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How To Write Expository Essay?

10 Nov 2021

The million-dollar question is that “how can we define expository essay?” and here is the definition of expository essay. It is a form of essay in which we can explore different angles of one particular topic. This type of essay is required in case the readers want a lot of information and data on a certain subject. Let us explain it with the help of an example; if the topic of the essay is universal healthcare, you need to provide all the nitty-gritty about universal healthcare. You are required to tell the reader what these sorts of healthcare are and how they work along with the information of the countries in which universal healthcare is available. One has to be certain about one thing that, in an expository essay, you must not try to convince the reader on a specific side. It’ll consider very immature as far as expository essays are concerned.
Before knowing how to write an expository essay, we think it is better to let you know about the difference between expository and argumentative essays. This needs to be done as most of the students intermingle expository and argumentative essays.

What is the difference between expository and argumentative essays?

In an argumentative essay, one needs to choose a certain position. Whether he/she is in the favor or against the topic, and when it comes to expository essays, one needs to present the topic objectively without taking the side. The argumentative essay can be written in the first person whereas, and expository essay is better to write in the third person. The argumentative essay is subjective in nature, and on the other hand, an expository essay is objective in nature. The thesis statement of the argumentative essay lets the reader know about the arguments of the writer, and the thesis statement of the expository essay deals with the topic of the writer.

What are the steps to writing an expository essay?

Before writing your expository essay, take an in-depth look at the steps which need to be followed to write one brilliant expository essay.  

Choose a topic

It is possible that the teacher will assign you the topic, but if you need to make a topic of your own, choose the issue very carefully. We suggest you select a topic you have an understanding about. This will help you to gather your data in an easy way. Topic selection is one the crucial most task of writing an expository essay so, pay significant attention to this step to avoid any type of issue afterwards. The selection of a mysterious topic can make the job a lot difficult for you as you may not be able to get the desired information at will. It is better to make a list of topics so you can select the best possible topic out of all, keeping in mind your feasibility. Out of the list, tick a topic that is easy to research and understandable. Keep the following things in mind while making a final call regarding your topic;

  • The amount of knowledge you have and your research abilities regarding the selected topic
  • How easy it is to find authentic and genuine data
  • Your expertise and capabilities to convince the reader

Research the topic

Now, you have short-listed the best topic, and it is the time to do credible research to make your topic essential and appealing. If you are already aware of the topic, and you think it is not necessary to do the research, never make this mistake. This step is no less than a compulsion because you need to provide every bit of information about the topic, and for this purpose, sound research is necessary.  

At first, gather all information and then narrow your research and select the desired information that can be added to improve the truthfulness of your expository essay. Try to add the data which you have gathered from some authentic and renowned website and journals. Do not add the lame data as it can damage your whole research.  

Select the best examples to support your topic

In real life, if you really need to satisfy someone, an example can do the job along with facts. Apply this rule here as well. Choose such examples which can satisfy your readers. The relevancy is the key to success as far as your examples and facts are concerned. Select such examples that are easy to understand for a layman as well. The research may have provided you a huge amount of data, but all the data cannot be placed in an essay so, the examples are required too.

Write Expository Essay

Make an outline of your essay

To write one marvelous expository essay, you are obliged to write the outline of your essay. That outline will make you understand how the whole essay is going to move on. After the selection of best examples, make an outline in the following ways;

  • Introduction

The first paragraph of your essay has to be an introductory one. In this paragraph, give a very brief introduction to your topic. Try to cover most of the details but don’t make it boring for your readers. Introduce your topic with a very engaging story. Keep one thing in mind, and nobody will show interest if there is no story. Do not directly introduce the basic subject, and it is much better to start with a story so the readers can read your whole introduction without feeling any kind of humorlessness. A thesis statement is one obvious part of a classy introduction. Do not forget to make your thesis statement because your thesis statement is something that will flow your whole expository essay.  

  • Paragraph with the first example

This is a section where you are supposed to give your best possible example out of all. You can make your readers attentive with the help of your first example. This paragraph will set the tone of your essay. Grab the attention of your reader to let them think that this expository essay is worth it.  

  • Paragraph with the second example

This paragraph has to be the second example of your thesis. Make it interesting to make sure the readers don’t lose interest.

  • Paragraph with the third example

Present your third example. This will be the last example, so make it compelling for the reader so they can move toward your conclusion section. This paragraph holds the key to success.  

  • Conclusion

This is the section where you want your reader to be. A conclusion section must look like a conclusion section and not an introduction. Try to conclude what you have extracted out of your research, and it is encouraged to purpose some solutions to deal with a situation. For any further assistance you can contact us at any time.

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