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How To Write Outline For An Essay – learn with CaseProfessors

10 Nov 2021

Someone who is a beginner at essay writing can write an amazing essay by making an outline. In order to write one attractive essay, you need to mix logic with creativity. The essay writer has to be smart enough to hook the audience with the right kind of ideas and creativity. Most of the students are good at writing, but they always complain about not getting enough marks in their essays. One of the reasons can be the improper flow of an essay. A perfect essay has to go with the flow, and it has to be structured properly to meet the requirements of the modern era. The flow of an essay is required, so the reader can easily understand both the reasons as well as the consequences of your essay. 

Making an outline for your academic essay writing can save a lot of your time. You will be able to know what points to be covered in your essay, keeping in mind your outline. Your outline will let you know what the points that have to be in your essay to make it more interesting are. It’ll take time to write one fantastic outline, but once you write it for your essay, the next job will become a lot easier for you. This is a modern world and you can find lots of tips on how to structure an essay or how to make an essay outline. Moreover, this blog will serve as a guide and you will be able to understand all the nitty-gritty of an essay writing and essay outline at the end of this blog. It doesn’t matter you are in your college or in your university; you can write a classy essay by making an outline on the basis of this guide.

How to define outline for an essay?

An outline is like a writing plan for an essay. An outline helps the writer to organize his/her essay smoothly. To logically structure your narration, an outline is the best-used technique. The best part about having an outline in an essay is that you can figure out what to add and what not to add in an essay. It is a roadmap for your essay that you can follow to achieve success.

How to create outline flawlessly?

In order to outline an essay, there are lots of techniques available. Here, we will let you know some of the best tips you can follow to make an outline for your essay. By following these tips, you can easily write an enticing essay. Here are some of the steps you can follow to outline your essay:

Do the research on your topic

Writing a glamorous essay requires an understanding of your topic. As a writer, you will be required to get to know each and every bit of your topic to start writing your essay. You can get help from google or any other sources on your topic, but make sure to select the credible pieces of information. If you are writing an essay, search the keywords of your topic to get more knowledge about your topic. If you are writing a research paper, you may create a recommended literature list. Doing research can help you get to the data you need to have in your essay.  

Analyze the objective of your essay

It is mandatory to state your objective clearly. Your objective can be there in your essay in the form of a thesis statement or a research question. All of the data which you are going to add in your essay should back your thesis statement or research question. Making an objective for your essay can help you remain focused on your topic. You will be able to stick to the main point by making your objective clear. You can find the right direction of your essay (which is a hectic task) by stating your objective in your essay. No matter what type of essay you are supposed to write, the objective has to be there.  

Make a list of mandatory points

The most difficult thing to do while writing an essay is to go with the flow. This the reason it is suggested to make a sketch of your essay that can serve as a roadmap for you. When you are writing your essay, make a draft of some decisive points that can do the job for your essay. Write those points in the form of a draft, so you will remember adding them in your essay when required. Brainstorming can get you to some ideas and points that can make your essay stand-out. Once you write those ideas, all you need to do is polish them and give them the right to feel, keeping in mind the nature of your essay. There is no need to write about all the points which you have gathered in the form of a draft. Pick those who are of great importance.

Organize your ideas

Once the ideas have been gathered, you need to organize those ideas to make a strong outline for your essay. As a writer, you need to make a decision where to add certain points. Adding certain points at a certain position can give your essay much-required flow. Make sure to summarize each of your points and not to go in unnecessary detail.

Remove superfluous paragraphs

It is fundamental to add only relevant paragraphs in your essay. Adding unnecessary and redundant paragraphs can destroy the overall structure and class of your essay. The points that are backing your thesis statement must only be there in your essay. If you think there are some points of paragraphs that are not related to the topic, make sure to remove them before submitting the final version of your essay.

Are you looking to know how to make an outline for your essay? Does it bother you? Feeling the heat at the moment? Relax! We have got you covered. An outline is like a framework of how your essay is going to get structured. By following the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to make an outline for your essay.

For any essay, the beginning matters the most. Most of the readers don’t usually read the entire essay; they just read the introduction of an essay to get to know what the essay is all about. Only those will read your body paragraph which you can manage to impress with the help of your introductory paragraph.

Why is the essay outlining important?

As we have explained earlier, it is important to keep your essay on track. It provides a structure to your essay and to make a decision about the addition of particular points in your essay. Here are some of the advantages of essay outlining:

  • Methodical collection of ideas
  • Go with the wind kid of flow for your essay
  • Logical arrangement of thoughts along with a perfect plan
  • Hypothesis that will lead to a genuine result
Write An Outline For An Essay

Necessary guidance on essay outlining

An experienced writer can create an outline for any essay at will. A person who is new at writing and who wants to make an outline that can make him/her write an astonishing essay, we are here for the assistance. As a new writer, you may be required to some a bit of time on an essay outline, but you will be able to amaze your professor with the structure of your essay. We have some guidance for those who are desperate need of it.

