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How To Write Biography Essay?

10 Nov 2021

Are you aware of the term biography? Writing a biography essay can be very exciting and entertaining because, in this type of essay, you are supposed to write about the life of someone. You can choose a renowned actor or actress. The person can be a historical leader, a scientist, or an artist. If you are interested in someone’s life, the best way to satisfy yourself is to write a biography essay on the person. At the end of your essay, you will have all the essential and possible details regarding that personality. The reason for writing a biography essay is to let the world know how talented the individual is or was. In a biography essay, you can write about an individual how he/she has improved the world.  

In your student life, you need to write this type of essay. The nature of the essay can differ depending on the grade you are studying in. If you are a fourth-grade student, the biography essay demands different compare to a middle-school child.  

If you are given an assignment by the school teacher to write a biography essay, or you want to write about an individual because you are interested in that person, this guide will help you a lot. To write a mesmerizing biography essay, you need to follow this guide, and the world will read your essay. Follow these steps to write one fabulous biography essay.

Choose the subject

While writing a biography essay in your academic assignment, the first thing you need to do is to select a personality. It will be feasible for you if the character is renowned because, for such figures, you can find as much data as you want. Make it happen (if possible) to select a celebrity you’re interested in. This will make your research process a lot more comfortable because of the interest you have in that personality. 

Do your research

A sound research can guarantee the success of your essay. The more you do the research, and better will be the results. If you are working on a famous character, you’ll get multiple types of views regarding that personality. Every writer has his/her point of view about a particular personality. So, it is recommended to get as many points of view as possible to make yourself sure about what you are going to do. It will be a healthy approach to make notes of the points which you find surprising during your research.

Make an outline

After doing your research, you need to outline your biography essay. The standard outline will be the five paragraphs, but if you are given a specific pattern, you are supposed to follow that particular pattern. The outline can keep your essay on track. By outlining, you can make a final call regarding the placement of your data. The outline will make you understand which piece of information has to be in body paragraphs and which has to be in the introductory paragraph.

write biography essay

Write your introduction

Your introductory paragraph will set the tone for your biography essay. The introductory paragraph is your chance to make your readers interested in your essay. To make your readers hooked, apply the following techniques in your introduction;

  • Start with a quotation

While writing your biography essay, it is highly recommended to write a quotation that can relate to the person you’re writing about. The quotation has to something that can reveal the real character and aspect of your topic. This quotation will make your whole introduction engaging, and the readers will read your essay further.  

  • Write a fascinating story

As this essay will be about a character and personality, make sure to add a story that can make the readers think, how important the individual is or was to study. A story can do the job that can’t be done by any fact or explanation. To make your essay and introduction more appealing, write a story that can be stuck to the minds of your readers.  

  • Describe the accomplishments

This world is so fast, and nobody has the time to read something which is boring and non-fascinating. Make sure to explain and describe as many achievements and accomplishments as possible to make a mark on the readers. Explain to them why the individual is worth it to be studied. Once you prove the point that the personality deserves to be reviewed and explored, the reader will read your content for sure.

Develop a thesis statement

At this moment, you need to write a compelling and good enough thesis statement that can back your whole essay. A thesis statement is no less than the core of your essay because it will be your thesis statement on which the entire essay is going to depend. Make your thesis statement keeping in mind your character. You have to crystal clear about the strengths and weaknesses of your topic in order to write a fantastic thesis statement.

Body paragraphs

This is the section of your essay where the whole research will come into play. The data you have gathered during your investigation will be implemented in the body paragraphs. In the body paragraphs, you need to present each and every information about the personality. For example, his/her lifestyles, habits, likes and dislikes, the close individuals, and all such information has to be there in the body paragraphs. Remember, this essay is a biography, and people expect you to write all the nitty-gritty about the personality.


This is the step to wrap up your essay. Everybody wants to end the essay on a high note, and to make it happen, do not restate your thesis statement. The information you have provided in the body paragraphs must not be in your conclusion section. Consider elaborating the following questions in your conclusion section;

  • What are his/her contributions?

While studying the personality, make sure to explain what he/she has done for society. The readers must acknowledge the individual you are considering just because of your biography essay. Please explain how the individual has improved society and how he/she has made the lives of much better. This sort of question needs to be answered to make your essay a big thing.  

  • How is the work relevant today?

Try to make a connection between the past and the future. How the work a certain personality has done in the past can relate to this modern world and how the modern era can be improved because of his/her efforts? The answer to this question can be so engaging and pleasing.  

  • What’s his/her legacy?

It is obvious to let the readers know about the legacy the personality has left. Try to make the readers understand why we must remember the individual. Make them sure that the work he/she has done deserves to be appreciated even after them (if the character is dead in real life)

  • How have they influenced?

As a writer of a biography essay, the readers expect you to have all the information regarding the topic. They always look for the answer to this certain question. Make them realize that the personality has influenced many in the past that posted a positive change in society. One point is very crucial, that is to explain how we can influence the current generation to make them do good things for the world.

What will be the finishing touches?

After writing your biography essay, you need to do something to be sure about your essay. The following things will make your essay error-free;

  • Proofread

After making a draft, look for any spelling and grammatical mistakes to make sure the essay is free of any error. Try to highlight your mistakes in the first go and then make those mistakes correct after highlighting all the issues. After solving grammatical and spelling mistakes, proofread your essay again to look for any kind of issue in the write-up and structure of your essay. Try to read your whole essay loudly to be certain that nothing unambiguous is there in your biography essay. 

  • Get the feedback

If you know some professionals or someone who is an expert in English, make them read your final copy of the essay and take their feedback. Never take anything personally as far as the feedback is concerned. Any mistake they can point out will be no less than a bonus for you. Ask them some of the questions like;

  1. Was the purpose of the biography being clear enough to understand?
  2. Was there anything that can make you learn something out of this essay?
  3. Was the essay running with the flow?

If You manage to get the desired answers, give yourself the green light as far as your essay is concerned.

  • Cite your sources

Cite the sources from where you have gathered all the data. Either the data is obtained from a book or a website, make sure to cite them. It’ll make you feel comfortable as a writer because you have elaborated on all the sources, and nobody will challenge the authenticity because of the citation of sources. The causes can be cited according to the requirements of your organization. If your organizations don’t have any specific rules or conditions, make sure to mention keeping in mind your feasibility. 

Biography essays are entirely different than the ordinary ones. You don’t only need to let the readers know about the life or work of a personality, but you need to tell the facts about the character as well. Dig deep enough to get what the readers will be looking for. What are you waiting for? Write a stunning biography essay RIGHT NOW! You can also contact us 24/7 and order any kind of academic writing services. 

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