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Pinterest A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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Pinterest is a platform central to image sharing and social media services. It allows users to search, save and discover information on the web in form of images, videos, and even animated GIFs. It operates as a sort of a visual scrapbook for users (Gilbreath, 2014). 

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Pinterest views Google as its primary competitor because Google essentially has all the same information that Pinterest does. However, Pinterest has pins in greater quantity than Google. These include pins in fashion, home decor, arts, and crafts and even food items. Nonetheless, on Google individuals, can basically search for anything. For example, books, music, movies are things that Pinterest does not cater to at the moment (Mizelle & Beck, 2018). Pinterest provides an excellent platform for advertising and catering campaigns targeted towards a specific audience. The platform started as a social networking platform but has since changed its approach to becoming more on a visual scrapbook for users themselves than their friends and peers. This has resulted in searching being the core of the appeal to using Pinterest for users. Nonetheless, Google provides a wider range of ability to search than merely images. Furthermore, given the lack of focus towards a social component in Pinterest, for instance, sharing pins or boards with friends to view and comment on is the reason why Pinterest does not view social networking sites such as Instagram as its competitor. This is because Instagram focuses on users sharing their photos with their followers and followers can in turn comment on these photos and videos (Kweon et. al, 2019). However, with the introduction on “Place Pins”, Pinterest enables providing location information on maps as well. 

The primary reason Pinterest focuses on smartphones when it introduced new features and products is because a large chunk of its traffic comes from cell phone devices (Gaikar, 2012). As mentioned in the case, approximately 80% of the users access Pinterest from their mobile devices. That is ample reason for the platform to ensure that its new features are compatible with all smartphone devices. Moreover, a higher number of people have started using smartphones for essentially every daily function whether it's ordering groceries or booking airplane tickets. Smartphones serve as a substitute for computers and the younger generation prefers using them as computer devices (Amft & Lukowicz, 2009). They are as powerful as laptop devices, thereby making laptops obsolete in several aspects. This changing trend ensures that if the platform wants to remain accessible to all audiences its new features and upgrades focus on development in smartphones (Mladenović et. al, 2019). They are the way of the future tech space more than a regular desktop browser which explains Pinterest’s focus on developing their features with that in mind.

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