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Are You Looking For A Perfect Essay Format?

10 Nov 2021

A complete guide on how to format your essay!

Do you know what matters the most as far as an essay is concerned? It’s the format you need to take care of while writing any form of essay. If you have received your instructions from your professor or from your university, make sure to follow the pattern and format according to the requirements. If the choice is all yours, you can use MLA, APA, or any format of your feasibility.

When writing an essay, you need to keep it in mind that the essay has to be organized and plagiarism-free at all. There are lots of sections of an essay that the essay writer needs to take care of in order to write a flawless essay. In this blog, we are going to find out everything one needs to know about the format of an essay. Let’s get the ball rolling!

How can we define essay format?

You can define an essay format as the guidelines that are necessary to determine the arrangement of your essay. With the help of some series of guidelines, we arrange the essay to make it look more attractive. The format of an essay includes the title page, the structure of your essay, the essay’s outline, conclusions, and citations, etc. All of these make a great essay format.

How can we format an essay?

In order to format an essay in your academic assignment, the title page has to be there. Along with the title page, the structure of an essay has to be on-spot. Proper capitalization of the text is also necessary as far as an essay format is concerned. How to hook an essay, how to do in-text citation, and how to work on cited pages all include in the format of an essay. Would you like to have a look at a step-wise guide on how to format your essay? Let’s read it out in detail.

What is the standard format of an essay?

There are certain rules you need to follow in order to make a format for your essay. Here are some of the crucial formatting rules;

  • Page margins (e.g., 1 inch)
  • Line spacing (e.g., double spacing) and the rules that need to be followed between the paragraphs as far as line spacing is concerned (e.g., no spaces)
  • The header of the page (it may have the last name of the author, or a sort of shortened title, etc.)
  • Particular font of an essay (usually Times New Roman, and the size is 12)
  • Headings and subheadings (the difference in the font size of headings and subheadings. Usually the heading’s font size is larger than the subheading’s font size)
  • Page numbers (must be there in the headers of the page)
  • Indentation (usually, about five spaces = half an inch)
Essay Format

How to create the title page?

It is mandatory to have double-space on your page. Single-space must be avoided.

  • The font style must be Times New Roman, and the font size must be 12.
  • Writing the name of your institution is paramount at your title page.
  • After writing the name of your institution, it is supposed to write the title of your essay.
  • At the end of your title page, write your name, the name of your course. Due date is also supposed to write on your title page.

The first page of your essay

Before you start working on your essay, it is necessary to make the structure of the first page of your essay. 

  • In the right-hand corner of your paper, add the headers to your essay. Add your header half an inch below the top edge of your paper. Apart from your work cited page, make sure to do this for every page of your essay.
  • Headings have to be in the upper left-hand corner.
  • The title of your essay has to be in the center of your essay page.
  • Right after the title of your essay, make sure to start writing the first paragraph of your essay.
Essay Format

Work cited page

This is the section of your essay where you need to write about all the sources. The sources from where you have gathered your data for your essay has to be there in your work cited page. 

  • Make sure to list your sources in alphabetical order.
  • If your reference takes up more than two lines of text, indent the second line of text to the right by one inch, and all other lines for the same reference after the second.
  • If you have taken data from different platforms and websites, all of them must be formatted differently.
  • The last name of the author has to be followed by the first name of the author. Write the title first, and then write the publishing information.

How to structure an essay?

At first, make sure to write the introductory paragraph for your essay that must have a thesis. After the introductory paragraph, there have to be three or five paragraphs as the body paragraphs. Make sure to discuss a certain point in a single paragraph and do not mix the information of one paragraph to the other one. Make sure to explain the sentences of your topic. At last, there has to be a concluding paragraph. With the help of your conclusion, try to prove your point in the best possible way.

How can we write a good essay?

The essay has to move with the flow in order to make it look engaging and interesting. The transitions of the paragraphs must be very smooth. Most of the students write one paragraph, followed by an entirely different paragraph. The evidence to make your transition has to be evidently proved. The pieces of information must be credible in order to prove your point decisively.

Some important paragraphs of an essay


In order to write any sort of essay, the first paragraph has to be the introductory one. This is a busy world, and nobody has the time to read the entire essay. Most of the individuals read the introduction of an essay in order to get an idea of what the essay is all about. If reading the introduction triggers their interest, they will read the essay. Otherwise, they’ll say goodbye to you. This is why an introduction is like a hook for your audience, and the hook has to be creative enough to satisfy the readers. By reading the introduction of your essay, your reader must be able t understand the theme of your essay and the nature of your topic. 

Body paragraphs

After the successful writing of the introductory paragraph, you are obliged to write the body paragraphs for your essay. It depends on your requirements; either you need an essay having three body paragraphs, or an essay having five body paragraphs. All your pieces of evidence and supporting arguments to prove your point has to be there in your body paragraphs. Try to give one message in a paragraph and write the next one differently. With the help of your body paragraphs, you can prove your thesis statement. 


It is very much compulsory to have this section and paragraph in your essay. This paragraph will be all about counter-arguments. With the help of these paragraphs, you can prove your point. Before start writing this paragraph, make sure to get enough points to convince your target audience. 


The last impression is the one that lasts for a longer period of time. To conclude, give your concluding remarks that have not been written before in your essay. The thesis can be restated in your essay. You have written your thesis statement at the start of your essay, but here you need to do it differently. Avoid rewriting anything. It is a paragraph that must have a precise amount of information. Even if you really need to rewrite something, make sure to do it in a creative way.

Tips for writing an impressive essay and conducting the research

Writing is not an easy job; it is undoubtedly a hard task to perform. Even most of the professional essay writers often find it difficult to look for new and creative ideas to write an essay. Here are some of the great tips you can follow to improve your writing abilities. 

Make yourself familiar with the topic

Make sure to do as much research as possible to make yourself familiar with the topic. Before you start writing an essay or any other assignment, you will be required to know a lot about the topic. It is also suggested to write the name of the author in an essay along with the publishing information. 


This is the stage where the brainstorming abilities of a writer comes into the play. When you are in your research phase, make sure to write everything you are getting as a result of your research. Making notes is also a technique widely used to prepare yourself for writing an essay. Even if you are okay at writing in the raw form, make that happen. At the end of your research, you must have some reasonable amount of data that you can understand to write your essay. 

Simply write

After you are done with the research and pre-writing, simply go for writing. Just start writing by sitting down in an isolation phase. When you have enough amount of data available, and you know how to write your essay, make sure to start writing your essay. Give yourself a deadline and work according to the deadline in order to write your essay. 

Don’t procrastinate

If your essay is pending, we don’t recommend you to wait till the last. Essay writing is not a straightforward task. You need to spend hours and hours just to find the relevant and creative ideas for your essay. If there is no pressure on the deadline, you will be able to work more effectively. If you have to face the pressure of meeting the deadline, which is near, you won’t be able to write a flawless essay. 

Proofread and edit

Writing an essay is not good enough; it is mandatory to proofread the written work. There is a great possibility of errors and mistakes in your first draft, which is why you need to check your final written work before submitting it anywhere. CaseProfessors guarantee you that you will find grammatical mistakes as well as spelling mistakes in your essay. If you submit it without proofreading, you won’t make your essay a big thing.

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