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Cordia LLP Service Reform In The Public Sector Case Solution

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The strategic position of Cordia is different in each of its three different business divisions. The Encore Hospitality Services division focuses on differentiation, where it focuses on high-quality service to be delivered to one of the most prestigious venues in Scotland. In terms of Encore's competitive position, it is expected to become the leader in this sector in Scotland. It operates in a highly competitive market and uses a differentiation strategy to win over the competition. 

Case Analysis for Cordia LLP Service Reform In The Public Sector

At Encore, the organizations culture makes employees more productive than other divisions. These employees are more focused on delivering performance and superior quality. For the Facilities Management division at Cordia, there is no clear evident strategy. This division tries to win over the competition through lower costs but isn't performing up to expectations. Costs are high due to a large number of workers as compared to the productivity they generate. It also operates in a highly competitive market but does not perform as well in terms of its competitive position as Encore does. For the Care services division, the strategy being used is differentiation and focus strategy. The employees in this division focus on providing quality service without taking costs much into consideration. The care services segment in Scotland is immature, with very few companies providing this service. The situation, however, is changing, and the market in England is mature, which requires this division to operate more productively.  

The current culture at Cordia involves believing that jobs are guaranteed for life. This provides them with less motivation to focus on improving productivity. The employees are not adaptive to the dynamic business environment, and innovation is less prevalent. The management at Cordia wants to change this to make the company more productive and adaptive.    

In terms of is a generic strategy, Cordia wants to have a cost leadership strategy for all of its divisions. This involves keeping costs low and delivering greater productivity by improving the efficiency of its processes. This is seen through the company's decision of having a fix budget for each division and requiring each division to increase its performance under this fixed budget. This helps reduce costs. In terms of Mintzberg modes of strategy, Cordia focusing on an adaptive strategy. Under this strategy, Cordia’s management wants the company’s culture to be more adaptive to the changes in the external business environment. The Facilities Management and Care Services divisions are currently working on how they used to in the past without much change happening to fight the dynamic business environment.

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