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Dell Online Case Solution

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Micheal Dell acquainted this organization with the world at a young age and worked constantly for the accomplishment of these objectives. For this case study, we learn about the organization "Dell". Dell is one of the notable organizations on the planet that make various gadgets like PCs, laptops, notebooks, and so on. Additionally, Dell competes with the industry leaders and works day and night the achievement of different goals. During the 1980s and 1990s, Dell expanded as a computer manufacturer.

Following questions are answered in this case study solution:

  1. Analyze the success and failure of Dell Online.

  2. Provide your recommendations on how to better improve the company's services.

  3. What type of case was this? Based on the type of case, write a well-constructed analysis and response.

Case Study Questions Answers

Its main focus was on selling computers, such as desktops, laptops, and servers. Dell also sells a variety of other electrical devices that it buys from vendors all around the world and sells under the Dell trademark. We break down the time of the 90s and learn various procedures that they use for the improvement and working of the organization. Dell confronted many difficulties in their entire vocation and got accomplishments, grants, awards, and appreciation.

1. Analyze the success and failure of Dell Online.

Success and failure, are two unique sorts of terms, however, every way is utilized like a stepping stool to accomplish various objectives, stage some success and some failure both, somehow or another during their way. Michael Dell was a young boy of 18 years when he started his company. In the beginning, the company got a good response from the market. In 1990, sales grew further. In 1993, they had a failure, their operating system failed for the first time and it was the biggest challenge for them but they resolved that problem wisely and recovered it quickly. Dell's prosperity went on through 1992, until in 1993 it confronted a working misfortune interestingly in its set of experiences, despite a 40% expansion in deals. Dell quickly discovered that part of the problem was due to trying to sell the product through retailers such as CompUSA, Staples, and Sam's Clubs in the United States. Dell's financial problems were aggravated by quality difficulties with its workstations. They received an award and recognition in 1997. Furthermore, they won the PC computer test of torture magazine two times in almost three years, and having prizes and contests was the most significant accomplishment for a firm at the time. In 1997, they started to manufacture two types of desktops. In 1996, their sales reached the level of 7.8 billion dollars. They started their business through an internet site in late July, and as of December 1996, the site had more than 150,000 visitors each week and earned about $ 1 million a day. rice field. The journey of this company was not easy, sometimes they lost market share in its industry because of strong competitors. 

They were coming up with the biggest threats for a company but they phase those challenges wisely. They did hard work the era of 1996 to 1997 and also faced the decline in prices of the PCs. Moreover, they adopt and create strategies for the growth of their business and now Dell is known as one of the biggest selling companies of computing devices.

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