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Activia was launched as a probiotic yogurt in the Egyptian market. Activia was the first-ever probiotic by Group Danone and was also new to the world. Hence, there was not much awareness of the benefits of probiotics products in improving digestion. However, as Activia was launched, the competition in the dairy industry joined soon, and probiotics became a growing field. Activia by Group Danone led the market with majority share, where competitors were still far behind.

Danone Group Case Analysis

Such success would not have been possible for Activia without a comprehensive communications campaign. Such communications can be termed as Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). This consisted of above-the-line promotions, including television and newspapers. Various forms of below-the-line (BTL) activities were also utilized to create effective awareness about the benefits of probiotics and importance of digestion. The BTL activities included awareness and information sessions through exhibitions, conferences, and seminars. The company used all possible means to communicate the benefits of their yogurt to the consumer in an increasingly competitive market.

Moreover, the success of Activia can also be credited to extensive research and laboratory testing. The importance of probiotics products was proven through laboratory experiments and culture using bacteria. Hence, Activia was a well-researched consumer product when it was launched in Egypt. With a presence now in over fifty countries, Activia contributes in billions of dollars each year to Group Danone’s revenues. For any new-to-the-world product, laboratory testing and consumer research are both significant elements. Consumer feedback was important to Group Danone throughout the process of launching and devising improvements for Activia.

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