Make notes. When you are doing your research or when you are reading the relevant literature on your topic, it is recommended to make notes of some useful points or hints. Once you make notes, you can have a look at those notes to complete your essay. Moreover, by doing this, you will be able to gather some reliable facts on your topic to support your thesis statement. It is not possible to memorize all the stuff you learn, which is why making notes is important. On the basis of your notes, you can outline your essay. In order to make your final draft efficient, those notes can serve as the key to success. Some of the guidelines are given below:

Examine your calculated audience

Knowing about the audience of your essay is as crucial as writing an essay. If you are supposed to write an essay for your school life, you just need to take care of your teacher. All you have to do is follow the instructions f your teacher because your teacher will be your audience. If you are writing an essay on research articles, the tine of your essay has to be formal. When you are writing blogs or articles, then you can use a bit of informal language. Once you get to know about your readers, you will be able to plan your essay according to the requirements of your audience.  

Identify your main arguments

The success of your essay will be based on your arguments. Writing the key arguments about your research topic can bring your more satisfied readers. If you think you have to answer a certain question of your essay, make sure to answer it along with reasonable arguments to make it look more appealing. In order to write arguments for your essay, jot down the thoughts that come to your mind.

Give your ideas the shape

Ideas will be collected in a scattered form. Make sure to gather as many ideas as possible. Out of many ideas, you only find very few to be inspiring. Once you have the ideas, all you need to do is to use those ideas in your essay in a way that sounds tempting. Usually, there are three sections of an essay: the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. You can add as many body paragraphs as you want (until you think you have successfully covered your topic).

Add specific and particular details

An essay is a form of writing that should only have very specific details in it. The basic idea is to support your thesis with significant proofs. Your essay will be divided into three sections. In your body paragraphs, make sure to cover one point in a paragraph. Nobody likes reading a humdrum essay. The worst thing about any essay is that there is a lot of stuffing of various points in a single paragraph. This must be avoided.

Stepwise explanation of how to outline an essay

Now, we are going to explain some of the steps you can follow to make an outline for your essay. On the basis of your outline, you will be able to write a comprehensive essay that can tick all the boxes of a great essay. Would you like to take a journey with these steps? Let’s go for a tour!

Research & prepare

Before start writing an essay or any other form of assignment, you will be required to do the research to get the ball rolling. Before you start working on your essay, you need to be aware of all of your requirements and guidelines. If your essay requires a survey, or deep research, you are obliged to make that happen. It is your duty to study the citation style and all the nitty-gritty during preparation and research phase.  


If you have been assigned a topic from your professor and institute, make sure to stick to the topic. If you are on your own as far as the selection of your topic is concerned, brainstorm many ideas according to your field. Think out of the box to come up with some ideas that can trigger the interest of your readers. Once you have more than five topics, it will be your call to choose the best out of all. Try to select the one you know about, and that can work perfectly for your audience.  

State your purpose

Normally, we all know the purpose of not only writing an essay, but writing any sort of task. The thing is, we often forget to state it when you are writing it. Stating the purpose of your essay is as critical as anything else.  

Know your target audience

Most of the students ignore this step, but this is one of the far-reaching steps of writing an essay. The way you are going to approach your essay depends greatly on the nature of your audience. No matter how cool you are at writing, if you don’t know about your audience, you will end up on the losing side.

The style and the structure of your essay will be based on the nature of your readers. What sort of title you need to use for your essay also depends on the taste of your audience. Whether they are going to impress with your evidences and thesis or not can only be answered after reading your readers entirely.

Assemble your thesis

Have you understood all the points we have explained till now? If no, read this blog and you will surely get to know. If yes, it means you are all set to write an essay for your educational or professional life. Now, you need to get to work. Make sure to initiate the process with an eye-catching thesis statement. It is obligatory to write a thesis statement in a separate paragraph. With the help of your thesis statement, you will announce what you are going to give them in the form of your essay.

Write An Outline For An Essay

Would you like to have an expert opinion?

Once you make your outline and you are done with your essay, make sure to proofread your essay. Proofreading and editing of your essay is required to get rid of all the possible mistakes. You are a human being, not a robot, which is why the errors will be there in your first written version. Make sure to remove all the grammatical and spelling mistakes to make your essay impressive. If you have some instructions given by your professor as far as the formatting style and structure are concerned, have a look at it carefully too. The best thing you can do is to have a look at some of the previously written essays to get an idea about the format.

These days, lots of grammatical error removing tools are available. You can use them in order to make your essay impeccable. There are lots of formats available such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and etc. Make sure to double-check your outline. The professor or the experts will get an idea about the quality of an essay just by having a look at the outline. If you want to get a grade of your choice, take care of your outline, format, structure, and writing style. 

All the nitty-gritty on Essay Outline

Whether you need to write argumentative, persuasive, analytical, or descriptive essays, making an outline is vital. Most of the teachers assign students to make an essay plan before start writing an essay. This is where the creativity and smartness of students come into play. By doing this, the teacher will analyze whether the student is good enough at making an outline or not. If you are in this situation or expect this sort of situation, this blog is going to help you a lot.

We hope that this blog will enable you to make an astonishing outline for your essay. Most of the teachers don’t bother reading the whole essay; they just read the outline to make a decision about the quality of an essay. In this way, a brilliant outline can improve your overall grades at will. You have this guide not only to make your essay outline, but to write your essay impeccably.

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