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How to Write Dissertation Outline a Complete Guide?

11 Nov 2021

One of the most time-consuming tasks is writing the outline for a dissertation. The framework for a dissertation can prove to be the structure for the whole dissertation. As far as postgraduate studies are concerned, students are bound and obliged to write the dissertations. Before starting to write dissertations, it is necessary to get to know about the rules and regulations and how to write a dissertation. As we know, you are looking for help related to the dissertation, and this guide will answer all your questions related to dissertations. This guide includes an outline guide and general rules of the outline.

In order to achieve your academic goals, this dissertation outline guide will prove to be very handy. We have created this guide to make sure all the nitty-gritty on how to write a dissertation can be covered. In the below section, you will get to know about what a dissertation is and how one can plan as well as organize his/her dissertation.

How Can We Define An Outline? Definition And Purposes

The basic purpose of the dissertation is to keep the students focused on the proposed topic. This is done to make sure students waste no time whatsoever without introducing new ideas. As far as student life is concerned with postgraduates, thesis writing is all about collecting data and conducting relevant experiments. Students can take guidance from the previous papers, but they have to come up with something new and something special in their respective fields. An outline can make sure the students don’t get confused and don’t repeat the pieces of information again and again.

In universities, students are advised to submit assignments with outline to their professors. Students are basically the young scientists, and the outline can keep them on track as far as the dissertation is concerned. It can act as a role of the proposal for the overall task or assignment. If you are stuck with a proposal or you are short of time, the outline can do the job for you. In case you are finding it challenging to execute, we are here to help you by all means.

Dissertation Outline Writing Guide

Some useful tips for writing dissertation outline

There are some tips and tricks that you need to follow if you want to make an outline to get the job done for you. Some of the essential most tips are given below;

  • Start making your outline with a topic you are aware of. Select a topic that you can back with a significant amount of facts
  • Before choosing your central thesis, seek guidance and help from previous scientific books, journals, and academic manuals
  • Discuss all of your concerns with your supervisor. Keep yourself focused on the approaches and methodology of your dissertation. You can make it happen with a sound outline
  • Take required notes from the work of scientists to make your outline
  • Try to compose every section of your thesis offered according to the main ideas without introducing a lot
  • If you are seeking guidance in term of how to write the dissertation, CaseProfessors is ready to help you 24/7

What are the sections of a dissertation?

It must be noted that a dissertation doesn’t have a specific or particular format and template. Every dissertation varies accordingly. In general, a dissertation must have 4-5 parts. In this guide, we’re going to let you know about the sections of a dissertation in detail. Following are the sections of a dissertation;


As per rule, the start of a dissertation has to be the introductory paragraph. Make sure to give a bit of background of your topic to attract your reader and to let your reader know what he/she can expect in your dissertation. After giving a background of your topic, it is time to state your thesis. Your thesis can act as a problem statement. In your introduction, you need to state the purpose of your study.  

While writing your introduction, it is legitimate to signify the importance of your study. It is your duty to use clear and simple language as well as terms to explain your dissertation. An introduction is a paragraph where you need to write about personal assumptions and limitations. To conclude your paragraph, make sure to provide every essential and additional detail if you find it necessary.  

Literature review

This is the critical most sections of a dissertation. This is a scientific presentation of the previous studies on a certain topic. As the name suggests, this section must cover the literature described, investigated, and read in detail. In your literature review, you need to justify the use of specific materials. The sources which are involved in a literature review are also very crucial in terms of writing a sound dissertation.  

The review of literature is like explain the work of others to support your own point. For example, if you are working on coconut water, you need to state the previous work scientist did on coconut water. The previously held studies can back your thesis.  

Qualitative methodology

This can be the trickiest most section of a dissertation. In this section, you need to show your research design, and it is one of the toughest tasks in the world. The scientific relevance of your research question is challenged on the basis of your qualitative methodology. You are supposed to state the objectives of your study in your qualitative methodology.  

In your qualitative methodology, you need to present the data collection graph. This is something students often find very difficult. An extensive analysis can make you cover this point very efficiently. Make sure to cite a source wherever you think it is compulsory. In the last part of this section, try to give a brief overview of the methods you are using and try to justify as effectively as possible.  

Quantitative methodology

It follows the research design along with a brief description of your problem. This section is quite different from all other sections, and one of the reasons is that it needs statistical analysis. The instruments you have used during your research to collect your data and to perform your experiments must be there in this section.  

At the end of this paragraph, make sure to give a detailed analysis. The professors are very much conscious about this section. This is a reason you have to be sure about what you are writing in your quantitative methodology. We have seen so many dissertations get failed because of improper quantitative methodology.  

Combined methodological analysis

This could be varied according to the nature of your topic. As we have explained earlier, you can use either quantitative methodology or qualitative. In certain cases, a mixed approach could come handy. Start this analysis with a detailed overview, along with stating your strategy and plans.  

To use this mixed approach, it is suggested to focus on the goals and hypotheses. Once the data has been collected, you are supposed to choose the best work methods possible. To do a flawless analysis, it is required to get in touch with scientific journals to get both opinions and references. By doing this, you can make this section more appealing to your audience, and this technique can make you write your dissertation impeccably.  

Research outcomes

This chapter of a dissertation always deals with the findings. In your introduction, you are required to state what could be the possible findings. In your conclusion, make sure to explain whether it has been acceptable and successful or not.  

A dissertation is suggested to write to look for all the possible outcomes. The readers expect you to come up with something new and something very informative. This is why research outcomes is a very integral part of a dissertation.  


This is the last part of a dissertation, and in this part, the instructor or the reader expects a brief summary of the whole dissertation. Only the analytical thoughts are encouraged to have in your conclusion because your conclusion must differ from all the other sections of your dissertation. Try to write your concluding remarks. Write this section in a way that if a reader starts a dissertation from the conclusion, he/she will be able to extract something out of your dissertation.  

To make your dissertation authentic and worth reading, continue your conclusion with the discussion of the thesis. Make sure to provide suggestions that can make something good to the topic.

Dissertation Outline Writing Guide

Dissertation outline template

If you are looking for a template to seek guidance from, here is what you are looking for.  

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Issue and background
  • Thesis statement
  • Purpose of research
  • Research question
  • Significance
  • Limitations along with assumptions
  • Concluding remarks

Chapter 2: A Literature review

  • Introduction
  • Description of literature
  • Substructure
  • Review of literature

Chapter 3: Methodology (Qualitative/Quantitative/Mixed)

  • Intro
  • Design of your research
  • Research question
  • Hypothesis
  • Samples and populations
  • Collection of data
  • Analysis of collected data
  • Concluding remarks

Chapter 4: Findings

  • Intro
  • Exclusive findings
  • Concluding paragraph

Chapter 5: Discussions and Suggestions

  • Intro
  • Finding’s summary
  • Conclusions
  • Discussions
  • Suggestions for improvements
  • Final concluding paragraph

This is a template from where you can get to know about the structure of your dissertation. Most of the dissertation got with this structure, but that may vary dissertation to dissertation. If you have assigned and bound to write a dissertation, this template is going to help you beyond your expectations.

Customized dissertation helper online

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This blog will be the roadmap you can follow to get success with your dissertation. So, good luck and happy writing!

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