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How To Write An Overview Of A Case Study Solution

11 Nov 2021

Don’t you know how to write an overview of a case study? You’ll get your answers here, and after reading this, you’ll be able to understand what case study is and how to write an overview to make your case study look attractive and appealing.  

Case study solution overview

The Case study is no more than a historical summary of any business situation. Case studies are stories that can be used to manage a specific problem or to make a decision that needs to take against an issue. Case studies are detailed sections that contain all the necessary information regarding the processes of organizations, brands, devices, etc.

Critical components of A case study solution

There are some components of a case study which gives you knowledge that is required to write and understand a case study in a better way. Once you learn about those components, case studies will be easy for you to write. Let’s talk about those components in detail to learn about case study overview;

Cover page

A case study must have a cover page that must have some essential data like student’s information and information of class. Avoid any stuffing on the cover page.

Table of contents

This section should provide the readers with a road map of how this case study will move on. Key components or key parts must be there in the table of contents.  

Executive summary

This is one of the essential most parts f the whole case study. An executive summary consists of imperative recommendations.


Here comes the most dashing and significant part of the case study. In this section, you need to give a brief introduction to your topic. Every bit of information means for your topic has to be there.  


Analyze your problem and apply program contents that are necessary to deal with the whole issue effectively.  

Feasible alternatives

Purpose of the available solutions for your problem.  


This section has to be very inviting because in this section, you can grab your audience. Let them know what is required to solve the problem.  

Execution plan

Implement your plan to its full. Ensure maximum success. Execute recommendations as well.  


Enlist all the sources from where you have gathered your data.

Key to success!

If you want to understand case stud overview, run your case study according to the following parameters;

Prepare your case

Case preparation is something you should be focusing a lot on. There are some ways to prepare your case adroitly.

  • Read and examine
    Do your research and discuss your topic with no details left in the world. This will help you to understand the research question.
  • Focus your analysis
    To focus your analysis, look for the answers to individual questions. For example, who is responsible? Why do they exist?
  • Purpose solutions
    Identifying the problem is not enough. One needs to provide solutions as well against the problem, and this will make your study different and admirable.
  • Go for the best solution
    Out of so many answers, choose the best one that can solve the problem most accurately.

Draft your case

Once data has been gathered, it is very legitimate to draft your case to make sure your study is authentic. Draft your case in the following way;

  • Introduction
    In the introduction section, introduce your topic and summarize it in 1-2 paragraphs. This will increase the credibility of your whole study. That’s how you get a better case study overview.
  • Background
    Gather all relevant facts and background information to reassess the truthfulness of your case study.
  • Evaluation of the case
    Self-evaluation is a technique that can enable you to run your case study methodically. Outline your research pieces to evaluate what is working and what is not. You need to state that why some parts are not working.
  • Solution/Changes
    Give realistic and possible solutions to solve the problem. It is a healthy activity to explain why a solution was selected to increase validity.
  • Recommendations
    Explain strategies that can lead to possible and wanted outcomes. Try to recommend further actions that will be needed to solve the desired issue.

Finalize your case

Last but certainly not the least, look for any gap which can spoil the whole study. Focus is required to finalize your case study because this will be the last assessment stage. To finalize, make the following things sure;

  • Is your research statement clear?
  • Did necessary and truthful pieces of evidence are provided or not?
  • Is anything left?

This is the case study overview, which is required to understand every little detail. This blog will answer each and every question related to the write-up of the case study. Follow this case study overview guide to write impeccable and engaging case studies.

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