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How To Write An Article Review?

10 Nov 2021

An article review is one of the commonly most assigned tasks in student life. Whether it’s about college teachers or university professors, this is one of the favorite most topics of instructor. Writing an article review possesses great importance as article review not only lets the reader know about your writing abilities, but it will enable the reader or your teacher to get to know about your skills to handle a specific publication.

It isn’t a straightforward or easy task to perform, but with care and dedication, you will be able to write an excellent article review. Are you looking for guidance on “how to write an article review?” CaseProfessors is your one-stop solution. We’ll let you know how to write an article review. Shall we start? Let’s study in detail.

What is an article review?

An article review is a summary of someone else’s article. In an article review, you are supposed to assess what the author wants to say and then summarize it in your own words. An article review must cover the underlying theme of an article, supporting arguments, and steps that might help in the future.

There are two types of reviews, critical review and literature review. Critical review or analysis deals with a specific book or an article, whereas; literature review is comprehensive kinds of documents.

People often get confused while writing an article review. You have to keep in mind that an article review is not about expressing your opinion on an individual article, but it’s an evaluation of an author’s ideas. You are the one who will analyze the article, and you are supposed to write it in your own words without any hindrance. 

Why is an article review essential?

Certain things make an article review very critical. Here is why it is essential to write an article review;

  • By writing an article review, you can correct the vague terms. If there is a use of the inappropriate word or a statement, you can fix that
  • Writing an article review can clear the questions and topic in detail
  • An article review can make you get rid of personal biases. When you read an article, in particular, you’ll be able to write it’s a review based on facts and figures
  • By writing an article review, you can improve your editing and grammatical skills

How to write a good article review?

To write one astonishing and engaging article review in your academic assignment, you have to make yourself prepare first. As far as the preparations are concerned, read the below-mentioned strategies;

Understand what article review is

Before writing an article review, you need to be sure about the audience who will read your article review. The audience will be specific, not general. That’s why you have to first understand what the article review is.  

To write one amazing article review, you need to summarize the main idea, arguments, and findings. You are the one who has to let the reader know about the effectiveness of the study. Note that,

  • Your review must respond to the research of the author, and it must not involve new research.
  • Your review must summarize and evaluates the article.

Keep the organization of the article in mind

It is very imperative to know what the best ways of reading the article are. If you aren’t reading correctly, you won’t be able to write an attractive and knowledgeable article review. Follow these steps to get to know “how to write an article review?”

  • Summarize the whole article

Summarization includes all the paramount points. You have to discuss the claims and information of the article.  

  • Discuss the positive attitudes

Try to cover as positive points as possible.  

  • Look for (possible) gaps

If there are contradictions and inconsistencies, make sure to cover the gap for the author. To cover the gap, look for such questions that haven’t been answered by the author.

Preview the article

To make sure the article is good enough to be reviewed, read the title, abstract, conclusion, and body of the article. It is suggested to read the initial paragraphs to get to know about the main focus of the author.

Write the article in your own words

Once you read the article carefully, it is time to write key points and findings in your own words. Use clear and simple language to write the main ideas of the article. When you’re done with writing in your own words, reread what you have written to avoid confusion.  

Evaluate your outline

It is compulsory for you as an article reviewer to state all the strengths and weaknesses of the article. If you think the author hasn’t presented the solution of something, you have to cover the gap for the author. It is significant to use references and examples.

Once you’re done with the preparation phase, you can write the article review. Writing an article review includes the following steps;

Write your title

The first thing you need to do to write an article review to write the title of your article. The title can be descriptive, declarative, or interrogative. The title of your article depends mainly on your focus.  

Cite your article

Citing your article is as important as writing or reviewing the article. Most of the articles get rejected because of poor citation. If you have the instructions to use a specific format, go for that format. Otherwise, you can use MLA format to cite your references. An example of MLA format is : Abraham John. “The World of Dreams.” Virginia Quarterly 60.2(1991): 125-67. Print.

Article identification

Following things will act as the identifications of your article;

  • Title of the article
  • Author of the article
  • Title (topic) of journal
  • Year of publication

Write these things in your first paragraph.  

