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Cirque Du Soleil Case Solution

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The Company’s HR had developed a policy of firing and re-hiring the employees to motivate them and utilise their skills and potential in the right sense. The employees were also not provided with handbooks or guidelines. They were encouraged to work their way. This policy had good and bad aspects. On one hand, it boosted creativity and innovation and on the other, it could be a factor leading to demotivation in some cases.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution

  1. Can you identify the strategy life cycle stages that the company has been through?

  2. Identify three HRM / ER issues and briefly comment on each.

Case Analysis for Cirque Du Soleil

1. Can you identify the strategy life cycle stages that the company has been through?

The strategy life cycle of the company has been divided into three stages i.e. mission, plan and process. The mission of Cirque is to provide a mix of arts, entertainment and circus to the customers. To fulfil this mission, the company has always planned its strategic and operational activities accordingly. For example: through various types of tours, it has now expanded to more than five continents through a diverse variety of shows. The process of Cirque is based on various techniques to achieve customer satisfaction. For example high quality, dreamlike themes and original concept attract people's attention.

There are various permanent and touring shows that form the major foundation of life cycle strategy. Thus, the mission has been achieved through planning expansion strategies and the process used for this expansion has been touring of new regions and introducing new shows.

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