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How To Write An Argumentative Essay?

10 Nov 2021

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay can be defined as an essay that is written to present evidence to support the data. The argumentative essay demands the students to get all the nitty-gritty about the topic of interest. Basically, it includes; investigation of a problem, collection of relevant evidence, and evaluation of pieces of evidence. Detailed and extensive research enables the student to understand the topic so he/she can take an individual side regarding the topic. One of the essential and crucial points to follow while writing an argumentative essay is that it is evident that you will take a side on the issue (essay’s topic), but don’t forget to give respect to the opposite opinion. To write an extra-ordinary argumentative essay, make sure to present evidence to support data at will.

Types of Arguments

Different approaches can be adapted to present your argument in an argumentative essay. Some of the vital and commonly used types are given here;

1. Classical Approach

This is the approach that is used more often than not in an argumentative essay. Let’s study this approach in detail to get to know everything about this approach. Here is a layout for classical approach for writing an argumentative essay:

  • Introduction along with a thesis statement
    An introduction with a relevant and impactful thesis statement can get the job done. This is the first part that needs to understand and write with a huge amount of care. An Introduction and thesis statement can increase the interest of your reader.
  • Background
    Give a very elaborative background that must include early studies. The long-term or short-term effects of those studies have to be there. A background can set the tone for your essay so, be very careful about the context. It is as necessary as the evidence to prove your point.
  • Fundamental arguments
    Present your arguments in a very dashing way to make a mark on your reader. Your evidence will determine the success rate of your whole essay. The arguments must be backed with some facts and figures to make them more appealing.
  • Refutation
    This is where you can grab the attention of your reader. Give respect to opposing opinions and present those arguments in a way that they look non-authentic.
  • Conclusion
    There are certain things that have to be in the conclusion section of an argumentative essay. It must be a kind of summary of the main argument, and it should include the solutions against the problem.

This approach deals with presentation of main argument to get the attention of your readers. This is the most functional strategy to make your argument competent in all scenarios. This approach encourages the writer to deliver his/her arguments to an audience that don’t have much knowledge about the topic. By using this technique, you can present the facts and figures to your readers.

2. Rogerian Approach

This is another approach for writing an argumentative essay. This approach mainly applied polemical topics. It is an approach that doesn’t have a roadmap because it’s more of a proposal to present information. The best part of this approach is that the writer is somehow sympathetic to both sides of the argument. The author of Rogerian approach considers that the opposing side may have some genuine and valid facts and figures. This particular approach is very handy in terms of getting broader pieces of information. This approach is not only handy in the determination of the cause, but it can also enable us to apply the technology too.

3. Tolumin Approach

It is also used against polemical arguments. This approach lets us reconciled both sides of the arguments to make a decision, what is best.

How to write an ideal thesis statement?

A thesis statement is no more than a long sentence, but it is of great importance. It has to be a kind of summary of your essay. There are some certain steps which can let you write a very engaging thesis statement. Follow these steps;

  • Present your topic in the form of a question along with the solution
    Make a very interesting question keeping in view the topic you’re assigned. After the formation of the question, answer your own questions in the best possible way. The answers must be very attractive and to the point with covering every detail of your question. This is the first step to make a very spell-bounding thesis statement.
  • Give an argument and then refute it
    You need to introduce your idea that why you believe this, and in the very next line, you need to let the reader know that why you disagree with one particular aspect. Your argument will set a tone for your whole argumentative essay. This one method is considered very much useful because this includes not only information but evidence as well.
  • Outline the main points
    To make your argumentative essay more attractive, outline your genuine points. In this section, you need to introduce your points along with a description of why you are backing your points. This section enables the reader to get a better understanding of your whole essay. It is a sort of roadmap for your readers, and it will also keep your argumentative essay on track.

What are the steps in writing an Argumentative Essay?

To write a very eye-catching and fascinating argumentative essay in your academic assignment, your essay should move assertively. The steps to make your argumentative essay appealing are as follows;

1. Selection of a topic

Use the style of an argument of your choice, but you need to select a topic first. One can write a unique argumentative type of essay if the topic is good enough to cover both sides of the argument. Do not select a topic, and you are not aware of it. Try not to fantasize about your topic; make it as simple as possible. If you have an opinion regarding a certain topic, it will help you to research your topic systematically. That’s why your topic has to be very imperative.

2. Research your topic

Now, you have selected a topic, and it is time to do a very critical and elaborative analysis. Try to add material from credible sources. Always look for unique angles to catch the attention of your readers. One common mistake students do is that they add irrelevant and non-authentic data, which leads to severe problems. Try to avoid copy-pasting as well. Make sure to present data in a summarized form.

Write An Argumentative Essay

3. Write an outline

Outlining is considered a very healthy approach in any writing. This is what an outline for an argumentative essay must look like;

  • Introduction
    In this section, you are supposed to give a bit of background of your topic along with a little information that what you are going to say in this essay. Try to cover some of the key most questions which are essential for an argumentative essay. For example, why you have selected this topic? What can be done? The introduction must look like an introduction rather than a conclusion or argument. Very specific information can be there in this section. Make sure to cover the thesis statement as well.
  • Supporting paragraph 1
    Supporting paragraph must present an argument to back your thesis statement. This paragraph will set a tone for you to present your arguments in a decent way.
  • Supporting paragraph 2
    In this paragraph, make sure to give your second argument. This must not be the main argument, but it has to be a second argument that can support your main argument at will.
  • Counterargument
    Your counterargument is no less than a big thing. Make yourself clear in this paragraph, and it has to be very conclusive. This paragraph will make the mind of your reader whether they are getting your point and agree to you or not.
  • Conclusion
    In conclusion, section, you need to summarize the main points. The conclusion must also suggest further steps which are needed to make a positive change.

4. Tick all the boxes/Fill in the blanks

After making a very attractive outline, you need to fill in the blanks as far as the remaining details are concerned. Now make a decision that which of the strategy or approach is best possible for this argumentative essay. Is it Classical, Rogerian, or Toulmin?

5. Edit/Proofread

Once you have written your essay, make sure to read it very carefully so no mistake can be there. Pay very close attention to some of the following listed issues;

  • Are you in favor of your thesis statement, or are you against it?
  • Have you clearly worded your arguments to make a mark on your reader?
  • Have the best examples been used to support your arguments?
  • Did you manage to refute your counterargument? (This is the most important one)
  • Is there a future plan available in your conclusion section?

It is not very hard to write one astounding argumentative essay. You can make it happen with brilliant research, impressive argument style, and with a knowledgeable conclusion. Let us wish you all the very best for your argumentative essay. You are ready to rock and roll! Contact us for any further assistance. 

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