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Sawchyn Guitars Can An Old Business Learn New Tricks Case Solution

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The owner of Sawchyn Guitars, Peter, made fine handmade, customized acoustic guitars and mandolins in the province of Saskatchewan. The guitar making business thrived on customized instruments built to meet the needs and demands of the customers. This in turn required excellent client relationship management. In addition, the business also required strategic salesmanship and marketing to be able to reach it desired and unique target market. Sawchyn’s guitars, however, enjoyed special positioning in its target market owing to Peter’s unique skillset and handmade instruments. Peter’s ability to deliver the sound quality expectations of musicians had led him to design and build instruments for Colin James, Joel Fafard and Bob Evan – all award winning musicians. 

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  2. Internal perspectives

  3. External perspectives

  4. Solutions

Case Study Questions Answers

Having operated and managed the business from the two-story backyard for 40 years, Peter, along with his wife Kendra had moved to a store front location. However, focus on the new business lines had restricted Petr and Kendra from building new instruments – thereby leading the business to experience growing pains related to management of small business growth and development. 

2. Internal perspectives

With over four decades of experience, the success of Sawchyn’s guitars was grounded in its customization – in understanding the unique and different styles and needs of each customers and then designing and delivering instruments to meet those needs and demands. 

However, being a small family business, Sawchyn Guitars did not focus on scaling of the business earlier. Rather, the focus remained on customization. High demand, increased walk-in purchases and lack of use of technology or computerized machinery for production after moving to the storefront overwhelmed Peter and the business. Not making use of contemporary social media marketing tools also led to failure of creating positive buzz and marketing for the business at efficient costs. 

3. External perspectives

Peter’s did not adapt to technological changes and advancements when moving to the storefront. He also failed to predict and prepare for demand for his products adequately. International orders for Sawchyn guitars were directly related to the shipment cost, as well as the cost of production, an increase in either could sway the international orders and demands. A physical presence through the storefront could help the business grow and become more sustainable. However, local customers could also be driven away by lack of assistance in the store, failure to deliver on time, or/and lack of stock available in the store.

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