An example will look like this: The report, “Poverty increases school drop-outs,” was written by Brian Faith, a Health officer. 2000.

Important Information On How To Write An Article Review?

Write your introduction

Start your introduction with an identification sentence. There are some points that have to note down while writing an introduction for your article review;

  • It is your responsibility to determine the thesis by yourself. Sometimes you can see multiple choices in an article, so it is recommended to determine your own thesis
  • Never use the first person (I) style in your introduction
  • Prefer to use the third person (he, she) style for writing your introduction for an article review. Make sure to use formal academic style as well
  • Your introduction must cover 10% to 25% of your whole review
  • Your introduction must end at the thesis. Make sure elaborate and cover the issue

Write the summary of the article

An article review is all about summarizing the article. Here, you need to write the main points, findings, and arguments in your words. Here are some things to note while writing a summary for an article review;

  • Make sure to summarize it in several paragraphs. The length of your paragraphs will depend on the instructions you have from your instructor
  • Make sure to use genuine and reliable examples to back your thesis. It is suggested to use background information as well
  • Try to cover the main points of every section (separately)
  • If the author has quoted something, you are bound to quote that as the author has quoted
  • Read the summary many times to avoid any inconvenience

Write your critique

Use your opinion to brief how strongly the author has addressed the topic. Make sure to let the reader know how useful you have found the explanation of the author. If you have found any sort of biasness in the article, make sure to write about that biasness. If you agree to the writer on certain points, appreciate the writer. If you disagree with the author, give the sound reason why you disagree with the author. It is essential to indicate the type of audience that can get benefit from the article.

Proofread your work

When you write the review of an article, it is obligatory for you to proofread your whole work. You are supposed to look for any spelling mistake or any sort of grammatical error. If you find any piece of information unnecessary, make sure to remove that shed of information. 

What has to be the format of an article review?

An article review must follow a certain format. If you write an article review without following a particular format, your article review won’t be considered credible at all. Here is the format of an article review;

  1. Title page
  2. Title (topic)
  3. Name of the author  
  4. Date  

  • Abstract

As far as an article or a scientific paper is concerned, one of the most decisive things is the abstract. An abstract can contain round about 200-300 words. In an abstract, you have to summarize the review question. What the paper or article has concluded must be written in an abstract section. Keep one thing in mind; do not cite references in the abstract. 

  • Introduction

In your introduction segment, write the topic of your study. Your topic of the study will act as an identification sentence. The topic of study should let the reader know what this article is bout. It is very necessary to create an outline for your article review. Explain each point by providing authentic proofs. Your introduction can set the tone as far as the success of an article review is concerned. 

  • Body

In your article, there has to be many subtopics. In the body of your article review, try to explain every subtopic is the best possible way. Clarify every bit of an article smoothly. 

  • Conclusion

This is a section you should write with the utmost care. In your conclusion section, demonstrate the purpose of the study. Very precise information is supposed to be in the conclusion section. Briefly describe the rationale for your review. 

  • Literature cited

Once you write an article, it is legitimate for you to cite your references. Use a method prescribed by the teacher, or you can use MLA format to cite your references. 

Benefits of looking through some examples of article reviews

If you are writing a review for an article for the very first time, make sure to consult from some examples. Even if you have written it before, it is appreciated to seek guidance from some of the successful examples. The examples can help you in the following cases;

  • To look for recent advancement in the field of study
  • Examples can make you familiar with the people who are working in the field
  • To remove the errors and gaps from the article, you are supposed to review
  • If you are looking for ideas to write an article review, examples can provide you those
  • Examples can make you an expert of writing an article review

We have thoroughly explained what is required to write one high-class article overview. This blog will help you understand about the term “article review” and how to write an article review. As far as the format, techniques, and preparation of writing an article review are concerned, this guide will prove to be an asset. Before writing your article review, read this guide, and all of your uncertainties will have vanished. What are you waiting for? Start writing your article review to get the job done.  

Good luck!

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