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How To Write A Research Proposal?

10 Nov 2021

In this guide, we are going to educate you about the writing of a research proposal. Writing a research proposal isn’t that much hard, but it does require attention, knowledge, and skills. Let’s study this topic in detail so you will be able to write a research proposal on your own at the end of this guide.

How can we define a research proposal?

A research proposal is an outline not only for your overall plans but for your goals also. With the help of your research proposal, you can convince the staff of your university that your plans and goals are good enough for implementations, and they can do a whole lot of good for you. Implementation is a step you should not take lightly or for granted.

How To Write A Research Proposal?

Why do you need to write a proposal?

Most of the students consider writing a research proposal a reluctant and pointless task; it can be very interesting and effective at the same time. The project you are working on, your research proposal could act as an outline for that project. Your research proposal will give an idea to your professor that you are trying to accomplish through a project. Moreover, your research proposal can illustrate the knowledge gap you are looking to fill as far as your discipline is concerned.

The main goal of your research proposal is to make others aware of your research and to support you as well. If your research is backed by some logical proof, the world is going to read your research proposal. In order to conduct research on a certain topic, money is required. Your supervisor will be backing you to spend his/her money on something which is worthy of reading. This is the reason you must write your text after consulting many scientific journals and previous papers. Your supervisor or professor will be looking for two things in your research proposal. First, he/she’ll be looking for evidence-based text, and secondly, he/she wants to read a well-thought-out text.

What has to be the format and structure of a research proposal?

When it comes to formatting style, every institution has its own step of rules that students need to follow to get their desired grade. Even if you think of those rules as stupid, you need to follow them. Here, we have brought a general outline regarding the formatting and structure of a research proposal.  


In order to initiate your research proposal, you need to start with a very engaging title to grab the attention of your readers. Even if you are going to write a poem, a research proposal, or any sort of academic task, there has to be a title of your project. Your professor, your audience, and the scrutiny committee will see your title first when they read your research proposal. When you are writing a research proposal, your title has to be relevant to your research proposal. For example, if you are working on coconut water, and you want to see the effect of coconut water on a particular disease like hypertension. The most suitable title for your research proposal will be “the effect of coconut water on hypertension”. Your title must cover the necessary parameters and contents of your research. Don’t rush to give your research proposal a title. We suggest our students spend a good enough amount of time and come up with a very attractive and relevant title.  


In your introduction, you need to provide the background of your topic. Here, you are supposed to write about the problem you are going to study. In this chapter of your research proposal, make sure to state your topic efficiently. It is legitimate to tell your audience about the materials and methods you are going to use to get your desired results. When you are writing an introduction for your research proposal, make sure to state why you have selected this topic and why you feel this topic needs to be studied. 

Make sure to be concise in your introduction, and avoid giving too much knowledge in your introduction. Your introduction has to be to the point. You can write your thesis statement in your introduction, along with an overview of your proposal. That’s all you need to write in your introduction to tick all the boxes of this chapter of your research proposal.  


This is one of the critical most parts of a research proposal. Why is anyone going to care about your research? Nobody is going to care about your research unless or until your research will prove to be helpful for them. If we talk about the supervisor, he/she wants you to do a mesmerizing work without losing authenticity and integrity. Your supervisor wants you to cross all the barriers and come up with something sensational that hasn’t been known the world before. If you fail to do all this, your supervisor will reject your research proposal at will.  

Review of the literature

This is a section of your research proposal where you need to write about the previous work on the same topic. The reason for writing all the previous studies in your research proposal is to fill the gap that exists in your field. Here, you are not allowed to write your point of view, but you need to state the work of some scientists in their original form. Normally this section of a research proposal is considered as “information-dense” because you need to write a lot of studies on the same topic.  

It is necessary to give a lot of data to your reader to study but avoid the stuffing in your research proposal. Make sure to provide the previous studies in a way that is easy to understand for all of your readers. In this section, you need to keep in mind the format and structure of your research proposal along with providing pieces of information to your audience, which is easy to digest. So, this can be tricky to manage both these situations at a time. If you managed to write flawlessly and your readers don’t get your point, your effort will be considered as vain.  

Research methodology

In this section of your research proposal, you are supposed to write about the method you are going to use, or you have used to get your results. First of all, you need to pick some sound and credible methods that are acceptable in your field. If you have managed to develop a new method and you think it can get the job done, make sure to defend it first and then apply it in your methodology.  

