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Dicks Sporting Goods

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There was a general trend towards the growth in E-commerce sales, rather than in-store sales. The operational framework of Dick’s Sporting Goods has grown to a great extent by 2015. This was costing a considerable amount to outsource its E-commerce operations to the third party company like e-Bay, as there was a payment of fixed commission on items sold through the platform of E-commerce. The revenue through the channel of E-commerce increased to a great extent between 2010 and 2015. 

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Leaving e-Bay and Taking over E-commerce Operations

  2. Dick’s omnichannel Strategy

  3. 3 Steps in Migration to a New Website

  4. Primary Benefits of Dick’s New System

Case Study Questions Answers

Furthermore, apart from the cost pressures, it was also important to consider the advantages of having in-house E-commerce infrastructure, as goods can be marketed online through a more vibrant and customized website appearance. Moreover, there will also be a better chance to support a more convenient and supportive omnichannel strategy, as the organization would get a chance to have greater control over coordinating important elements of logistics and other e-commerce operations.

2. Dick’s omnichannel Strategy

It is simply described as an integrated approach between multiple channels of communication. Brick-and-mortar and E-commerce are two important revenue generating platforms for the company. Therefore, the company has strongly adhered to an omnichannel approach, where customers can benefit from both the platforms, so as to optimize the overall convenience. The retail stores often act as distribution points for the store. This was beneficial as most of the orders were delivered within a particular geographical area, providing an opportunity for customers to have a seamless experience. The customers can also order online, and pick up their respective orders on the physical stores. This helped the organization in capitalizing on its retail and e-commerce infrastructures in a coordinated and organized manner. Therefore, it helped in ensuring that the organization is focused towards achieving its long-term growth aims, keeping in view the evolving market environment.

3. 3 Steps in Migration to a New Website

Customizing the infrastructure and website capabilities were important tasks for the company in order to successfully reclaim the operation of its E-commerce platform. The first step was to experiment with marketing two of the lesser brands, Field & Stream and Golf Galaxy, on its E-commerce platform.

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