to select credible and authentic points that can support your topic.

Look for sound shreds of evidence

This is the point at which you need to narrow down your research to get the genuine facts and evidence. During your research, you may have found tons of information, but it is not possible to add all the data in your persuasive essay. At that point, you need to shortlist the points that can prove to be appealing for your audience. In this section, don’t go for common ends. Try to add some fanciful points and facts not only to impress your readers but to impress your teacher or supervisor. Rare and unique information is always favored above the common ones. 

Make an outline

A persuasive essay is altogether different than the ordinary essays. The persuasive essay has to run smoothly and step-wise to make it easy for the readers to understand. For this purpose, you need to make an outline, and your essay must go according to the outline. Your outline will decide which piece of information is to place in an individual section. The outline for a persuasive essay must look like this;

  • Introduction

In this paragraph, make a strong impression. If you manage to introduce your topic with an anecdote, your job will become a lot easier moving forward in your essay. Your introduction should wow your reader. You can start your introductory paragraph with a provoking question, a sensible and relevant quotation, mesmerizing statistics, or with a particular piece of information. A story can also do the job for you, but make sure to write it attractively.  

  • Supporting paragraph

Students and writers often get confused in this section. This is a paragraph where you need to state the facts. Any information related to the introduction of the topic must not be there. Yes, you can introduce your facts in this section, but you are not allowed to introduce the topic again. If you restate something in this paragraph, that will be the reason for negative marking. The facts and pieces of evidence have to be relevant enough to support your topic and thesis statement.  

  • Supporting paragraph (second)

A single paragraph will not satisfy the readers. It is obligatory to add another paragraph that should state more facts to support your topic. A persuasive essay is not an easy job to do. More you provide the facts and figures; more will be the chances of success.  

  • Antithesis paragraph

This is a unique aspect of this essay. Usually, the body paragraphs don’t have an antithesis paragraph, but it is appreciated to add in a persuasive essay. In this paragraph, you can play as many cards as you want. Tell your readers why you have chosen a certain side and make them believe that you’re on the right side. This paragraph can be the turning point. You can be a hero or a zero, based on the information you provide in your antithesis paragraph. That’s why be very careful when you write this paragraph for your persuasive essay.  

  • Conclusion

End your essay with a captivating conclusion. In your conclusion section, make sure to suggest further steps that can be taken to improve a specific scenario. Anything which has a chance to make a difference can be stated in your conclusion.

Write your thesis

The Thesis statement is something your persuasive essay will revolve around. Write a thesis statement that can convince the readers that you have selected the right side. Your thesis statement has to be error-free and doubtless. If you are arguing in the favor, your thesis statement should be in accordance with the support and vice versa. Don’t take this step lightly, and it can harm you a lot if you take this step for granted.  
Write your first draft: Once the essay has been written and a brilliant thesis statement has supported your arguments and topic, you will be ready to rock and roll then.

Edit and proofread

After writing your persuasive essay, we suggest you read the whole essay from the beginning to the end. It is suggested to edit where you think the essay lacks certainty. For a moment, evaluate yourself without any fear. The more you edit your essay, the better it will become. Make sure you have enough time to edit it to point-out spelling and grammatical mistakes.  

At that point, look for any chance of improvement. If you think the structure can be improved, go for it. It is better to hand over the essay to someone who is an expert. Ask him/her to make it better than before. If you feel an argument isn’t good enough, remove that argument on the spot. Try to add such arguments that can prove the authenticity and genuineness of your essay. Don’t hesitate to make abrupt changes in your essay. The mistakes can be there in your writing style and in your structure, but a sound proofread can remove all the errors.

How To Write Persuasive Essay?

Tips and tricks!

Your outline and structure of the essay are complete. By following our guidelines, you will be able to write a persuasive killing essay, but we have more to tell you. There are some tips and tricks that can make your persuasive essay imposing and magnificent. Some of the tips are given below;

  • Make sure to know your enemy

It is essential to understand this point. Make yourself prepare for the opposing arguments. It is an excellent technique to make the points of some of the strong arguments and highlight them to make yourself fight against those arguments. Do your research and look for such ideas that make you disprove those arguments. A persuasive essay is all about proving your point and discarding the opposing point. By following this tip, you cannot only state your point brilliantly, but you’ll be able to refuse the opposing arguments as well.

  • Respect the opposing side

This is where the ethics come into play. We understand that you have chosen a specific side, but this doesn’t allow you to disrespect the opposition. Make sure to use standard language and not disrespectful tone. Give respect to the other’s arguments by explaining why you don’t agree.

  • Use emotions

A persuasive essay is somehow a game of emotions too. The emotional factor can make you win the hearts of your readers. In a persuasive essay, you need to convince the reader. If you can make someone agree with the help of emotions, you are more than welcome to apply this technique. A strong language with the involvement of emotions can be used while writing a persuasive essay.

Here is this comprehensive blog; you will get every bit of information and data regarding the persuasive essay. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve everything. We know it isn’t an easy job to start writing a persuasive essay straightway, but you have our guidance alongside you. Gear up now and make a move. You are just a step away from glory. Good luck! 

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