Interpretation of your results is something the entire audience will be looking at, including your own instructor. You need to make them believe that your research will bring a change in this field. After your research, you must be able to draw significant conclusions so that the audience will mark your research proposal genuine. If you come up with non-significant results, no one will care about your research.

How To Write A Research Proposal?

Implications of your research

Every researcher starts doing his/her research with the goal of bringing a positive change in the world. If you are working on fruit or on a vegetable against disease, and your results have shown that you can cure a disease in a way that hasn’t been cured till now, your research will be implemented for sure. It is very tricky and tough to conduct this sort of research to be implemented in the world, but it is possible, and with passion, you can do that.  

Once you manage to write a research proposal that will change the fate of this world, the next thing you will be focusing on is how others will do research on your work. Just like you’ve done research on someone’s work, students after you will consider your work as a role model. Try to achieve this level when you are writing a research proposal.  


This is the chapter where you wrap-up your entire work. Most of the students think that their job is done before writing a conclusion, but this is as hectic as anything else. To me, it is very burdensome, to sum up, your entire work in a single paragraph without overwriting it. To write a very attractive conclusion, write about the important parts of your research.  

If you think writing about the drawbacks of your research is going to spoil your research proposal, you are wrong. Obviously, nothing in this world is perfect, and you can write about the drawbacks of your research when writing your conclusion. Most of the readers read the introduction and conclusion in the entire research proposal, and they try to get the most of the research by reading those two sections. Consider your audience of every type and write your conclusion keeping in mind those people as well. In your conclusions, you cannot add something extra that hasn’t been added to your research proposal. This isn’t a section to put new pieces of information, but to provide a summary of your whole work.

Tips for writing a research proposal

Writing a top-notch research proposal can be very challenging. If you are not an expert at writing research proposals, it will take a lot of time. Let us share some useful tips you can follow to write your research proposal flawlessly:

  • Pick a suitable topic

When you start writing a research proposal, make sure to pick a topic that is convenient for you to handle. A topic that has some gaps which need to be filled can be a perfect choice for the selection. There are chances of getting success by picking such kind of a topic as having some loopholes. If you manage to fill those gaps, you will be an artist.  

  • Pre-writing

A good writer always pre-writes before starting any project. Whether you are working on an article or a research proposal, you need to know all the nitty-gritty of pre-writing. When you start working on a project, there will be many ideas revolving in your mind. The best technique to gather those ideas is to write them on your laptop and use them when you require them the most. As long as you are getting ideas, you can keep on writing them in your notes. Once you are done with the writing, you will see some fantastic pieces of information in your notes that can prove to be handy.  

  • Conduct a sound research

Whether you are writing an essay, a dissertation, or a research proposal, you need to conduct sound research to get the relevant data on your topic. With the help of your research, you will be able to draw relevant conclusions. To do your research for a research proposal, we suggest you have a look at scientific journals, previous articles, and historical events, gather data from all the possible sources and include only the data which is beneficial for you.  

  • Take notes

When you are reading for your research proposal, you will surely get a lot of amazing data that you might skip due to stress. This is the reason it is obligatory to keep a record of some decisive information. These notes will assist you more than your imaginations.  

  • Make an outline

Making an outline for a research proposal is always recommended by all the professors. An outline can act as a framework that can make you get rid of so many errors and complications. If you don’t make an outline for your research proposal, you may add some irrelevant data in your research proposal that can harm you as far as the truthfulness of your proposal is concerned. An outline can keep your research proposal on track.  

  • Know your audience

This is a piece of advice that is for any sort of writing. Make sure to use a language that is appropriate and feasible for your readers. Using of slangs and jargon words are not suggested in a research proposal. Do not use terms that are difficult to digest, and if you really need to add one, make sure to define it properly.  

If you use slang and jargon words in your research proposal, your audience will consider you an arrogant individual. Even if you manage to write a great research proposal, it can be taken as a failure because of your audience. This is why you have to very careful in terms of understating your audience.

Here is a guide for you to make you write your research proposal efficiently. In this guide, we have tried to explain every bit of information that is needed to write a research proposal. We suggest you read it thoroughly before writing your research proposal. If you are still confused and don’t know what to do, get our research proposal services to make you stress-free. 

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