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Capitalisms Next Frontier Competing In Outer Space A Case Solution

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Financial resources are essential in order to support a venture and for the industry to emerge. As the industry emerges the kind of opportunities that are needed in terms of investment also change. In the start, the entrepreneurs often contributed their financial resources for the venture. This concept has long been known as bootstrapping in financial terms.

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  1. Identify the types of investment that have been relevant to the space industry and explain how investment has affected this industry’s emergence.

Case Analysis for Capitalisms Next Frontier Competing In Outer Space A

As an industry remains on the frontier as the time goes by, the entrepreneur starts understanding the kind of risks that he may have to face. In addition the government grants resources to the investor due to which they are seamlessly attracted. Personal investment of the entrepreneur can be replaced by grants from angel investors or venture capitalists. As the industry continues to function, cash that is generated may exist in the form of retained earnings and personalized assets (Theyel, 2017). 

In 2014, Google rented a NASA-owned airfield for $1.16 billion. The site was supposed to be used by Google for its Planetary Ventures division for space exploration. In 2015, Google and Fidelity Investments invested $1 billion in Space X. In 2015, the space industry was worth $300 billion and had an annual growth of 8 percent. The emergence of new vehicles due to technological innovations was further lowering the launch costs of missions. Despite various costs and challenges, NASA planned successful space missions. The termination of the Space Shuttle Program by NASA in 2011 accelerated the emergence of space ventures that were privately funded.

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